The BEST First Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas

This post is all about first year anniversary gifts.

First Year Anniversary Gifts

Your first anniversary is a big deal, so CONGRATULATIONS!

But it can also feel like a lot of pressure to find the perfect first year anniversary gifts for your significant other.

I’ve done some digging to find the best anniversary gift ideas for your first anniversary.

So, I’m sure you’ll find something in this post that your significant other is going to LOVE!

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Let’s be real…

Shopping for guys can be DIFFICULT. But whether you have a large budget or you need to be as frugal as possible, I think you’ll find some great gift ideas for him on this list that are both sentimental and useful.


You really can’t go wrong with making a scrapbook for your first anniversary!

How cute would it be to look back on all your amazing memories together in a scrapbook that you designed?

You can print off your favorite photos and write notes about each of your memories. ADORABLE!

Here are a couple scrapbooks on Amazon that are perfect for couples!

You can fill in your information, and either text them to your friends and guests or print them out and give them by hand!


Engraved Wallet

These engraved wallets are so cute and perfect for any guy.

I always feel like guys have the most worn-out wallets and they definitely won’t complain about having something more personalized.

This is something that he’ll use for years to come!

Custom Faceless Portrait

This faceless portrait from Etsy is so cute!

This would be the perfect first anniversary present. He can keep it on his desk or hang it in his room as a reminder of you!

Date Night Gift Box

There’s no better first anniversary gift than something that will help you continue to grow and build your relationship.

That’s why I love the idea of getting this box of date night ideas from Amazon!

Personalized Toiletries Bag

I’m all about practical gifts… because how can you not be?

There’s nothing better than giving someone a gift that they’ll love and use for a long time to come, and these personalized toiletry bags definitely fit that criteria.

There are so many different fonts and designs you can choose from if you order from this Etsy brand!


Perfume and cologne is ALWAYS a great gift for special occasions. It’s a very luxurious-feeling gift.

I’ve never been disappointed by receiving perfume as a gift, which is what makes me think this is the perfect first anniversary gift!

Digital Custom ‘Where We Met’ Map

If you’re looking for a sentimental anniversary gift, this ‘Where We Met’ map from Etsy is the perfect option!

This is such a cute reminder of how your relationship started.

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Digital Custom Star Map Print

This star map print is so cute for couples!

There were lots of reviews saying that this print from Etsy is great quality and makes for such cute sentimental decor.

You could easily add this to an anniversary gift box or just use it as a standalone gift!

Custom Tape Measure

This custom tape measure is such a cute gift for any guy who is handy!

There’s one review from a girl who said that she got it for her boyfriend who works in construction for their one year anniversary.

So cute and I love how you can customize it with your own name!

Dart Board

This charcoal dart board would make the perfect gift for any guys who loves playing darts with friends or just wants to spice up his man cave.

DIY Reasons Why I Love You Jar

This DIY Reasons Why I love You  jar comes with a PDF printable with 100 “reasons why I love you” notes, plus empty “reasons why I love you” notes for you to fill in and customize!

This is the perfect way to get some prompts to create your own jar for your man!

Reasons Why I love You A-Z Notes

These A-Z “reasons why I love you” notes come with both empty cards and pre-filled ones so that you can choose how you want to customize your gift!

This is such a cute and affordable sentimental gift idea.

DIY Valentine’s Day Couples Coupons

These coupons are a great way to keep the chemistry alive in your relationship!

I love the idea of using coupons so he can ask you for a date night or a romantic dinner!

These coupons are a great way to keep your relationship fun and spontaneous.

DIY Open When… Letters

“Open when” letters are the absolute best.

These “Open When” letters are a great way to make communication seamless in your relationship and implement a fun activity that will keep revealing your feelings to him for weeks, months, and years to come.

Personalized Song Keychain

If you and your partner have a special song that represents your relationship (or one that you both simply love), this customized song keychain is the perfect first anniversary gift!

Personalized Decision Coin

This personalized decision coin is such a cute way to implement some fun into your relationship.

You can customize this coin with your name and then use it whenever you need to make some kind of decision, like where you should eat or what you should do for date night.

This turns a possible argument into a fun game instead 😉

Ember Temperature Control Mug

If your man is obsessed with his morning coffee, he NEEDS this temperature control mug!

This temperature-control mug is great for any avid coffee- or tea-drinker. You can customize the temperature of this mug to keep your drink hot and it turns your coffee ritual into a little luxury.

How to Live With a Huge Penis Book

There are TONS of reviews on this book from people who bought it as a gift and said it was a HUGE hit.

Most of the reviews say it’s hilarious and so well worth it as a gag gift!

This would be perfect to add to a sentimental or practical gift, and it will definitely be memorable!!

JBL Bluetooth Speaker

These JBL bluetooth speakers are some of the best speakers out there!

Every guy needs a speaker to blast his music, whether it’s during a party or just when he’s at home getting some alone time. 

Explosion Gift Box

Explosion gift boxes are some of the cutest sentimental gifts!!

If you don’t have the patience to figure out all the folding and gluing it takes to make one yourself (I wouldn’t have the patience for that either!) you can buy this preassembled one on Amazon and then add your own photos.

Massage Gun

I know so many guys who have massage guns and absolutely LOVE them!

If your man doesn’t have a massage gun yet, trust me when I say I bet he’ll use this daily!


