Most Beautiful Dorm Room Wall Decor Ideas For College Girls

Beautiful Dorm Room Wall Decor Ideas

This blog post is about beautiful dorm room wall decor ideas! If you are looking for cute dorm room decor ideas and dorm room inspiration, keep reading!

Today, I am going to share with you the cutest dorm room wall decor ideas, such as posters you should hang up, tapestries, collage wall ideas, and more!

So if you are planning on decorating your dorm room, and having the trendiest dorm room decor setup, keep reading!

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beautiful dorm room wall decor ideas


Add Some Wall Paper For an Accent Wall

One of the best ways to decorate your dorm room walls is by adding beautiful wall paper to one of your dorm room walls an make it an accent wall.

This is such a fun and unique way to decorate your dorm! But make sure to buy removable wall paper, so you won’t mess up the walls.

I love this removable wall paper from Amazon since it’s completely rental (and dorm room) friendly, which means that nothing should happen to your dorm room walls when you remove it!

boho leaves removable wall paper

Hang Up a Tapestry 

You can never go wrong with a beautiful tapestry in your dorm room! It’s the best way to fill up an empty wall, and is perfect for decorating a dorm room on a budget!

I am obsessed with this 70s retro tapestry from Society6! It’s so pretty and trendy!

But if you are looking for a cheaper option, or a more calm option if to be exact, check out this light blue sky tapestry from Amazon!

Hang Up a Poster

Another beautiful dorm room wall decor ideas is to get a pretty poster and hang it up on your dorm room wall!

You can either create a collage poster wall or just hang one, two, or three posters on one wall, but whatever you choose – make sure to check out Dormify’s beautiful posters!

I’m obsessed with this Harry Styles poster and have been eyeing it for a while now. I won’t call myself a Harry Styles fan, but I love his music and this poster is so cool.

Another option is this vacation vibes poster from Dormify as well. It’s so pretty and if it matches your aesthetic it will look so good!

Create a Wall Flower Wall

This is one of the most unique and beautiful dorm room wall decor ideas! 

You can get these artificial flower panels on Amazon, and cover one of your dorm room walls with them and create a flower wall!

I’ve seen this idea on TikTok and it’s SO CUTE!

Create a Mirrors Wall

I’m obsessed with decorating a wall with cute mirrors! It is such a fun way to spice up your space, and this is also a great boho dorm room decoration to create!

I love these rattan wall mirrors from Amazon. They come in a pack of three and they are perfect for creating a cute mirrors accent wall!

Another option, are these beautiful macrame mirrors, from Amazon as well. They will look so good in a boho themed bedroom!

Collage Wall

One of the best ways to decorate your dorm room walls is by creating a collage wall with these beautiful collage kits from Dormify!

You can either buy enough packs to cover a whole wall, or, you can get one pack and hang up a mini collage wall using these kits.

I’m obsessed with these two packs down below, the J’adore Paris collage pack is one of the prettiest, Parisian styles collage kits!

Another favorite of mine, is the beautiful Coastal collage pack which is perfect for a beach themed dorm room!

Dormify has some of the cutest collage packs, they even have a Palm Springs collage pack that has some super aesthetically pleasing photos!

Hang Up a Neon Sign

One of the most beautiful dorm room wall decor ideas is to hang up a neon sign!

There are so many cute neon signs on Amazon, and you can decide between getting a custom neon sign that will say anything you want, or a regular neon sign like this Good Vibes neon sign!

Hang Up Some Framed Wall Art

What’s a better way to decorate your dorm other than hanging up some beautiful framed wall art pieces?

Dormify has some of the cutest framed wall art, you can see my top two favorite wall arts below!

I love this Paris to Los Angeles wall print! Also, if you are looking for a more artsy, painting style wall art, you are going to love this NYC framed wall art!

Decorate With Floating Shelves

I love decorating walls with floating shelves. It’s such a cute way to display some home decor accents and even picture frames with your favorite photos of your loved ones and yourself, or even your dog!

I highly recommend these wooden floating shelves from Amazon. They come in a set of 3, and they are also pretty affordable and would be great for decorating!

wooden floating shelves

Create a Photo Collage Wall

Yes, we already talked about creating a collage wall, but this time it’s a different option!

Instead of hanging up a bunch of random (but beautiful) photos, you can get this 11 pcs picture frames set from Amazon, insert your favorite photos of yourself, with friends, family, of your dog, etc – and create a collage wall!

11 Pack Wooden Picture Frames

DIY Flower Wall

I’ve already recommended doing this DIY flower wall decor in my other dorm room decor ideas blog post, but I had to talk about it again in this blog post!

For this DIY, all you are going to need is pretty artificial flowers of your choice (check out the recommendations below), and some tape.

Then, what you are going to do is to hang up the flowers on the wall by sticking them to the wall with your tape!

Full Length Mirror

Getting a full-length mirror is an absolute must in every college girl’s dorm room!

But, it’s also a beautiful dorm room wall decor piece to add to your college dorm room!

This gold full-length mirror and black full-length mirror are great floor mirrors you can use to decorate your dorm and obviously take some cute mirror selfies!

Dry Erase Polaroid Frame Decal Set

This dry erase polaroid frame decal set is one of my favorite beautiful dorm room wall decor ideas!

All you need to do is to print out your favorite photos of yourself with friends, family, and good memories, insert them in these polaroid frame decals and hang them up on your wall!


Dry erase polaroid frame decal set

Hanging Photos Display

Another way to display your memories and your favorite photos from these beautiful memories, is by hanging up photo clip strings with all of your best memories!

You can either hang up your photos on a string light photo display, or if you are not into light strings, you can hang up your favorite photos on this photo display string from Amazon.

Hang Up a Cute Wooden Sign

I feel like you can never go wrong with a cute wooden sign! I love these wooden signs from Dormify, they both bring good vibes into the space, and you can either hang these wooden signs inside on your door, or above your bed – you decide!

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