How to Design a Boho Dorm Room

Boho Dorm Room Ideas

This blog post is about boho dorm room ideas!

If you are looking for beautiful boho dorm room ideas and boho dorm room decorations, you are in the right place!

In this blog post I share with you beautiful boho decorations, starting from beautiful boho bedding sets, boho throw pillows, boho wall prints, and so much more! 

Let’s get started!

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boho dorm room ideas


When I think of boho interior design, I think of wooden materials, woven baskets/decor, warm colors such as orange, yellow, cream, hanging plants, macrame, and just a cozy feeling.

Now, that we have an idea what to go for, let’s get started!


Boho Bedding

Think about it, your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your room, and is usually the first thing people look at when they walk into a bedroom.

That’s why, you need to make sure you have the prettiest bedding set for your bed!

There are many beautiful boho bedding sets on Amazon and Urban Outfitters, I highly recommend checking them out!

Add Some Boho Throw Pillows

Decorate your bed with beautiful boho throw pillows! 

I love decorating with throw pillows, and there are many unique throw pillows that are perfect for a boho themed dorm room. 

Get Yourself a Boho Headboard

I think pretty headboards make such a huge different with your bed! Dorm room beds are so boring, and this is a fun way to spice up your bedroom!

I love these beautiful headboards from Amazon and Urban Outfitters, they are so pretty and definitely bring in some boho vibes.

Boho Rug

Adding a beautiful rug to your dorm room floor is definitely a great way to upgrade your dorm room.

You can either get a woven rug or a big boho rug and decorate your dorm with it!

Organize With Woven/Rope Baskets

With these woven baskets or this rope basket, you can not only organize your stuff neatly, you can also use it as boho decor accents and use it to bring in some boho vibes.

Hang Up Boho Curtains

I always talk about how curtains can upgrade your room, and it really upgrades! 

I honestly love these beautiful macrame curtains from Amazon, they are so unique, they scream boho, and they are so so pretty.

Another option, are these beautiful boho pom poms curtains, from Amazon as well.

Decorate With Boho Wall Prints

There are many beautiful boho wall prints on Amazon, and I highly recommend checking them out!

You can create a collage wall with these beautiful boho wall prints and decorate with them above your bed, on the wall near your bed, above your desk, etc.

Decorate With Macrame/Woven Planters

A great way to decorate your boho dorm room, is with plants and beautiful planters.

I love these unique macrame hanging planters that are perfect for hanging beautiful real/artificial plants.

I also love these beautiful basket planters from Urban Outfitters. I think they are perfect for decorating shelves, your desk, or even place them on your nightstand.

Don’t Forget The Plants!

We have planters, so we definitely need some plants!

I recommend getting artificial plants, since you don’t need to take care of them and they will not die in your dorm throughout the year.

Boho Mirrors Wall

One of my favorite boho decorations is creating a mirrors wall using beautiful boho mirrors!

I love these beautiful woven mirrors from Urban Outfitters and this pretty wooden mirror from Amazon.

Decorate With Boho Accents

Obviously, one of the best boho dorm room ideas, is decorating with boho decor accents.

I love this natural dried pampas grass set that includes 65 pieces. You can get a beautiful vase to put them inside.

Also, speaking of vases, I’m obsessed with this beautiful female body vase from Amazon! It’s already in my cart, it’s so pretty!

And that’s it! This blog post was all about boho dorm room ideas and decorations!

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