Beautiful Apartment Bedroom Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Jaw DROP!

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apartment bedroom decor ideas

Decorating an apartment bedroom is so exciting, but it can also be harder than you would think. There’s so much beautiful apartment bedroom decor out there, but where do you even start?

When I moved into my first apartment, as excited I was to start, I also felt so overwhelmed by all the options. If you’re feeling the same way, don’t worry because I’ve got 10 tips on how to decorate an apartment bedroom, plus TONS of inspo photos.

If you’re decorating your apartment bedroom then keep reading because I’m sure by the end of this post you’ll have a better sense of where to start!

Let’s get started!

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Apartment Bedroom Decor Tips

Here are 10 tips that will help you understand how to decorate your apartment bedroom!

1. Hang Up Art Prints Above Your Bed

Hanging art prints above your bed is one of the easiest ways to instantly make your bedroom feel more expensive and luxurious than it is. Hanging prints above your bed gives that hotel feel that everyone wants to achieve.

If you don’t know what kind of prints to get, here are a couple affordable options that would go well with a variety of decor styles!

2. Get a Cute Headboard

Your headboard sets the tone for your whole room. A headboard can be a whole decor piece in itself, or you can keep it more understated so that other aspects of your room remain emphasized.

If you want something that makes more of a statement without being too over-the-top, I found a couple great options. This textured headboard on Etsy adds a little more dimension to your room while still allowing space for other decor.

I also love this velvet rounded headboard from Etsy. It gives your bedroom more of a quaint hotel vibe that will keep you feeling cozy and luxurious at the same time!

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3. Play With Textures

Remember that nice decor doesn’t just come from colors and patterns. Texture also plays a huge role!

Whenever you’re looking for decor pieces, whether you’re looking for statement pieces or subtle decor, look for texture. You can add texture through blankets, pillows, headboard, or art hung on the wall.

Here are a couple options of textured decor items, like a knitted throw blanket and a wooden headboard! These are still both neutral but add some uniqueness to the room through the texture.

4. Get a Beautiful Bedding Set

Your bedding set really does determine the whole look of your room.

If you keep it neutral, your room will look large, tidy, and minimalistic.

If you get busy, patterned bedding, then you can build decor around it to keep your room feeling cohesive and representative of your personality.

You can also bring beautiful textures and patterns into your bedding. I love this bedding set from pottery barn!

There’s also a beautiful subtle pattern on this bedding set from Amazon, which is perfect if you want a pattern without making your room feel too busy.

5. Decorate With Plants

Adding plants to your room will make your space feel alive (literally) and natural.

Whether it’s a simple succulent, a vase of flowers, or even a pretty fake plant, keeping plants in your room will add some beautiful decor and make it feel well put together.

Here are a couple options for low-maintenance and faux potted plants from Amazon!

6. Add a Floor or Wall Mirror

Hanging a full-length mirror from the wall or even leaning it up against the wall will instantly make your room feel more expensive.

Another reason why it’s great to have a full-length mirror in your room is because a mirror will make your room feel even bigger than it is. This is a great hack if you have a small bedroom to make it feel even bigger!

Check out these elegant mirrors I found on Amazon.

7. Get a Cute Essential Oil Diffuser

You might not immediately think of an oil diffuser as apartment bedroom decor, but think about how the smell of a room impacts your impression of it.

Don’t you want to always walk into a room that smells relaxing and fresh?

Plus, you can get really cute and aesthetically pleasing diffusers like this earth toned diffuser from Urban Outfitters, or even this disco ball diffuser from Amazon if you’re looking for something more spunky!

8. Hang Up Curtains

You might already have blinds or shutters built into your room, so you think you don’t need curtains.

Or maybe you simply don’t like shutting out the natural light.

But from a decor perspective, hanging curtains will instantly elevate the look of your room and make it feel more expensive.

Have you ever been to a hotel with no curtains? Probably not! So, hanging even the simplest curtains will elevate the look of your room and make it feel cozier.

9. Get a Cozy Rug

A rug will absolutely make your room feel more homey!

Having a rug in your room gives it the feeling of being more comfortable and lived-in. Having that lived-in look and feel will make you feel right at home in your bedroom.

10. Make an Accent Wall

There are several different ways you can create an accent wall that will achieve a more expensive look.

You can simply paint one wall a different color from the rest, drawing the eye to that side of your room. Or, you can add texture to your wall. You can even create a gallery wall or add floating shelves with different types of decor to switch up the environment.

Apartment Bedroom DECOR Inspo

Minimalist Boho Bedroom

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @serendipia_decor

Starting off with this beautiful boho bedroom. This room has a boho feeling, but with minimal decor.

Sometimes all you need are a couple elegant pieces to tie a room together. It really doesn’t take a lot!

You can buy peel and stick wallpaper very similar to this inspo photo on Amazon! You can also pair it with a rustic rattan pendant light.

Cozy Industrial Bedroom Decor

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @miascoziness

This cozy industrial bedroom decor is beautifully calming.

Aside from having neutral bedding and curtains, you can grab this industrial style lamp for your bedside and these knot pillows to add some coziness to the industrial look.

Boho Sunset Room

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @surfers.jungalow

The color palette of this room makes me feel like it would glow beautifully at sunset. This color palette goes beautifully with plants and natural textures.

You can use these jute planter baskets from Amazon for any plants you have, and this bamboo wall mirror for some simple wall decor.

