The Most Romantic Anniversary Gifts for Her

This post is all about anniversary gifts for her.
Anniversary Gifts For Her

This post is all about anniversary gifts for her.

Anniversaries are a BIG deal, especially for lots of women! We absolutely looove receiving gifts that show your thoughtfulness and love.

Whether you’ve got lots of money to spend for your anniversary or you’re working with a tight budget, here’s a list of the BEST anniversary gifts for her that are romantic and sentimental.

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Whether this is your first anniversary together or you’ve been together for several years, you deserve to celebrate your amazing relationship!

Here are 35 anniversary gifts I’m sure your partner will absolutely love.

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Custom Name Necklace

This custom name necklace is so cute! You can personalize this with her name and birth flower, and then choose whether you want to buy it in gold, silver, or rose gold, depending on her favorite material. This is such a classy anniversary gift for her.

Custom Initials Necklace

I love this custom initials necklace because you can go two ways with it… Either customize it with her initials, or yours!

Customizing this necklace with your initials would be such a romantic way to make sure you’re always with her. Plus, this necklace is so dainty and beautiful.

Custom Hair Clips

Every woman needs some extra claw clips, and the perfect way to turn this accessory into a sentimental gift is to customize it with her name!

Skincare Gift Set

This is such a cute skincare gift set from Sephora. It’s perfect for any woman who loves some at-home pampering after a long day… and let’s be honest, isn’t that every woman?!

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Matching Initials Bracelet

Matching initials bracelets are always a great anniversary go-to gift if you’re stuck on what to get that will represent your relationship. You can both wear these, and it’s a great reminder that you miss each other as a way to ground yourself!

This is especially a great idea for long-distance couples – something you can always carry as a reminder of each other!

Preserved Forever Roses

These forever roses would be perfect to add to an anniversary gift basket or gift with a nice card. These roses last 1-3 years, which is so much better than buying a bouquet that will wilt quickly!

Custom Makeup Bag

Every girl needs a good makeup bag, and these custom makeup bags are the perfect anniversary gifts for her! You can choose her favorite color.

Kate Spade Stud Earrings

Dainty earrings are ALWAYS a safe bet when you’re shopping anniversary gifts for women. I’m pretty sure almost any woman would be thrilled to have these cute Kate Spade stud earrings.

Personalized Faceless Portrait

Turn one of your favorite memories into a faceless portrait like this! This is such a cute decor piece for a bookshelf or wall.

Shark Comb & Dryer Brush

These blow dryer brushes make it so much easier to do your hair and achieve a hair salon level hairstyle! If the woman you’re shopping for doesn’t have one of these already, this is one of the best practical anniversary gifts you can get her.

Custom Rhinestone Tumbler

This tumbler would be the perfect addition to any gift basket! If you’re taking your partner on an anniversary trip, this would also make a great pre-travel gift.

Personalized Makeup Brush Set

There’s nothing better than taking something practical like a makeup brush set and making it personalized. You can put this in a gift basket, pair it with a gift card, or even give it to her as a standalone gift!

Custom Digital Night We Met Star Map

There’s nothing better than looking into the sky from the night you met – and you can capture that memory perfectly with this star map print!

Digital Where We Met Print

If you’re looking for a sentimental gift, buy a “Where We Met” print! You can easily print and frame this and it’s a long-lasting reminder of the start of your beautiful relationship.

Custom Beach Hat

A custom beach hat would make the perfect gift for any couple who is about to embark on an anniversary trip!

Custom Birth Flower Travel Jewelry Box

Every girl needs a jewelry box, so why not make it personalized?! These are so perfect!

Fondue Pot

Don’t get her a boring kitchen gadget… get her this fondue pot! This is such a memorable gift that will set the stage for tons of fun future memories as a couple and with friends.

Roses Lego

Making this rose lego together would be so fun! This takes the idea of buying her flowers up a notch 😉

Foot Massager

Okay, who wouldn’t LOVE a foot massager?! I’ve been dying for one of these things because all you want after a long day is a face mask and a foot massage haha. This is one great way to bring the spa home for her!

Custom Photo Projection Bracelet

This bracelet is such a cool idea! You can choose your own custom photo and text to embed into this bracelet and then you can see the photo through your phone or by aiming a flashlight at it in the dark. If you choose one of your favorite photos of the two of you, this would make such a great anniversary present!

Date Night Ideas Box

These date night ideas are a great way to show her you care, and a great way to make tons of new memories in the future.

Rose Candy Box

This rose candy box is so elegant! Pair this with a card or put it in a gift basket and you’re set!


Perfume always feels like such a luxurious gift to get, especially for an anniversary! She can wear this on all your dates in the future and then this scent will always remind you of her.

Initial Pendant Necklace

A pretty pendant necklace like this is always a good idea! Girls never complain about getting new jewelry!

Custom Photos Throw Blanket

If you want to gift her something that is customized and specific to your relationship, then a throw blanket like this is the perfect option. I’m sure she’ll love cozying up in this blanket with a good movie or a good book!

Long Distance Messages in a Bottle

These messages in a bottle are perfect for reminding her how much you care about her. They’re also great for long distance couples to have something extra sentimental when you’re away from each other.

Foldable Phone Stand With Bluetooth Speaker

This phone stand is so convenient! If she has a home office space or likes scrolling social media while she gets ready in the morning, this is the perfect addition to her space!

Food Decider Dice

This is kind of a gag gift but also kind of a serious one, because you can poke fun at her (lovingly) for always being indecisive about where to eat, while also introducing a practical solution for future food dilemmas!!

Ceramic Jewelry Tray

Ceramic jewelry trays like this one are so convenient and useful, but also extremely elegant. Having a place like this to set your jewelry will also minimize clutter and keep your space clean, which I know every woman loves!

Personalized 16oz Tumbler

Do NOT get between a woman and her water bottle, hahah!!

But seriously, these 16oz tumblers are so cute and convenient!!

Self Care Gift Set

Every girl needs some extra self-care! This gift set has it ALL, and it’s all aesthetically matching! From a throw blanket to bath bomb to soap, this self care gift set will make the perfect at-home spa night. It’s also way cheaper to buy this set than to buy all these items individually!

Tabletop Fire Pit for Home

This tabletop fire pit is the perfect way to bring some ambience and coziness home for a date night.

Fenty Beauty Gift Set

Want to buy her some makeup but have no idea what to get?! This 5-piece Fenty Beauty gift set is perfect if you want to buy her some makeup!

Rare Beauty Lip Gloss & Liner Duo

A woman can never have too many lip glosses and liners. This Rare Beauty duo is perfect. All you have to do is choose a color you think will look good on her and then click “purchase”!!

Custom Long Distance Relationship Necklace

This custom long distance relationship necklace is the perfect anniversary gift for her if you live in different states!! So cute!

I hope you found some great anniversary gifts for her on this list! She’s going to love anything you buy and any date you plan simply because she loves YOU!! Happy anniversary!

This post was all about anniversary gifts for her.


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