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This blog post is about dorm room inspiration

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Source: @essentialswitheden

If we’re being honest, one of the most exciting things about starting college is decorating your dorm room… but where do you even start?!

If you’re trying to pick a dorm room aesthetic that suits you best, then keep reading because this post is full of dorm room inspiration.

I wanted to pull some of the best dorm room ideas I found on the internet and put them all in this guide for you to make your dorm room decorating SUPER easy.

So, whether you’re going to college in your state or across the country, I’m sure you’ll be able to find some ideas here that will make your dorm room feel like home.

Let’s get started!

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There are so many different styles you can choose from for your dorm room decor. Whether you want something simple, minimalist, girly, spunky, contemporary, or modern, you would be surprised how many options are out there! Let’s get into it.

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Funky Dorm Room

dorm room inspiration
Source: @morin0007

I wanted to kick off the dorm room inspiration with this girly dorm room because it’s super young, stylish, and easy to recreate!

I found some pastel prints and a neon light that would fit perfectly with the vibe of this room. Then, you can find some bedding you like and you’re good to go!

Girly-Fashion Dorm Room Aesthetic

dorm room inspiration
Source: @sydneyyhoover

If you like your decor to be white and girly, this dorm room is for you. It takes the gallery wall aesthetic to a whole new level with these boujee prints and elegant throw pillows.

You can pair this decor with some neutral bedding, and it makes your space feel fun and girly!

Make it Shine! (in neon)

dorm room inspiration
Source: @essentialswitheden

One of the simplest ways to decorate your dorm room is with a custom neon sign like this one I found on Etsy.

I also love the elegance of this simple white striped bedding. You can easily coordinate with your roommate to get matching bedding and neon signs to make your room feel cohesive. Then, you can each add your own unique elements to make your room feel like YOU!

Plush Smiley Room

dorm room inspiration
Source: @chloe.r.palmer

If you want your room to feel super welcoming and inviting, this dorm room inspiration is the way to go. From the plush headboard to the smiley pillow and blanket, the vibe is all-around friendly.

I also love the star pillow in this picture. I found the same one on Amazon, plus a similar plush pink headboard!

Preppy Trendy Dorm Room Inspiration

dorm room inspiration
Source: @noraisley

There are lots of great elements in this room. It’s obviously very trendy, with cute prints and decor hanging up all over the place. But I love the way this girl made her room super functional while keeping it trendy.

For example, she hung this digital clock on the wall right above her desk. I absolutely love this clock and you can get it on Amazon!

Plus, the way she hangs her purses from the wall is a great way to add to her decor while having a genuinely functional place to hang her purses.

If you look closely in the photo, you can also see a neon strip at the head of her bed. This would add such beautiful ambience at night. You can grab a similar one on Amazon!

Unique Dorm Room Inspiration

dorm room inspiration
Source: @kendallmccormic

I love how comfy and girly this room feels. From the fluffy rugs to the frilled bedding to the gallery wall, all the decor works together.

I love these prints from Amazon, and this fluffy pink rug. Starting with these two items will give you an affordable and achievable way to recreate this dorm room!

Preppy Dorm Room

dorm room inspiration
Source: @sydrann

How can you not feel at home in a preppy dorm room like this?! It looks so comfy while feeling like an expensive, elevated style. 

The little ottoman next to the bed is a perfect way to elevate the style of your dorm room while adding some extra storage space.

I also found this monogrammed pillow on Etsy which is a great way to personalize your dorm room and make it feel expensive!

Pastel Dorm Room

dorm room inspiration
Source: @emilygibb111

If you’re really into pastel aesthetic, this dorm room inspiration is perfect for you. You can combine some pastel-colored bedding with some pretty flowers and a classy throw pillow like the one I’ve linked here from Amazon.

Farmhouse Aesthetic Dorm Room

dorm room inspiration
Source: @britleypoehls

If you’re a country girl at heart, then a dorm room like this is a great way to bring a slice of home with you. Add some of your favorite farmhouse decor to your dorm room, including a Yeehaw sign like this one I found on Amazon, and a throw pillow like this.

Groovy Dorm Room Inspiration

dorm room inspiration

This dorm room feels so fun to me! I love the disco ball and the retro prints on the wall. If you’re looking for a room that is simple but super inviting, this is a great room to recreate.

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Boujee Hotel Room

dorm room inspiration
Source: @hannah_robersonn

This room feels like a boujee hotel to me. Between all the puffy bedding and the stack of silky throw pillows, this is a great aesthetic to recreate if you want that hotel-like feel in your dorm room.

You can easily recreate this with large throw pillows stacked in front of each other and long, dense curtains. Curtains like this will make your room feel automatically more expensive.

Simple Young Aesthetic

dorm room inspiration
Source: @meandmyfavoritethings_

A custom neon sign like the one in this photo will not only make your room feel personalized, but also give it such a nice vibe at night. You can also add your favorite prints to gold frames to elevate the look and make it feel more homey!

Modern Dorm Room

dorm room inspiration
Source: @madisonjaneb_

This dorm room has the same ambience as the last one with the neon sign, but with a slightly more modern and elegant feel. You can get a custom neon sign on Etsy, and I also linked this gold lamp from the Home Depot!

