We’re OBSESSED With These Beautiful Matching Halloween Costumes For Besties!

Matching halloween costumes

Matching Halloween Costumes

This blog post is about matching Halloween costumes for besties!

If you are looking for the perfect Halloween costumes for best friends, you are in the right place! 

In this blog post, you will find the CUTEST trendy matching Halloween costumes for besties!

This is your perfect place to find the best Halloween costumes, and to crush Halloween this year!!!!!

Also, if you are looking for more Halloween costume ideas, make sure to check out the links below!

As for the costumes in this blog post, some of these costumes are DIY Halloween college costumes that are super cute and easy to make, and other’s are stuff you can put together with random clothes and Amazon finds. 

Let’s get started!

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Matching Halloween costumes


Space Cowgirls

Space cowgirls Halloween Costume
Source: @sierrapalantino

I’m OBSESSED with this space cowgirls costume! It’s so pretty, and so easy to recreate!


mermaid costume
Source: @madaline.reyna

How about being a beautiful mermaid for Halloween with this DIY mermaid Halloween costume look?!

Football Players

This football players costume is so cute! 

And you can even make it more unique with this custom football player shirt, where you can add each friend’s name and your “team name”, including choosing the number!


Source: @arlenaocc

You can never go wrong with a fun out-of-this-world alien costume for Halloween 😉

This alien costume is super easy to make, and is also on the affordable side too!

Barbie & Bratz Dolls

Bratz Dolls halloween costume
Source: @mmsurface

Next on our matching Halloween costumes for besties list, is this ICONIC Barbie & Bratz dolls costume!

White Claw

White Claw Cans Costume
Source: @olivia.randolph

This White Claw costume is one of the cutest matching Halloween costumes to dress up with your besties!

It is SO EASY to recreate, and you can also carry around a White Claw can with you!

3 Blind Mice

3 Blind mice halloween costume
Source: @chandlerrosas

If you are looking for a trio Halloween group costume, consider being these cute blind mice!

Hershey Kisses

Hershey's Kisses Halloween Costume
Source: @liv.rueter

Looking for the perfect duo/group costume? How about being hot space cowgirls?!

Shark Attack

Shark Attack Costume
Source: @emma__rowe & @kryslinkane

This shark attack costume is the perfect combination of a scary & cute Halloween costume!


If you are looking for a cute and fun Halloween costume with your bestie, check out this cute clown girls costume!


Girl Golfers halloween costume
Source: @tegancastelluccio

How about being golfers for Halloween?!

This is a super cute and easy Halloween costume to throw together, and it also makes a perfect last minute Halloween costume!

Fire & Fire Fighter

I’ve been seeing this cute fire & fire fighter costume all over Pinterest! This is a cute idea that you can easily put in together with your bestie!


Butterfly costumes
Source: @claire.burford

I’m OBSESSED with this butterfly costume idea!

This is a pretty Halloween costume idea, that you can also make as a last-minute Halloween costume, because there isn’t much DIY to it, and it so super easy to buy 😉


Astronauts Halloween Costume
Source: @zoewatkins_

Grab your close friends group, and be astronauts for Halloween!

Biker Girls

Biker girls Halloween Costume
Source: @brileybodin

One of the hottest Halloween costume ideas, is definitely a biker girl!

You can either be a duo biker girls, or be a large group of biker girls, it can be so cute!

Victoria’s Secret Angels

How pretty is this Victoria’s Secret angels costume?? So pretty!


I was obsessed with Twister as a little kid!

How iconic and creative is this Twister group costume?! This is a super easy DIY Halloween costume, and works great as a group Halloween costume!


You can never go wrong with a beautiful fairy costume! 

Cop & Prisoner

Prisoner & cop
Source: @cheyennebryanttt

I feel like being a cop for Halloween on your own, and being a prisoner on your own, is pretty basic. But if you combine the two costumes 😉

Wanda & Cosmo

Cosmo & Wanda
Source: @mikhailaedge

I always see boy-girl Cosmo & Wanda costumes, but how about being Cosmo & Wanda with your best friend/girlfriend?!

Monster High

Monster High costume
Source: @katleentruong

I love this Monster High costume! It’s a cute trio costume to dress up with your friends!

Mean Girls

What’s more ICONIC than a Mean Girls group costume? I have no idea, I don’t know if there is.

Life Guards

Source: @vickykrox

Bring in those summer vibes with this life guards group costume!


Pirates Costume
Source: @c_murdoch_

This pirates trio costume is the perfect matching besties costume, that is not only cute, but super trendy and stylish.

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts
Source: @anyakweaver

Who doesn’t love Christmas? And especially Christmas gifts?!

This is definitely quite a Halloween costume DIY, but it’s so pretty and unique!


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