Girly Boho Bedroom

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @emhaus_creative

If you still want that soft, neutral feel with a little added color, this room is brilliant.

You can still focus on using neutral colors and natural textures for your base, and then add a great accent blanket and some colorful throw pillows in the color of your choice.

I love these rattan light pendants because they’re a little smaller and a more subtle way to add texture to your decor.

Plus, this solid wood nightstand from West Elm is gorgeous!

Minimalist Plush Bedroom

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @joannes_home2

Doesn’t this bedroom look so comfy?!

It’s a combination of the tassel light pendant and the plush comforter that really make this room feel welcoming. The good news is that it’s super easy to recreate this room.

All you need is this puff comforter from Urban Outfitters. I also found a really similar tassel lamp shade from Oliver Bonas!

Clean neutral Bedroom

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @serendipia_decor

It’s not only the neutral decor that makes this bedroom feel clean. It’s also the simple wall decor, the plant, and the tight throw pillows that help!!

If you want your room to feel naturally clean and well kept, this decor is the way to go because it’s easy to keep in order.

modern girly bedroom

Source: @gherianysdesigns

The bubble aesthetic is very in right now, and this room mimics that aesthetic very well. The decorations in this room give it a very girly, modern feel.

You can get a very similar headboard on Etsy which will give it that modern feel! Plus, I love these modern sphere lights.

minimalist Earthy Room

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @throughthegreydoor

Some of my favorite apartment bedroom decor is rustic, earthy, neutral decor. It’s so versatile because it sets a great foundation for your bedroom decor, and then you can add whatever pieces suit you.

You can easily recreate this minimalist bedroom look with this mirror I found on Amazon and some woven pendant lights like this!

preppy pink bedroom aesthetic

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @purbeck.stone

I love the simplicity of this neutral decor with pops of soft pinks and reds. This look is actually really easy to recreate! I found this pleated paper lamp at H&M Home.

The large print above the bed in this photo also plays a huge role in setting the vibe of the room. I found a super similar and affordable option on Etsy!

Soft Boho Bedroom

apartment bedroom decor ideas

This pink boho-style bedroom looks so relaxing. If you don’t like the pink palette here, you can still recreate the same style with any other color.

Start with this rattan pendant light from Amazon! You can also get this charcoal upholstered headboard.

That way, you’ve got your base for recreating this decor and you can proceed with adding the bedding of your choice.

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Contemporary Neutral Decor

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @home_at_hawthorn

I love the simplicity and neutrality of this decor. If you feel calm with simple gray and white surroundings, then this bedroom inspo picture is for you.

I love this table lamp from Target, which is similar to the one in the photo. This lamp would look good on top of almost any nightstand.

You can also grab these gray curtains to help your room feel grounded and cozy!

Contemporary Boho Aesthetic

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @emhaus_creative

This bedroom aesthetic has touches of the boho style while still being earthy and minimalistic. If you like having a natural feel to your room, this style is great for you!

You can recreate this with these white rattan light pendants from Amazon and this natural wood nightstand from West Elm. These are both such elegant boho-style pieces.

Youthful Contemporary Decor

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @lacasitadelapa

The prints, the plants, and the fur rug make this room feel grounded in youthfulness. Combined with the natural color palette, this room feels refreshing!

If you want to recreate this room, start with a fur rug and this glass globe lampshade. You can also add wooden furniture and bedding in the color of your choice!

Elegant Rustic Room

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @gherianysdesigns

This room marries two different types of aesthetic… rustic and elegant!

This room looks very expensive at first glance, but there are easy ways to achieve this apartment bedroom decor without breaking the bank.

You can start with these gold wall sconces and some wooden floating shelves to display your books and other decor!

Product Name

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @_myhomeinspo_

This apartment bedroom decor definitely gives me luxury hotel vibes.

It’s a combination of the neutral decor, the large print above the bed, and the subtle textures.

The easiest way to recreate this room is to start with getting some fluffy throw pillows. This will add that subtle texture to your bed that makes it feel more luxurious.

I also found this beautiful round ottoman on West Elm. Putting this near your bed will help you achieve that cozy but luxurious feel in your bedroom.


When I think of a coastal bedroom I think of a bright, airy, breathable bedroom and it’s so relaxing.

The staples of this room that make it feel coastal are the print above the headboard, the sheer curtains, and the pintuck-style comforter!

Minimalist Small Bedroom Decor

If you have a small bedroom and you’re looking for minimalist decor to keep your space feeling clean and aesthetic, you just need a couple statement pieces that will tie your room together, like in this inspo picture.

Grab a round mirror like this and a hanging plant, and suddenly your room feels so put-together without having to take up much space!!

Japandi bedroom aesthetic

apartment bedroom decor ideas
Source: @our_japandi_home

This soft modern room is extremely calming. From the rounded shapes in the decor to the neutral colors, it feels like it would almost be impossible to feel stressed out in this room.

Want to recreate this?

You can begin with this knotted throw pillow from Amazon. I also found a very similar geometric light pendant from Wayfair!

Woven Bedroom Decor

Looking for some natural bedroom decor that gets its uniqueness from texture? This bedroom is a great option.

I found a super similar rug on Amazon, and you can also get a woven tufted pillow from Walmart that matches this decor perfectly!

In this blog post, I made sure to include a variety of styles, color palettes, and products for you to use in your bedroom. I hope you found some apartment bedroom decor that resonated with you!

This blog post was about apartment bedroom decor ideas!


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