Beautiful Beach Themed Dorm Room Ideas!

This blog post is all about dorm room ideas.
Dorm Room Ideas

In the middle of an intense exam season, all you’ll want to do is sit on the beach with a cold drink in hand, relaxing. Why not bring a slice of that right into your dorm?! I know it’s not exactly the same, but if you want to bring that coastal feeling into your bedroom, you need these beach themed dorm room ideas!

I love the idea of a beach themed dorm room, so I did some digging on Amazon and Etsy to find the best beachy dorm room ideas out there.

If that’s the kind of dorm room inspiration you’re looking for, then this post is for you!

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Maybe you grew up by the beach and want to bring a slice of home to campus with you.

Perhaps you’re attending college near the ocean. Or, maybe you’re not at all and you just love the idea of a beach themed dorm room.

Whatever the case may be, you don’t need an excuse! Here are the best beachy decor pieces.

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Ocean Tapestry

Tapestries are a great item for dorm room decor because they’re super easy to hang and completely set the tone of your room.

These ocean tapestries are so mesmerizing. They come in a couple different sizes, so you can get whichever size works best for your room. 

This is the perfect way to ensure you get to relax on your bed while looking at the ocean! 😉

White Tufted Headboard

When you’re going for a beachy vibe, you want your room to feel light and airy. If you add too many bold or bright pieces to your room, it starts feeling too busy, which takes away from that relaxing feeling you have at the beach.

Adding a white tufted headboard to your room will keep that light and airy feeling while making it a little cozier.

Coastal-Colored Comforter

Whether you opt for a sandy, white, or light blue comforter, try to keep it within a beachy color palette. These cool, neutral colors are calming, and they mimic the color palette of a beach!

You can then build the rest of your room’s decor around this color palette. Plus, paired with one of the headboards above, you would already be well on your way to a beachy-feeling room.

Ocean-Themed Throw Pillows

These shaped throw pillows are so cute! You can get them in white or blue to match the rest of your beach-themed palette. These would make the most adorable addition to any bedding set, making your room feel all the more cozy while adhering to the beach theme.

Beachy Wall Collage

I love these prints from Amazon! Creating a wall collage with these beachy photos is a great way to add some detail to your dorm room decor and make everything feel cohesive.

If you want to take it to the next level, you could even add your own photos from the beach to make it feel more personal. Mixing your own photos with these prints from Amazon would make your wall feel so lively and custom-made!

Wave Neon Sign

Neon signs are one of my favorite dorm room ideas. If you want to add some ambience to your room, you can add a neon sign while keeping it on the beach theme if you get this wave-shaped neon light!

Retro Beach Signs

Putting up these signs in your dorm room will give it the vibe of a beach house. And who doesn’t want to feel like they’re staying at a nice beach house?!

Plus, these are super easy to put up. You can hang them above your bed or desk to make your room look super cute!

Surfboard Wall Hanging Sign

I love the idea of this personalized surfboard sign from Amazon to hang on your door or above your bed. Or, you can get this set of 4 surfboard signs and hang them all over your room!

Surfboard Wall Mount Hangers

Why stop with the surfboard signs? If you have an actual surfboard you want to hang, nothing would make for better decor! These surfboard hangers will help you get the job done.

Beach Wall Art

Who is going to complain about watching the sun set over the ocean? Definitely not me! These sets of wall art are the perfect way to make your beachy room feel more luxurious and curated.

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Upholstered Ottoman

Lots of college students love adding an ottoman to their dorm room because it’s a great way to store some extra belongings while adding to the overall aesthetic of the room.

These two ottomans are both great options for your beachy room. They fit the color palette, and you can decide whether you want a circular one or rectangular one, depending on what will help you make the best use of your space.

These ottomans will make your room look more elegant!

Surfboard Jewelry Holder

If you wear jewelry, you probably plan on having a jewelry holder rest on your desk or nightstand. Why not make it a beach-themed jewelry holder to add to your overall aesthetic?

I love this beach-themed surfboard jewelry holder from Etsy! It’s so cute and surprisingly affordable.

Wavy Floor Mirror

Not every piece of decor needs to be overtly beach-themed. You can also look for pieces that fit in with the beach theme based on their color and shape, like this wavy floor mirror.

This is such a cute mirror, and the wavy shape of it will make your room feel even more coastal and fun.

Rope Macrame Storage Basket

Every college student needs some extra storage items, and this decorative rope basket is the perfect way to add some storage space to your room while making it look aesthetic.

Whether you put this next to your bed or in your closet, this basket is a great way to add some functionality to your room while keeping it on theme.

Shell Shaped Vase

Okay, isn’t this shell shaped vase so cute?! I think this would look amazing on your desk or shelf with fresh, dried, or even faux flowers. It’s so elegant and unique!

Beach-Themed Candles

These shell shaped candles and this coconut candle are some of the cutest candles I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe how perfect these are. These candles are the cherry on top of your beach-themed dorm room!

I hope you found some great beach themed dorm room ideas in this post! Whether you want to make your entire room beach themed or just want to add a few coastal elements, I really think these are the cutest beachy decor pieces I found when I was searching for ideas.

This blog post was about dorm room ideas.


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