20 Best Trendy Dorm Room Ideas For College Girls You Are Guaranteed to Love!

Trendy Dorm Room Ideas For College Girls

Today I am going to show you the best trendy dorm room ideas for college girls!

If you are looking for unique and outstanding dorm room ideas to recreate, keep reading!

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dorm room ideas for college girls


1. Create a Collage Wall

Collage walls are always a fun way to fill up an empty wall! You can get a collage photos set on Amazon, and decorate your dorm!

2. Create a Flower Wall

Another way to fill up an empty wall, is by creating a flower wall!

Beyond the fact that flower walls are absoloutley beautiful, they are also very easy to recreate!

All you need is a rounded mirror and pretty artifical flowers!

3. Get a Clothing Rack And Hang Your Favorite Clothes!

For the fashionistas out there, if you want to spice up your dorm a little bit, insert some fashionable vibes into your room, and you have the space for it, consider getting a nice clothing rack and hang on it your favorite/most fashionable clothing pieces!

4. Get a Headboard!

One of the most popular dorm room ideas for college girls, is to add a pretty headboard to your bed!

It spices things up, and makes your bed looks more interesting and nice than plain and boring.

5. Decorate With a Photo Grid

A fun way to decorate your desk and your dorm in general, is by displaying some of your favorite photos on a photo grid!

6. Setup a Cute Dorm Kitchen Area

Don’t forget about your kitchen area! There are a lot of cute ways to setup a kitchen space in your dorm, even if it’s very small.

Here’s a nice setup idea I found online. Also, if you are looking for more dorm room kitchen ideas, CLICK HERE!


7. Get a Pretty Rug!

Getting a pretty rug is a MUST to fully decorate your dorm room! You’ll be surprised to discover how much a rug can change a room.

I found this pretty one on Urban Outffiters, and I’ve already added it to my wishlist! It’s so pretty!

8. Decorate The Space Under Your Bed

If you want to create a fun space to hang out on, you can consider using the space under your bed!

I love this idea here, especially the hammock chair! It’s very fun to sit on, talk to friends, use it to hangout together, etc.

9. Hang up a Neon Sign

Neon signs are always a vibe! It’s such a fun way to decorate a room, and especially a dorm room!

10. Hang a Fairy Lights Curtain on The Wall

Another beautiful and cozy dorm room decor idea, is to hang a fairy lights curtain on the wall!

It really upgrades to room, and if you are looking for a more relaxing dorm room vibe, this is definitely a cute idea.

11. Decorate With Funky Candles!

I love decorating with candles. I also love getting funky designed candles and using them for decoration purposes only (so if you are not allowed to light candles in your dorm, you can use these cool candles as decorations only).

12. Mix Some Patterns!

Mixing patterns, and animal prints in general, is a cool way to decorate your dorm room and make it extra unique.

You can get removable wall paper, and mix between animal printed throw pillows as seen in the picture below.

13. Decorate With Cool Room Accessories

It’s the little things in life, right? Well, it’s goes the same for interior design! Pay attention to the little things, and get some cute room accessories to completely decorate your dorm!

14. Maximize The Space Under The Bed For Storage

It’s also important to maximize every free space you have for storage, because dorm room are small and usually you share them with your roommate. 

This means that you have a small room, with not much storage space, and you are living with another person and you need to share that space with him/her.

This is a cute and classy looking idea to maximize the space under the bed! Just get a storage cube and some foldable storage bins to store more clothing/any other essentials!

15. Hang Floating Shelves Above Your Desk

If allowed, and if you have the space, consider hanging floating shelves above your desk.

You can use the shelves for more storage space, or use it to display room decorations or artifical plants!

16. Create a Collage Picture Wall!

Display your favorite memories on the wall! What’s better than looking everyday on the best moments of your life?

You can print photos and make them look like poloraids, or if you are already taking pictures with a poloraide camera, just hang up the photos on the wall!

Also, you can add a neon sign to spice up your wall as seen in the picture below.

18. Stick Some Wall Paper

Last dorm room decor idea for today, is to stick some wall paper! Make sure to get removable wall paper, so it’s easy to remove once the school year ends.

And that’s it for today! These were 18 dorm room ideas for college girls that you can easily recreate in your own dorm for cheap!

Which decor idea is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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