Movie Night Popcorn Kit

This popcorn kit is such a great gift idea for you to use as a couple for your next date.

You can have a movie marathon at home and try all the different flavors!

Couples Casting Kit

Doing crafts as a couple is one of the best date ideas that will help you bond and grow closer.

I love this hand casting kit because you can basically make your own sculpture and it’s such a fun activity to do together that will last a lifetime!

Custom Girlfriend Shirt

This custom shirt would be such a fun and funny gift idea.

You can customize it with your name and photos of yourself which is absolutely perfect for a first anniversary.

Custom Football

If your man plays football, what better gift than a custom football?!

This custom football would be so perfect to add to a gift basket and give to him while you’re on your first anniversary date!


Girls can be very high-maintenance, so I don’t blame you if you’re struggling to figure out what to buy her.

Here are 25 first year anniversary gifts that I’m certain any girl would love!

Perfume Set

You honestly cannot go wrong with a perfume set like this Chanel perfume from Chanel!

I don’t know a single woman who would complain about getting some designer perfume (myself included…).


Dainty earrings like these ones from Nordstrom are always a great first anniversary gift idea.

As a woman, getting jewelry in a gift is always something we appreciate.

Stanley Tumbler

Every girl loves a Stanley cup! If she doesn’t have one yet, pick out her favorite color!

If she already has a Stanley, I’m sure she’ll love getting one in a new color so she can better match it to her outfits 🙂

Forever Roses

These forever roses last 1-3 years, which is a great testament to the first year of your relationship.

These would look gorgeous displayed somewhere in her home!

Custom Initials Necklace

This necklace is SUCH a cute anniversary gift!

You could get each of your initials on this necklace and it’s such a beautiful piece of jewelry to represent your relationship 🙂

Personalized Birth Flower Name Necklace

This custom birth flower necklace is such a pretty piece, and I know any girl would find this sooo sweet as a first-year anniversary necklace!

Custom Beach Hat

If you’re planning a getaway to celebrate your first anniversary, a custom beach hat would be so perfect for her!

This custombeach hat is the perfect gift to get her excited about your upcoming getaway while buying something sentimental that will always remind her of your first anniversary.

Where We Met Map

I’m sure any girl would love to display a romantic where we met map print somewhere in her apartment or near her desk as a memory of her most cherished relationship!

Digital Custom Star Map Print

For any decor-obsessed gal, this star map print is a great first anniversary gift to add to her collection of cute and meaningful prints.

Dior Lip Oil

This Dior lip oil is SO luxurious, and I don’t know any girl who wouldn’t be happy about getting a new lippie like this for her anniversary gift.

Matching Couple Initials Bracelet

Matching initial bracelets are some of the cutest couple anniversary gifts you can get!

LEGO Roses

Why not get a bouquet of LEGO roses that will last forever? 

This is such a cute activity to do together that will last throughout your relationship as a reminder of that first sweet year.

DIY Reasons Why I Love You Jar

Women LOVE sentimental gifts like this Reasons Why I Love You Notes jar.

There’s nothing better than a jar that she can hold onto with sweet notes that she can re-read on every bad day.

DIY Reasons Why I Love You From A-Z

This DIY Reasons Why I Love You From A-Z notes is another cute idea!

It’s like writing an acrostic poem, but you get a little help from the alphabet and the prompts that come with this product!

DIY Open When… Letters

One of the best anniversary gifts is a gift that shows you’re being super thoughtful, and that’s exactly what these Open When letters do!

Skincare Set

As a woman, I can verify that we LOVE feeling pampered.

There’s no better way to make sure she feels pampered than to gift her a skincare set like this luxurious one from Clinique!

Roman Numeral Hoodie

These roman numeral hoodies are some of the cutest first anniversary gifts EVER.

They’re so classy, and I love how they match but the matching is very subtle so they make you look super put-together.

Custom Rhinestones Passport Cover

This is the perfect first anniversary gift if you’re planning a trip to celebrate. Get her a passport cover to help her accessorize and get excited for the trip!

Personalized Travel Jewelry Box

Having a jewelry box for all your trips is an absolute must, but having a personalized travel jewelry box is such a great way to customize a practical gift.

Personalized Makeup Brush Set + Case

This personalized makeup brush set is actually so cute and would come in super handy for any woman who loves doing makeup!

Custom Rhinestones Tumbler

This rhinestones tumbler is so cute, and it would be the perfect addition to a gift basket.

Especially a travel-themed gift basket!

Personalized Slippers

These custom fluffy slippers are absolutely adorable and will definitely make her feel pampered!

Getting anything customized feels so thoughtful.

Fondue Pot

Fondue is so much fun!

A fondue pot would make a great gift because not only is it an activity you can enjoy together, it can also set the stage for many future memories as a couple and with friends.

Long Distance Messages Bottle

Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or just want to put messages in a bottle to give her a reminder of how much you love her, I know she’ll appreciate it either way.

These message capsules are perfect!

Custom Throw Blanket

Everyone loves a cliche but useful gift, and this throw blanket is perfect!

She can use it to cozy up when she’s missing you, and it will forever be a reminder of the joy your relationship brings.

I hope you found some great first year anniversary gifts in this post!

Whether you have a large budget, are planning a big celebration, or are just keeping it low-key, there are so many ways to celebrate your cherished relationship.

I know you’ll have a great time no matter what you choose!

This post was all about first year anniversary gifts.


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