TRENDY Cowgirl Halloween Costumes That Are Easy to Recreate!

This blog post is about cowgirl Halloween costumes!

cowgirl halloween costumes

I feel like the cowgirl and Western outfits trend has been super strong this year, and I can totally understand why! I really do have a feeling that Halloween 2024 is going to be a cowgirl one 😉

Whether you’re throwing together a last-minute cowgirl Halloween costume or planning weeks in advance, I’ve got you covered with some inspiration on this post!

Let’s get started!

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Cowgirl Halloween Costumes

1. Classy Cowgirl Outfit

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @victoria.nakken

I love how these girls created their cowgirl outfits because this is super easy to recreate!

All you really need is a straw cowboy hat like this, a red bandana, and whatever flannel & denim you’ve got.

This is such a cute and easy outfit to throw together for a Halloween party!

2. Unique Cowgirl Hats Outfits

Source: @nnicolekellyyy

I LOVE these unique cowgirl hats! They really upgrade the outfits, especially this beautiful silver cow print cowgirl hat – SO CUTE.

All you need for this costume is a cute plaid flannel shirt, and a unique cowgirl hat like the cow print one or this black rhinestones hat!

3. HOT Cowgirl Costume

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @emmaleighmyerss

If you’re going for a more sexy/hot cowgirl look, stick to all-black and try these high waist rave chaps!

You can pair this with a black cowboy hat and black bandana, and you’re good to go.

I love the black cowgirl outfit idea because it’s a bold and beautiful outfit idea without being too over-the-top if you like to keep your outfits simple and understated.

4. Cow Print Cowgirl Costume

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @emily.elizaabeth

You can basically recreate this entire look on Amazon alone!

All you need are these cow print pants and a cow print cowboy hat. I also found this adorable cowgirl crop top that you can use for this costume. Honestly, this crop top is so cute you can also wear it in your everyday life, so why not get it?!

Wearing cow print is a guaranteed way to elevate your cowgirl costume, making it bolder and

5. Barbie Movie Cowgirl

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @Warner Bros

After the ICONIC Barbie movie last summer, one of the most popular costumes in 2023 was the cowgirl Barbie. And I TOTALLY understand why – it’s so pretty!

Especially if you have a matching Ken (and even if you don’t), this Barbie cowgirl costume is a perfect option!

6. Girly Cowgirl Costume

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @kaleigh_shaw

If you want to add an extra girly touch, wear some cow print shorts and a pink cowgirl hat!

This adds a super cute twist to the cowgirl Halloween costume. Adding some pink is never a bad idea!!

7. Western Denim Cowgirl Outfits

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @amalieschoien

I’m obsessed with this denim cowgirl costume. Grab whatever denim you own and then pair it with this red bandana and brown cowboy hat, and that’s all you really need!

This is one of those Halloween outfits that you just can’t go wrong with.

8. Trendy Cowgirl Costume

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @samanthayoungren

If you love the look of cow print for your costume, recreate these girls’ look!

You can get a pair of these cow print pants (or order a couple if you want to match with friends)! Then, get a cute pink crop top and a straw cowgirl hat, and you’ve got the perfect cowgirl outfit.

9. Cowgirl Glam Costume

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @alexisjengland

Think cowgirl meets glam for this one!!

To recreate this look, you need the classic cow print crop top and a straw hat or pink cowgirl hat. But then you can take it up a notch with these bedazzled bell bottom pants!!

The sparkly flared mesh pants add such a unique element to this Halloween costume and they’re perfect for any college Halloween party or outing with friends!!

You can probably use these again for other parties in the future too, since they would pair well with so many other party outfit ideas.

10. Sheriff Cowgirl Costume

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @victoria.nakken

Spice up your regular cowgirl costume by being a sheriff!

This tassel vest set from Amazon is the perfect easy way to create a cowgirl Halloween costume. It comes with the vest, a cowboy hat, belt, and bandana!!

Add a Sheriff badge to this costume to complete the whole look!

11. White Dressy Cowgirl Outfit

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @_maysielemoine

If you want a more elegant and elevated cowgirl style, get this adorable white cowgirl costume from Spirit Halloween! 

This comes with everything but the boots which makes it super easy to buy and throw on last-minute.

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12. Woody & Jessie Costume

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @allie_david

A fun way to spice up your cowgirl/boy costume is to dress up as Woodie & Jessie!

It is also a perfect last-minute Halloween costume, since you can get both of the costumes on Amazon.

Space Cowgirls Halloween Costumes

1. Metallic Space Cowgirls

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @sierrapalantino

These metallic bottomless pants and metallic top & bandana set pair perfectly together for a space cowgirl costume.

You can do this along with some silver makeup and this would be such a cute and easy outfit to throw together for any party!

2. Trendy Space Cowgirls

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @brittanylevy_

These metallic bodysuits are the perfect foundation for a sexy cowgirl costume. All you need aside from this is a sequined light-up cowboy hat.

If you want some extra sexiness, add this tassel body harness which amps up this outfit while keeping it to the cowgirl theme!! So cute.

3. Funky Space Cowgirl

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @laurenborseti

This space cowgirl costume is the perfect outfit to wear to a Halloween party.

You can recreate this quite easily with this rhinestone cowboy hat and some bottomless rave pants like this pair from Amazon!

4. Last Minute Space Cowgirl

cowgirl Halloween costumes
Source: @aoifedoherty1

If you’re a neutral girlie and you want a white space cowgirl outfit, I love the way this girl created her space cowgirl outfit.

I found this 4 piece cowgirl costume set on Amazon that includes a white cowgirl hat, tassel sequin skirt, heart sunglasses, and a white bandana. Those are really all the accessories you need!

This lace-up white corset also looks exactly like the one she’s wearing in the photo, and it’s so affordable on Amazon!

You can pair this with some denim and cowboy boots, and you’re good to go!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found the perfect cowgirl costume 🙂 

This blog post was about cowgirl Halloween costumes!


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