Beautiful Dorm Room Decorating Ideas You Are Going to LOVE This Year!

This blog post is about dorm room decorating ideas!

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

One of the most exciting things about starting college is that you get to decorate your dorm room! If you’re dreaming of all the best dorm room decorating ideas but just don’t know exactly what you want to do, you’re in luck.

In this blog post, I’m sharing tons of beautiful dorm room decorating inspiration for different styles, tastes, and budgets. I’m positive you’ll find something you love!!

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Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Best Dorm Room Decorating Ideas:

Bright Wall Collage

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @kendallmccormic

This dorm room is so well put together! The bedding gives it a simple and neutral base that can easily be spiced up with the wall decor and rugs.

It would also be pretty easy to recreate this desk by keeping your shelves nice and tidy.

I found some gorgeous prints that you can use if you want to recreate a wall collage like this. You can even mix in some of your own photos of you, your friends, and your family to make your wall collage more unique!

I also found this pink fluffy rug similar to the one in the photo! This rug is pretty affordable, so it’s a great option for any college girl wanting to add color to her room.

The Farmhouse Dorm Room 

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @britleypoehls

If you’re into the farmhouse aesthetic and want to bring it to college with you, this is the perfect inspiration for you!

You can keep your decor neutral, opting for white and wooden decor and adding wicker baskets for organization. You can even add in your favorite colors with some throw pillows or blankets!

I’m obsessed with this wall sign, getting this will really help you achieve the farmhouse style for your dorm room! 

Elegant Vanity

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @essentialswitheden

How cute is this vanity?! I can’t believe someone did that in their college dorm!

This look is actually fairly simple to recreate. Keep your bedding neutral, add a nice rug, and then get this cute butterfly print!

I also love this desk chair, especially if you want to use your desk as both a vanity and a study space.

Neutral Matching Decor

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @essentialswitheden

These girls absolutely crushed this look with the soft pink decor, matching lamps, and neon signs.

The neon signs are really what make this room feel cohesive and personalized! You can get your own custom neon sign too!

Simple Matching Decor

Source: @_styledbystephanie

Here’s another great example of a matching dorm room!

These girls brought their look together with the matching lamps and headboards. The great thing about these lamps and headboards is that they’re pretty neutral, so even if you want a different color palette, you can still start with these two pieces if you’re going for a matching dorm room!

The Hotel Bed

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @_styledbystephanie

Want to feel like you’re sleeping on a hotel bed every night in college?

Duh, who doesn’t?!

You can achieve that hotel bed feel with your pillows and duvet! I love this duvet cover from Pottery Barn. Not only is it neutral and easy to style, but it’s also got that hotel bed feel!

Another easy way to make your bed feel more luxurious is to add cute throw pillows like these pink ones. Just like the ones you see in the inspo photo!

Floating Shelves

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @designsbyadds

I love these ruffled blankets and the butterfly wall, but what really makes this room are the floating shelves!!

Whether you use these shelves to display decor or to store items you need to keep close by, they’ll make your dorm room look so chic and put together. I found them on Amazon so you can recreate this look!!

I also found a similar headboard that will make your room feel expensive and comfortable!

The Simple But Personalized Room

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @meandmyfavoritethings_

Neon lights makes any dorm room automatically feel cozier, and I love this neon sign that is personalized to the girl’s name.

You can easily decorate your room with a couple simple frames like this!! Add your own photos, or create your own prints. You can even thrift prints if that’s more your style!!

Decorating doesn’t have to be complicated. I love how these three items (the neon sign and the two frames) automatically elevate the room to the next level!

Fairy Lights 

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @iamalicialytle

Fairy lights will simply never get old… especially the ones that hang down your whole wall like this!! 

The headboard this girl has is also a perfect way to make any standard dorm room feel immediately cozier. I also love the chair she has next to her bed!!

It never hurts to add fairy lights to a dorm room, so I found some that would be perfect for any college dorm!!

Plus, if you want a headboard like hers, I found a super similar option!

The Boho Room

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @jaiden.silver

If you like the boho style, the good news is that it’s super easy to add boho decor to a dorm room!!

This dream catcher from Amazon is a great way to start. It won’t take up too much space on your wall but will add decor that fits your style!!

I also love this area rug from Target! It’s similar to the one that this girl used to achieve her room’s boho look.

Pastel Decor

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @essentialswitheden

I love the pastel colors these girls implemented in their dorm room decorations. You can easily achieve this look by adding throw pillows or soft, watercolor artwork!

If you want a throw pillow that’s similar to the one pictured here, this one from Etsy is so cute!

Plus, I love the lamp that these girls put over the bed! This would be so handy for reading or studying late at night when your roommate is asleep and you don’t want the overhead light on.

Fun Shapes & Textures 

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @chloe.r.palmer

If you’re not into the simple, neutral or minimalist decor, then this inspiration photo might be more your style. This college girl incorporated bright colors and unexpected textures into her dorm room decor through her throw pillows and headboard!

The star pillow is so cute and would fit any color palette you have in mind. 

Plus, I was shocked that I was able to find such a similar headboard on Amazon!! This is so cute and comfy for a college girl’s dorm!

The Room With Statement Pieces

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @annascottwieler

A great way to level up your dorm room decorating is to add some statement pieces. This girl also used a neon sign, but it’s a more neutral vibe than the neon signs from other inspo pictures in this blog post.

She also has a super unique lamp that is so cute and really ties her whole style together! I found the lamp on Wayfair.

Mirror Headboard 

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @emilygibb111

Instead of a headboard, you can put a mirror above your bed! Sometimes it’s hard to find places to put mirrors in dorm rooms, and if you don’t have a lot of space to do your makeup, your bed might actually be the most convenient spot.

I love how this girl made her dorm room look super elegant with a round mirror surrounded by flowers and cute, soft throw pillows!

Comfy Round Chair

Source: @lucyfloris13

I always find it so impressive when college students can manage to create a cohesive dorm room with a statement piece like this chair. These chairs are so comfortable and it would be the perfect spot to read, study, hang out with friends, or even sit to do your makeup.

If you’re looking for something a little unique like this, you can get this chair on Amazon! I also love this neutral fluffy rug!

Prints and Neutral Bedding

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
Source: @ClaireKMcCall

There’s something so relaxing about a room with minimal decor like this one. The prints really catch your eye, but you can tell this girl was able to achieve her beautiful dorm room by simply picking three prints that she loved.

It doesn’t have to be complicated… You can just find some artwork that you love, bedding that matches your style, and call it a day!

I hope you found some helpful dorm room decorating ideas in this blog post! Remember, what’s most important is that your dorm room reflects your personality and feels comfortable to YOU! This is the place you’ll be calling home for the next year.

This blog post was all about dorm room decorating ideas.

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