13 Beautiful Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas

This blog post is all about bedroom wall decorating ideas! 

It can be so hard to find cute bedroom wall decorating ideas that are affordable, cute, and unique to your personal style. You want your room to reflect your personality, but still be something you’ll love for years to come!

I spent hours scouring the internet for the best bedroom wall decorating ideas and I’m confident you’ll find decor inspo on this list that you’ll LOVE.

In this blog post, you’ll find unique ideas for decorating your bedroom wall, plus some super cute products I found! Whether you shop from these links directly or just use this post as a guideline to figure out how you want to decorate, I’m sure there will be something on here that fits your style.

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Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas

Best Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas:

Hang Up Large Artwork 

I love the look of large artwork in a bedroom because it’s such a simple, low-effort way to instantly make your room feel more put together.

Large artwork reminds me of staying in big fancy hotels because I feel like nice hotels always have the best artwork. So, if you’re looking to achieve that hotel-like style in your bedroom, large artwork is the way to go!!

Here are some gorgeous pieces of artwork I found online so you can find one that suits your bedroom best!

Decorate Your Bed With a Statement Headboard

Why settle for a basic, plain headboard when you can get something unique?!

Your headboard will literally change the look of your entire room. If you’re already aiming for a specific aesthetic or color palette, why not get a headboard that brings your style to life?

If you’re going for a more boho or farmhouse style, this rattan headboard is PERFECT. The circular shape is also so unique.

Or if you want something a little more neutral but still elegant, I love these tufted headboards from Amazon.


Looking for something more colorful and spunky?! I’m obsessed with this green dotted headboard because it has such a nice texture and pattern!

Or, you can get this peel and stick headboard decal that will add some color and design to your headboard

Display Wall Mirrors 

Mirrors always make a room feel larger and more elegant, which is why adding a wall mirror to your space will instantly take it up a notch.

When you’re looking for a mirror as decor, you don’t want to get the most basic full-length mirror that everyone has. Get something that’s got just the right shape or frame to fit the rest of your room’s vibe.

Whether you’re going for farmhouse, boho, mid-century, or more of a neutral modern look, here are a few options I found on Amazon and Etsy that are so cute!!

Create a Gallery Wall

Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas
Source: @purbeck.stone

Okay, I LOVE the gallery wall look because you can really tailor this wall decor to your personal style.

I’m obsessed with this gallery wall because it’s simple and thematic. If you don’t like the look of a super busy or crowded gallery wall, just get a few simple pieces that you love and layer them next to each other on your wall like this.

Here are some amazing prints and pieces of artwork that you can use to start building your gallery wall. I found options in a bunch of different color palettes, so hopefully you can find one that matches your bedroom decor!

Create a Wallpaper Accent Wall

Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas
Source: @serendipia_decor

An accent wall is seriously such a great way to take your decor to the next level!

I’ve seen so many DIY accent walls on Instagram and TikTok, and they’re always so satisfying to watch. You don’t have to do anything super complicated or paint a mural… You can simply get some peel and stick wallpaper to add to your space!

Here are some great options of peel and stick wallpaper for accent walls.

Create a Faux Brick Accent Wall 

If you’re looking for something a little more rustic or neutral on a budget, these faux brick accent walls are a great way to achieve that look.

You can layer a gallery wall or nice mirror on top of a faux brick accent wall, too. That way, you’re using multiple methods to achieve the exact custom look you want!

Hang a Beautiful Tapestry

I LOVE tapestries. Hanging a tapestry is such an easy way to showcase your style and tie in your color palette while having minimal work to decorate your bedroom.

There are so many places you can buy beautiful tapestries, but I found a few options here that I thought would be so cute with a variety of different aesthetics and styles. Hanging a tapestry is honestly the easiest way to decorate your bedroom!

Hang Up & Decorate Floating Shelves

Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas
Source: @laurakozioll

Floating shelves really do elevate the look and functionality of any bedroom.

You can add a couple floating shelves like this, and either add decor onto them or use them in a more practical way by storing some of your smaller items.

A great way to decorate floating shelves like this is adding framed photos, plants, candles, scents, or even a small lamp. 

Here are some super cute and affordable floating shelves I found on Amazon!

Create a Flower Wall 

Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas
Source: @alannnak11

Flower walls are so elegant and gorgeous.

If you want, you can even take a flower wall to the next level by adding strings of lights, just like in this inspo photo.

You can achieve this look by hanging dried flowers or even fake flowers!! I found some options on Amazon that I think would look so cute on a bedroom wall like this.

Create a Wall Collage

I think wall collages are such a cute way to dress up any space!!

You can either use a bunch of small prints from the same color palette, or you can even print out photos of you, your friends, your family, and your travels to add to your collage. This is such an easy way to make any room feel personalized, and it doesn’t cost much at all.

The other great thing about a collage wall is that you can always swap out photos or add new ones as time goes on!

Here are some small prints I found that would make such a pretty collage wall.

Paint an Accent Wall

Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas
Source: @roomcrush

An accent wall doesn’t need to be complicated. It can just be one solid color!

I love the idea of a solid accent wall because it means you can still incorporate other types of decor without your room feeling too busy or cluttered. Your accent wall will simply tie your whole color palette together while still allowing breathing room for other decor to shine.

Hang Up a Macrame Wall Hanging

A macrame is such a good investment for anyone wanting to achieve a more whimsical or boho look!

Whether you get a large macrame or just add a small one somewhere in your room, this adds a unique accent to your space.

Here are some macrame wall hangings I found on Etsy and Amazon that are honestly so gorgeous!

Hang Up a Neon Sign 

Neon signs are such an easy and fun way to personalize your room.

Plus, these lights create such a cool vibe in your room at night. So, whether you like staying up late to read, have sleepovers, or watch movies, a neon sign will add to the overall vibe and ambience of your room at night.

You can either get small motivational quote or even your name on a neon sign! It’s so fun to customize them and really make your room feel like your own.

Here are some adorable neon signs I found.

Whether this is your first time really decorating your bedroom, or you’re just looking for a refresh, I hope you found some great bedroom wall decorating ideas on this list!

This blog post was all about bedroom wall decorating ideas.

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