The Best Dorm Room Rugs For College Girls

Best Dorm Room Rugs

This blog post is all about the best dorm room rugs!

If you are looking for cute dorm room rugs, whether it’s boho dorm room rugs, modern dorm room rugs, 70’s inspired dorm room rugs, or any cute rugs for your dorm room – keep reading!

Today I am going to share with you the cutest dorm room rugs, that are also very affordable as well.

Let’s get started!

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best dorm room rugs


Vintage Pattern Rug

If you are planning on a boho themed dorm roomthis vintage pattern rug is the perfect rug to decorate your boho dorm room!

boho vintage pattern rug

Natural Fiber Rug

Another beautiful boho inspired dorm room rug is this beautiful natural fiber rug

It’s the perfect rug for a boho themed dorm room, and can definitely be a great use even after college.

natural fiber rug

Colorful Moroccan Diamonds Rug

It Next is this beautiful colorful Moroccan diamonds dorm room rug. 

It is so pretty, and if it matches your dorm room aesthetic, you should definitely consider getting it on Dormify!


colorful moroccan diamonds rug

Floral Rug

Moving on with our best dorm room rugs list – this beautiful floral rug from Dormify. It’s a beautiful modern rug to decorate your dorm room with.

It isn’t a very large rug, but if you’ll know where to place it, it can look amazing!

dorm room floral rug

Sketched Rug

I’m going to be honest here, Dormify has the best dorm room rugs if you are looking for trendy, modern, and boho dorm room rugs.

One of my favorite rugs is this sketched rug. You do need to know how to style it though, and it won’t fit any dorm room, so make sure you are planning your whole dorm room decor plan and then purchase it if it’s a good match.

modern sketched rug

Plush Shag Rug

A more simple, yet beautiful dorm room rug is this plush shag rug from Target!

It comes in a few colors – pink (as seen below), gray, and cream.

pink plush shag rug

Geometric Dorm Room Rug

One of my favorite dorm room rugs in this list is this beautiful geometric dorm room rug.

This is the perfect dorm room rug for a boho dorm room, and there is so many beautiful ways to style this rug!

geometric area rug

Moroccan Diamonds Rug

If you are looking for a beautiful boho Moroccan rug, this Moroccan diamonds rug is perfect for a boho themed dorm room!

moroccan diamonds rug

Small Printed Rug

This is a small rug, and probably won’t be your main dorm room rug, but it is such a beautiful small boho printed rug!

You can place this beautiful rug at your desk area, or near your closet/under your bed.

small boho printed rug

Boho Moroccan Diamonds Rug

Moroccan rugs are super trendy this year as you can tell. This beautiful boho Moroccan diamonds rug is the perfect rug for your boho dorm room!

boho moroccan rug

Pink Boho Moroccan Rug

Next on our best dorm room rugs list, is this beautiful pink boho Moroccan rug from Target!

I think this beautiful rug is perfect for a pink/pastel colored themed boho dorm room and will make a beautiful dorm room rug.

pink moroccan rug

Boho Moroccan Rug

Another beautiful option is this boho Moroccan rug from Amazon! I think this is a perfect, neutral boho Moroccan rug that will match any boho dorm room.

neutral boho rug

Minimalist Abstract Rug

This minimalist abstract rug definitely gives me fun 70’s vibes. If it matches your dorm room aesthetic, I definitely recommend checking it out on Amazon.

minimalist abstract rug

Plush Shag Rug

Moving on to this super cute plush shag rug from Target! It’s simple, yet super cute. And is perfect for a boho dorm room!

Also, this rug comes in pink, beige (as seen below), white, and blue.

beige plush shag area rug

Moroccan Print Rug

Next is this boho Moroccan print rug from Dormify! This is a perfect, affordable dorm room rug find you can get for cheap on Dormify.

It will match almost any boho themed dorm room, and is highly recommended!

boho moroccan print rug

Persian Rug

This beautiful Persian rug is perfect for a boho dorm room. You do need to know how to style it nicely in your dorm room, without making your dorm looking packed and messy.

But this rug is so so pretty!

Persian rug

Soft & Cozy Rug

This soft rug is so so fluffy and cozy! If you are looking for a soft area rug, I highly recommend checking out this super cozy rug from Amazon.

soft gray rug

Black & White Striped Rug

If you are looking for a pretty rug, check out this black & white rug from Amazon.

You can style this striped rug in any themed dorm room – a modern dorm room/boho dorm room/etc.

black & white striped rug

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