CUTEST College Dorm Bedding Sets You Are Going to LOVE This Year!

College Dorm Bedding Sets

This blog post is about the CUTEST college dorm bedding sets!

If you are planning out your dorm room theme and decorations, you probably know that your main furniture piece in your dorm room will be your bed.

This is going to be the first thing people look at when they come into your dorm, and most importantly, this is the first thing YOU will look at when you come into your dorm.

So, my point is, you want to make sure that your bed looks as nice as possible, and that choosing the right bedding set can make a huge difference in your dorm.

That’s why I put together this blog pot of the best & cutest college dorm room bedding sets!

Let’s get started!

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Amazon College Dorm Bedding:

White Boho Bedding Set

Let’s start with one of my TOP favorite bedding sets in this blog post – this beautiful white boho bedding set!

If you are going for a boho themed dorm room, or just looking for something simple yet unique, you are going to love this white boho bedding set from Amazon!

It also comes in a beautiful green color, in light pink, in a few different shades of grey, and in black as well.

Simple Velvet Bedding Set

If you are going for a more simply, maybe even girly themed dorm room, this simple velvet bedding set is definitely an option to consider!

This beautiful set comes in a few different colors – it comes in white, black, grey, light blue, mustard yellow, orange, olive green, and in a few colored checkerboard designs as well.

Boho Pom Poms White Bedding Set

Next on our list is this beautiful boho pom poms white bedding set. It comes in white only, and it’s the perfect college dorm bedding set for a boho themed dorm room!

Unique Twist Bedding Set

I love this unique bedding set from Amazon, because although it looks somewhat simple, it actually isn’t, and has a beautiful twist (literally;)) that makes it extremely unique!

This beautiful bedding set also comes in blush, teal, and black.

Retro Flowers Bedding Set

Lastly for the Amazon college dorm bedding sets section, is this unique retro flowers bedding set!

If you are planning on doing a cool retro, 70s themed dorm room, this beautiful bedding set can definitely upgrade the look of your 70s inspired dorm! 

Dormify College Dorm Bedding:

Purple Checkerboard Bedding Set

I think this is my second favorite bedding set in this blog post.

I love all kinds of crazy prints and patterns, and If I was going to college right now, I would definitely decorate my dorm in a unique 60s, patterns and shapes design!

This purple checkerboard bedding set is PERFECT for throwing in a pop of color and pattern to your dorm!


Cozy Velvet Bedding Set

I am going to be honest here, I think that who ever get’s this bedding set from Dormify is going to have THE HARDEST TIME TO GET OUT OF BED!

God this bedding set looks like the coziest and warm bedding set you want to stay in forever!

Blue-Pink Ombre Bedding Set

Next on our college dorm bedding sets list is this beautiful blue-pink ombre bedding set!

This is such a beautiful bedding option for your dorm, to throw in a pop of color!

Neutral Leopard Print Bedding Set

Last but definitely not least for this blog post, is this beautiful neutral leopard print bedding set!

If you are looking for a neutral-themed dorm room, but still want to throw in a unique touch, definitely consider getting this leopard print bedding set from Dormify!

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And that’s it for today! This blog post was about college dorm bedding sets!

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