Customized Gallery Scrapbook Wall

Source: @lyndabrisa

This gallery wall feels kind of like making a scrapbook to me… It’s a collection of all the things that the student who lives here loves 🙂

This would be super easy to recreate with all the things you love. Whether it’s a poster of a favorite artist, vinyl records, flowers, souvenirs, or other prints you like, creating a gallery wall like this is a great way to personalize your room.

Clean Girl Dorm Aesthetic

dorm room inspiration
Source: @brennabrookss

This aesthetic feels like it would be perfect for a clean and organized girl. Between the white bedding and furniture and the acrylic dry-erase board, this room is perfect if you want to come back to your dorm and feel relaxed and mentally clear.

You can buy this acrylic dry erase board on Amazon, as well as this headboard!

Cute Disco Room

dorm room inspiration
Source: @averyycarrier

This dorm room desk space is both cute and functional. I love the idea of having a bunch of disco balls hang overhead. It’s a great way to make the room feel less plain and boring.

You can also grab this utility cart from Amazon, which is a great place to store random things like stationery products, first-aid, books, hair accessories, makeup, or anything else you need.

60s Inspired Dorm Room

Dorm Room Inspiration
Source: @jordanlillyyyy

I found this green wavy throw pillow on Amazon, just like the one in the picture… and it definitely gives me 60’s and 70’s inspired vibes! 

Adding fairy lights and boho prints are also both easy ways to make your room feel more cozy and your decor more cohesive! These boho prints from Amazon fit perfectly with the throw pillow I linked.

Bright Colors

Dorm Room Inspiration
Source: @emmalynnmillerr

If you don’t want to over-complicate your decorating, a room like this is great because the decor is fairly simple but it’s so pretty. You can get bright prints like this and a neon heart on Amazon!!

Cozy Functional Dorm Room

Dorm Room Inspiration
Source: @makaylawand

This metal floating shelf is honestly genius for a dorm room! It looks so cute with any decor and it’s super functional. Whether you use it to display pictures and flowers or as a place to keep your books, it’s a great option for any dorm room.

I also found a tufted floor cushion on Amazon, just like the one in the photo!

White Modern Dorm Room

Dorm Room Inspiration
Source: @designsbyadds

The headboard is the star of the show in this dorm room. Although it’s subtle and modern, this headboard makes a statement and sets the tone for the rest of the room! Paired with these white floating shelves, this room is both functional and cute.

Mid Century Modern Pastel Room

Dorm Room Inspiration
Source: @lauraparkdesign

Between the neon signs, the gold lamps, and the pastel bedding, this bedroom decor takes the perfect spin on the mid century modern aesthetic!

Boho Dorm

dorm room inspiration
Source: @jaiden.silver

The boho style is really easy to implement in your dorm room. All you really need is a tufted rug and a macrame and you’ve already got a great start!

You can always level up your decor even more with some boho style bedding and some plants.

Modern Elegant Dorm Room

dorm room inspiration
Source: @essentialswitheden

The cohesive white and pale pink combination make this dorm room feel so elegant. One of the easiest ways to make your dorm room feel elevated is to have cohesive decor, and this dorm room inspiration photo is the perfect example of that!

Fun and Elegant Blend

dorm room inspiration
Source: @annascottwieler

This style is a blend of fun and elegant. With the gold lamps, the white bedding, and the throw pillows, this girl’s room feels super elegant. But when you add the rug and neon sign into the mix, it suddenly feels really fun and inviting as well!

Cute Dorm Room Design

dorm room inspiration
Source: @iamalicialytle

Sometimes, you don’t want a million throw pillows and prints on your wall. If you’re more of a minimalist, get some fairy lights and a cute headboard like this and your room will feel just as homey.

The Comfy Dorm Room

dorm room inspiration
Source: @namesource

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried one of these circle chairs, but they are SO comfy! Whether you’re curling up to read, having friends over to hang out, or even studying on this chair, it’s a great addition to your dorm room if you’ve got the space.

You also can never go wrong pairing it with a shag rug! The ultimate comfy duo.

The It Girl Room

dorm room inspiration
Source: @essentialswitheden

This dorm room looks like the girl who lives here is super put-together. The gold detailing on the lamp and butterfly frame automatically make it feel more expensive. It also feels girly and feminine without being too over-the-top. What’s not to love?!

I found this butterfly print on Amazon, so if you love it, you’re in luck!

The Artsy Room

Dorm Room Inspiration
Source: @ClaireKMcCall

When you combine simple bedding with beautiful prints (especially artistic ones) it gives the impression that you’re someone with great taste without overcrowding your room with a bunch of busy decor.

I love this print from Etsy, which is super similar to the one in this dorm room inspiration pic! You can also grab some simple, comfy bedding like this from Amazon 🙂

Calming Blue Room

Dorm Room Inspiration
Source: @essentialswitheden

I love the calming feel of this room. If you want to make your dorm room feel like a refuge in the midst of your sometimes stressful studies, a cool blue color like this is the way to go. 

Pair it with a great rug and a neon name sign, and your room will feel cozy and personalized!!

I hope you found enough dorm room inspiration to get you started on decorating the place that will become your home for the next little while.

If you feel overwhelmed about what to choose, just start with a few foundational pieces that you really love and then build your decor from there!

This blog post was about dorm room inspiration.


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