Best Valentine’s Day Gifts on Amazon For Him & For Her!

Best Valentine's Day Gifts on Amazon

Today we are going to talk about the best Valentine’s Day gifts on Amazon for him & for her!

If you don’t know what to buy your partner for Valentine’s Day, I have lots of ideas to share with you today!

Also, make sure to check out the Valentine’s Day section on my blog for more Valentine’s Day gift ideas, romantic date night ideas, and more!

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best Valentine's Day gifts on amazon


Apple AirPods

I can’t think of someone that wouldn’t love to receive some new Apple AirPods!

It’s just the best and most practical Valentine’s Day gift for him!
apple airpods

2.2L Half Gallon Water Bottle

Next on our best Valentine’s Day gifts on Amazon, is this 2.2L half gallon water bottle!

If he works out a lot and goes to the gym, this half gallon water bottle will be super helpful for him to keep drinking while working out.
2.2L half gallon water bottle


Another very practical Valentine’s Day gift idea is this large gym bag! If he goes to the gym a lot, or does any kind of sport where he needs a large bag – this large gym bag will be perfect for him.

Also, even if he doesn’t work out, and if you don’t live together, this is a perfect sleepover bag as well!
large black gym bag

Apple Watch

If you really want to spoil your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, get him the new Apple Watch!

He can use the Apple Watch to track he’s workout and body movement, pay quickly and easily with Apple Pay, listen to his favorite music/podcasts, and more.

white apple watch

Men’s Hand Watch

If he’s a hand watch guy, a great Valentine’s Day gift on Amazon can be this CRRJU hand watch from Amazon!

This hand watch is definitely a manly, fancy looking hand watch any hand watch lover would love to receive. 

black men's hand watch

Grilling Spice Set

Next on our Valentine’s Day gifts on Amazon list, is this grilling spice set that comes with 20 different spices for your grill!

So, if your boyfriend loves grilling, and cooking, this grilling spice set is the perfect gift for him!
grilling spice set

Slim Men’s Wallet

I think a slim men’s wallet is always a great gift. I don’t know about your boyfriend, but somehow my boyfriend can NEVER keep his wallet in good shape!!

So, I always like getting him a nice wallet until the next time he’ll destroy it.

Anyways, I recently got him this beautiful wallet from Amazon, and I highly recommend it.

It has a lot of pockets, and made out of great quality!
brown leather mens wallet

JBL Bluetooth Speaker

I had this JBL Bluetooth speaker at home, and I love it! I like going with it to the beach, taking it to road trips, etc.

Anyways, this is a very nice high quality speaker that I will think your boyfriend would love to receive!
red JBL bluetooth speaker

Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

If your boyfriend is a meat lover, I can promise you, he is going to LOVE this wireless smart meat thermometer!

Basically, you use this device to check the meat’s level of cooking, and see the results from your phone! 

Premium Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

Mr.Beer Beer Making Starter Kit

Next on our Amazon gifts list is the Mr.Beer beer making starter kit!

If your boyfriend is a beer lover, this Mr.Beer beer making kit is a cool gift idea he can use to make beer! beer making starter kit

How to Live With a HUGE PENIS Book

A very funny Valentine’s Day gift you can get your boyfriend, is the How to Live With a HUGE PENIS book from Amazon!

Obviously I am not sure if he’ll read it, but it’s more of a funny gift than a practical gift he will use.

Anyways, it’s a great inside joke gift to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day!

how to live with a huge penis book

Magnetic Couples Necklaces Set

If your boyfriend likes wearing necklaces, I think this Pinky Promise magnetic couples necklaces set is such a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day!

magnetic couples necklaces set

Bluetooth Headphones

If your boyfriend is a gamer, or works from home, or just uses headphones a lot, I highly recommend these OneOdio Bluetooth headphones!

They are great comfortable headphones, their sound is great, and they are made out of great quality.
OneOdio bluetooth headphones

What I LOVE About You By Me Book

The What I LOVE About You By Me book is a fill in the blanks book you can fill in and write all of the things you love about your boyfriend.

This is a very sweet and romantic gift you can get him for Valentine’s Day. It’s a more personalized and special gift he can keep for memory forever!

what i love about you by me book

Back Massager

I always recommend this back massager on all of my gift guides, because it’s truly the best!

This back massager will give you the BEST massages at home while you are watching TV, working at home, etc.
shoulders & back massager

Cute Valentine’s Day T-Shirt

Last but not least for the best Valentine’s Day gifts on Amazon for him section, is this cute Valentine’s Day T-Shirt for him!

I am pretty sure your boyfriend won’t wear this shirt in public, but it can be a great, soft shirt to wear in the house/to sleep with.

