TOP 15+ DIY Mother’s Day Gifts She is Guaranteed to Appreciate!

This blog post is about DIY Mother’s Day gifts!

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is the obviously perfect day of the year to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her.

If you are the crafty child that likes making gifts instead of buying gifts, you are in the right place.

In this blog post, we are going to cover 15 unique DIY Mother’s Day gifts that will make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for your precious mom!

Let’s get started!

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DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Diy Mother's Day Gifts:

DIY Mother’s Day Coupons

Starting off with one of the best DIY Mother’s Day gifts – DIY Mom Coupons!

You can get these printable mom coupons here on my website, print them out, and make a beautiful DIY Mom Coupons Book that your mom can use to receive different “prizes” such as; a coffee date, a foot massage, chore pass, car wash, etc.

Digital Personalized Faceless Portraits

One of my favorite gifts EVER to give my loved ones, is a personalized faceless portrait!

It’s a unique keepsake to cherish a beautiful captured moment! You can get the personalized faceless portrait, print it out, and frame it in a beautiful picture frame 🙂

DIY Acrylic Bookmark

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @simplifycreateinspire

If your mom is a bookworm, upgrade her reading experience with this unique DIY personalized bookmark!

Homemade Dried Flowers Soaps

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @theinspirationedit

One of my favorite DIYs to make is beautiful soaps! Surprise your mom with these amazing homemade soaps with dried chrysanthemum flowers and with an amazing violet scent!

DIY Rose Heart Bath Bombs

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @thereidhomestead

If your mom loves taking relaxing baths, and has her “me time”, you should definitely consider making her these amazing DIY rose heart bath bombs!

They are so pretty, and smell SO GOOD.

Personalized Jewelry Dish

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @organized31

This DIY personalized jewelry dish is a unique and practical Mother’s Day gift your mom will definitely appreciate and use to organize her jewelry!

DIY Bird Nest Necklace

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @busycreatingmemories

For the jewelry making lovers, you can’t go wrong with this DIY bird nest necklace that is EXTREMELY UNIQUE, not too hard to make, and will definitely make a meaningful DIY Mother’s Day gift.

Lavender Cookies

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @veggieideas

There’s nothing better than a delicious Mother’s Day gift! 

Surprise your mom on Mother’s Day with a beautiful plate of delicious lavender cookies!

DIY Galaxy Polymer Clay Jewelry Bowl

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @burrataandbubbles

Another unique jewelry dish to make your mom is this DIY galaxy polymer clay jewelry bowl!

It’s basically making the bowl from scratch, which is extremely unique, and not too hard to make either.

DIY Lavender & Epsom Bath Salt

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @thereidhomestead

Continuing with the relaxing baths and “me time” – this DIY lavender & Epsom bath salt is an amazing recipe your mom is guaranteed to love!

Rose Truffles

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @asweetalternative

Another delicious DIY Mother’s Day gift is this rose truffles recipe!

These truffles are flavored with rose water, topped with a sprinkle of dried rose petals, and they are extremely delicious and easy to make!

DIY Moms Hat

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @leapoffaithcrafting

Whether you are looking for DIY Mother’s Day gifts for your mom, or Mother’s Day gifts for your grandma – this unique mom hat is a fun DIY that will make a practical Mother’s Day gift!

DIY Memory Mailbox For Mom

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @sustainmycrafthabit

If your mom loves keeping memories and keepsakes, this DIY memory mailbox is the perfect memorable gift to make your mom for Mother’s Day!

She can use it to keep of her keepsakes and memories, and have it beautifully organized in one place.

DIY Soy Teacup Candle

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @ourcraftymom

How cute is this soy teacup candle???! You won’t believe how easy it to make this, and if your mom loves candles, this is definitely a cute Mother’s Day gift!

Cactus Crochet Keychain

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @mariskavos

If you know how to crochet, why not make your mom a cute cactus crochet keychain?!

My grandma loved cactuses so much. She isn’t with us anymore, but if she was, and if I know how to crochet, I would’ve definitely make her this cute cactus crochet keychain!

DIY Map Coasters

DIY Mother's Day gifts
Source: @theboondocksblog

If your mom loves traveling and going on vacations, you can easily make her this unique DIY map coasters set!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found some beautiful DIY Mother’s Day gifts 🙂

This blog post was about DIY Mother’s Day gifts!

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