Beautiful Aesthetic Small Entryway Decor Ideas!

This blog post is about small entryway decor ideas!

small entryway decor ideas

It’s hard to decorate a small entryway, isn’t it?! You don’t want it to feel too cluttered, but you need a space that feels organized and welcoming. I’ve spent the last couple hours looking for the best small entryway decor ideas to help you out!

Whether you like a minimalist, modern style or something with lots of character, there are tons of unique ways to make your small entryway a welcoming and organized space.

Here’s a list of a bunch of ideas for your small entryway, including links to some products that will help you recreate your favorite look! These are insanely easy to copy.

Let’s get started!

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Small Entryway Decor Ideas

Sleek Modern Entryway

small entryway decor ideas
Source: @throughthegreydoor

I love this sleek entryway. When you have limited space, a great option is finding furniture like this entryway table that doesn’t take up too much space, but gives you a place for decor and storage.

Speaking of storage, I’m also a huge fan of woven baskets like this! You can use these to organize specific items, or just use them as a catch-all.

Whimsical Entryway

small entryway decor ideas
Source: @i.tam.i.tu

I love the way that a few key decor pieces turned this small entryway into a more whimsical, character-filled space.

You can easily recreate this look by getting a similar wavy mirror, and this gold mushroom lamp is also so cute!

Aside from that, you can achieve this look with a plant and various decor items that vary in height. This gives so much character to the area.

Simple Modern Entryway

small entryway decor ideas
Source: @lacasitadelapa

This simple modern look is super easy to recreate. Aside from putting a plant on your entryway cabinet, you can swap out the knobs on whatever cabinet you have with these leather drawer pulls.

You can also add a round mirror like this to any entryway space to make your small entryway feel bigger!

Classy Black Entryway

small entryway decor ideas
Source: @_myhomeinspo_

If you’re looking for something classic and modern, this black entryway is perfect!

I found such a similar entryway table on Wayfair. I love how it has drawers, so you can easily disguise clutter that might build up like keys, receipts, or your wallet.

Plus, this gold mirror is such an elegant touch!!

japandi entryway

small entryway decor ideas
Source: @joannes_home2

I’m absolutely obsessed with how this person was able to transform the tiniest entryway into such a beautiful corner.

You can easily recreate this entryway with some simple decor pieces, like a wooden console table and a vintage stool like this.

Then, just find some vases or plants and decorate this space however you like! This is one of the best small entryway decor ideas for anyone who has a really small entryway.

The Decorated Bench

small entryway decor ideas
Source: @miascoziness

The combo of this wooden bench and a beautiful ceramic vase bring so much character to a narrow entryway like this.

If you’re dealing with a narrow entryway and you don’t know how to decorate it without taking up too much space, using a bench like this and your wall space is the perfect option.

The Elegant Industrial Entryway

small entryway decor ideas
Source: @surfers.jungalow

I love this industrial entryway table because it’s slim and sleek, which is a must-have if you’re limited on space.

If your entryway is a simple corner or hallway, having a skinny industrial table like this is the perfect baseline for your decor.

Then, you can dress it up with a plant and plant basket like this!


small entryway decor ideas
Source: @surfers.jungalow

Here’s another take on industrial decor with a more minimalist style. This industrial stressed-wood table is so cute, and the lightbulb lamp totally compliments it!

I found some pretty similar options if you want to recreate this look.

Small Entryway Tables

The best way to decorate your small entryway is to start with a table. Then, you can build the rest of your decor around the style of table you choose. I looked for the cutest entryway tables I could find from affordable places like Target, Wayfair, and Amazon. Here’s what I found!

Faux Marble Top Console

If the rest of your place is bright, white, and modern, this faux marble top console table will be perfect for your entryway!! It gives off a modern and expensive look without having to spend a fortune.

Solid Wood Console Table

I love wood tables because they’re so versatile. You can decorate them to fit almost any aesthetic, and this console table is no different!!


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Console Table With Rattan Drawers

A beautiful entryway table like this would be perfect to achieve a boho-style entryway or something more earthy.

I love that it has drawer space to hide some clutter, but still space underneath and on the surface to add decor!

Black Oxford Console Table

This is such a classic console table that could easily be added to any entryway space!

If you’re looking for something that has a lot of surface area for lamps, candles, plants, or other decor, this is a great option.

Mid-Century Modern Console Table

This console table is perfect for a mid-century look! I love how the legs are slightly angled, giving it a little extra character. Plus, there’s lots of space to store books, candles, a lamp, or keys in the drawer.

There are also reviews saying this table is easy to assemble, which is always a plus!!

Wood and Iron Console Table

This console table would be perfect for a narrow entryway. If your entryway is a small room or narrow hallway, a table like this will allow you to add some decor without taking up too much space.

Silver Geometric Console Table

This silver console table is a statement piece on its own!

If you have a wall directly in front of your entrance, I could see this table centering your entryway space so that when someone walks in, they’re immediately drawn to a uniquely decorated area that articulates your style.

White Rounded Console Table

If you need something that fits a white or modern aesthetic, this rounded console table is a great option.

There are so many ways you can decorate a table like this, but it still maintains its own character and adds uniqueness to your place.

Black Marble Console Table

I love the way this black marble console table is styled. If you have lots of bright colors or white in your apartment already, a great way to keep it balanced is to have a unique black console table like this.

You can easily add a mirror, books, candles, or plants to make it look even more elegant.

Small Entryway Wall Decor

Another huge aspect of decorating your entryway is the wall. it’s easy to decorate any table with candles, books, and things like that, but what’s on your wall will make or break your decor.


A mirror is a natural decor piece to put in an entryway, because it’s usually the last place you want to check your makeup before you leave the house.

Why not turn your mirror into a decor piece of its own by getting a unique one like this asymmetrical mirror?!

Coat Rack Wall Hooks

I love making a place both cute and functional, and adding an entryway shelf with hooks like this is the perfect way to tie your entryway together while still making it functional.

This is a great addition to your entryway if you have limited closet space, because it gives you extra spots to hang jackets and purses!

Wall Planters for Indoor Plants

How cute are these wall planters?! These would be so cute with dried flowers or faux greenery.

Adding plants to the wall are the perfect way to make any space feel immediately more inviting, which is exactly what you want for an entryway.

Gallery Wall Picture Frames Set

You can turn your entryway into a cohesive gallery with a set of black picture frames for photos of loved ones or even some cute prints.

I found affordable sets of both black and white frames so you can create a cute wall gallery with either option!


There’s something about looking at the ocean that just instantly feels calming. If you agree, then these Canvas prints would be perfect for your entryway!!

If you are not an ocean person, but do want to hang up beautiful wall art, I wouldn’t pass on this beautiful modern floral wall art set from Etsy.

I hope you found some helpful small entryway decor ideas in this blog post. It can be hard to know where to start, but remember – just recreate one of these inspo pics or start with a table you love, and you’ll have a beautiful entryway before you know it!!

This blog post was about small entryway decor ideas!


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