Anyways, it’s a super cute shirt with a lovely meaning and perfect for Valentine’s Day!
cute valentine's day t-shirt for men


100 Languages Necklace

The first Valentine’s Day gift for her, is this super romantic 100 languages necklace!

My boyfriend got me this necklace for our 3rd anniversary, and this is such a romantic gift!

Basically, if you look super close inside that bubble thing in the necklace, you will see “I love you” written in 100 languages!


I love you 100 languages necklace

Soft Bathrobe

Next is this very soft and cozy white soft bathrobe for her! 

Spoil your girl and get her this super soft white bathrobe from Amazon that she can use to relax after a hot shower or bath!

white soft bathrobe

Kate Spade Wallet

I love the Kate Spade wallets, they are so pretty, high quality, and will probably make any girl happy.

I highly recommend this beautiful, classy black Kate Spade wallet!

Kate Spade black wallet

Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume

I can promise you, the Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume is one of the best perfumes I’ve ever had!

I love the scent, the perfume bottle. I think it’s the perfect gift for any young woman!

Ariana Grande Cloud perfume

Personalized Wood Photo Portrait

Another super romantic, and also personalized Valentine’s Day gift idea, is this personalized wood photo portrait!

Pick your favorite photo of the both of you, and make a special and memorable gift with it.

personalized wood photo portrait gift

Soft Slippers

Winter is already here, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t survive without my comfortable soft slippers!

These slippers are so soft, cute, and are so cozy for the cold winter days at home!
soft slippers for women

Niré Beauty Makeup Brush Set

The Niré Beauty makeup brush set is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for your makeup loving girlfriend.

If she needs new makeup brushes, or you just want to spoil her a little bit, this professional makeup brush set is a great gift!


Niré Beauty 15piece Award Winning Professional Makeup Brush Set:

HUGE Bath Bombs Set

If she’s a bath lover, and loves having a good “me time” with a relaxing bath, I can guarantee you, she is going to love this HUGE bath bombs set!

This set comes with 25 different (and delicious smelling) bath bombs, 3 bubble bars, and 2 packs of dried rose petals.

bath bombs set

Gel Nail Polish Kit

If she’s into doing her nails, or if she wants to save money on doing her gel nails, you can get her this gel nail polish kit to help her get started!

This gel nail polish kit comes with everything she’ll need for doing her nails at home.
gel nail polish kit

Neck & Back Massager

I ALWAYS recommend this neck & back massager on almost all of my gift guides. 

Honestly, I really do recommend it! I have it at home, and it’s SO NICE to have one. I also think this neck & back massager is such a cool gift, especially for a partner.
neck & back massager

Fuzzy Blanket

I love these fuzzy blankets from Amazon! They are so soft and cozy, and perfect for cuddling during cold winter days.

This pink fuzzy blanket (that also comes in other colors as well), is the perfect cozy gift to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.

fuzzy pink throw blanket

Roses in a Box

I can’t think of a woman that wouldn’t LOVE to receive flowers for Valentine’s Day!

It’s so romantic and nice. In my opinion, the most romantic flower is a red rose, so this red roses in a box gift is a beautiful idea for Valentine’s Day.
red roses in a box gift

Pandora Rose Gold Ring

Another gift any woman would love to receive, is jewelry! And especially rings!

Don’t feel pressured, it’s not an engagement ring! But it’s a romantic, rose gold Pandora ring you can get on Amazon!

Jewelry is a romantic gift to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, anniversary, Birthdays, etc.
rose gold pandora ring

Travel Jewelry Box

If your girlfriend travels a lot/she’s in college, or you don’t live together (yet ;)) and she stays over a lot, this travel jewelry box can come in very handy for her!

This travel jewelry box has space for her necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets – anything she’ll take with her!

Also, what I love about this travel jewelry box is that it has so much space inside, and still will barely take any space in her bag!
white travel jewelry box

Fuzzy Pajamas Set

Moving on to this super cute and cozy fuzzy pajamas set!

I think this fuzzy pajamas set is a great practical Valentine’s Day gift you can be sure your girlfriend will use A LOT.

This set is so fuzzy and cozy, I can guarantee you, your girlfriend will wear it ALL THE TIME at home!
cozy fuzzy pajamas set for women

New Running Shoes

If she’s into running and working out, or if she wants to get into that, I highly recommend these pretty Adidas running shoes!

They are simple, pretty, and super comfortable for working out, and especially for running.
white Adidas running shoes for women

And that’s it for today! These were the 32 Best Valentine’s Day gifts on Amazon for him & for her!

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