The Best Gifts For New Homeowners

This post is all about gifts for new homeowners

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Becoming new homeowners is definitely something worth celebrating, and if you have friends or family members who just bought a house, it’s time to show them some love! Whether you want to splurge on the BEST gift or need to stick to a budget, I’m confident you’ll find great gifts for new homeowners on this list that will make the perfect “welcome” surprise.

Celebrating your loved ones in a new season of life is truly one of life’s joys, so make sure you have fun with this! Gift something that you know they’ll absolutely love and cherish for years to come – whether through memories or daily use.

If you’re stuck on what to buy new homeowners, I know you’ll find something great on this list!

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Whether it’s a practical, funny, sentimental, or unique gift, every homeowner could use some help settling into their new place. Here are some of my favorite gifts for new homeowners that I’ve found online!

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Oil & Vinegar Cruet

These are an absolute must-have for any new homeowner because when they inevitably host dinner parties and have people over, they need elegant tableware and cookware to serve all kinds of dishes! This oil & vinegar cruet is simply an essential for any homeowner.

Wine Glasses Set

If you’re worried about buying the new homeowners a gift they already have, wine glasses are a safe option because you can never have too many. As soon as you think you have enough, you’re sure enough to host a bigger dinner party where you need more!

These wine glasses from Amazon are SO elegant and unique. They are the perfect way to celebrate your loved ones as they upgrade from renting their place to owning their place!

Wine Glass Carrying Tray

This wine glass carrying tray will honestly level up your loved ones and make them look like the BEST hosts. I love unique gifts like this because they probably don’t already have one of these, but it’s sure to elevate their dinner parties!.

Coasters Set

I honestly don’t think you can ever have too many coasters. I love switching out my coasters every season to keep my decor fresh and unique, but you can also use classic coasters like these heart coasters or marble coasters from Pottery Barn.

If you’re unsure about the new homeowners decor aesthetic, these coasters are perfect because they are neutral enough to match several color palettes!

Serving Bowls Set

You can never have too many serving bowls! Classic serving bowls like this are the kind of thing that they’ll use for years to come.

Cute Measuring Spoons

I’m obsessed with these gold and wooden measuring spoons! These are so elegant. If the new homeowners you’re shopping for are still using plastic or worn out measuring spoons, you need to help them upgrade with these!

Spoon Rest

This spoon rest is soo pretty. Spoon rests are the kind of thing that people often don’t think to buy, but they’re so helpful to have… and they definitely make your kitchen look more elegant and put-together!

Wooden Cooking Utensils and Holder

These wooden cooking utensils are so cute and they have great reviews! Plus, I love the idea of using a white planter pot like this as a cute utensil holder. It’s the perfect size and such a great way to keep your kitchen organized.

Custom Cutting Board

A custom cutting board is GENIUS! You can engrave this with the year that they moved into their new place, or if they’re married, engrave it with the year they got married! So cute!

Custom Family Doormat

A custom doormat is a great way to help them make their new home feel even more personalized! You can add the names of the new homeowners to this, plus their kids or pets if they have any. So adorable!!

Knife Block Set

A good knife block set is a must-have for everyone, and if you’re looking for the most practical gifts for homeowners, this is a must-buy.

Pots & Pans Set

Literally everybody needs pots and pans, and moving into a new house is the perfect time to get a fresh set! This white non-stick cookware set is so cute and comes with all the essential sizes of pots and pans.

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Custom Dog Oven Mitt

If the new homeowners you’re shopping for have a dog, you can customize an oven mitt with pictures of their dog’s face! Isn’t that so cute?!

Plus, I love that you can choose a color or background when you order from this Etsy shop.

Personalized Recipe Binder

This personalized wooden recipe book is so cute. A great way to help them start to make use of their new home is by giving them great recipe ideas!

New Home Homesick Candle

What better way to welcome a new season of life than to get the perfect scent to go with it?

These “homesick” candles are typically given as gifts to someone living away from home, but they have a “new home” scent which is PERFECT for a new homeowner!

Personalized Home Portrait

This personalized home portrait is the perfect sentimental gift! You can select your preferred quote (like “home sweet home”) and upload a photo of your loved ones’ new house to get a custom portrait of it.

Personalized House Portrait Platter

This is another custom home portrait product, but this time it’s a platter, so they can actually use it when they host dinner parties or get-togethers!

Glas Cups With Lids & Straws Set

I don’t know what it is about these cups that just feels so elegant and luxurious, but I think they’re a great housewarming gift idea! These are perfect for iced coffees, sparkling water, or a refreshing summer drink.

Giant Glass Cup Wine Stopper Display

This is such a great way to turn the corks from open wine bottles into home decor!! I can imagine this looking so cute on a bar cart or kitchen counter.

Fondue Pot

This fondue pot is such a fun kitchen appliance that most people probably won’t bother buying themselves, but they’ll love using it if they get it as a gift!

Amazon Echo Pop

Every new homeowner needs a smart speaker! An Echo Pop is actually one of the most convenient home essentials to have.

Personalized New Home Tequila Board

This is such a cute gift to pair with a housewarming party where you’ll “cheers” to the new homeowners!  You can add a personalization and you could even turn this into a gift basket by buying a bottle of tequila and some snacks to go with it.

Diffuser, Candle, Room Spray Gift Set

Every new home needs a nice smell to pair with it! This is such a cute diffuser gift set that they can use anywhere in their new home to keep it smelling fresh and lovely.

Tabletop Firepit

If their new home has a patio or balcony, this will make such a cute gift! You can even pair this with smores ingredients to turn the housewarming party into a fun summery vibe.

Tipsy Pitcher

I love the tagline for this… “You’re not drunk, but this pitcher might be.” These pitchers are so cute and you know they’ll be used whenever the new homeowners host dinner parties or get-togethers in the future!

Cocktail Smoker Kit

This is one of those gifts for new homeowners that just feels so fun and luxurious. You know that this one item will help create sooo many new memories in this house!

Wearable Bartenders Ring

This citrus juicer ring and bottle opener ring are soo handy when it comes to hosting as well. This is the kind of kitchen item that the people you’re shopping for probably wouldn’t think to buy, but it’s so worth it to get these as a gift.

Plus, it’s the perfect gift idea if you’re on a budget but still want to buy something memorable. Or, you can pair this with another one of the gifts on this list to make a little bundle!

Seashell Candle

This seashell candle from Pottery Barn is so elegant and will make the perfect coffee table decor for any new homeowner! You really can never have too many candles.

Custom Pet Door Design

This custom door design is soooo cute for any new homeowner who has a pet! This is the perfect way to include their pet in the housewarming party and the new home decor. They (and their pet) will absolutely love this!

Towels Set

You can never go wrong with a set of towels! I feel like towels are the kind of thing you can never have enough of, and this towel set from Target has tons of colors to choose from.

Nonstick Bakeware Set

Baking is a MUST in a new home! Even if they already have some bakeware, why not help them elevate their kitchen tools with a brand new bakeware set that comes with almost everything they could need to bake tasty treats?!

Mixing Bowls Set

This mixing bowl set comes with every size you could possibly need, making it one of the most foolproof gifts for new homeowners!

Funny Dish Towel

Top off your gift with a funny element, like this “hot buns” dish towel from Uncommon Goods!! This is so fun!

Popcorn Bowl With Kernel Sifter

What better way to get comfy in your new home than by curling up with some popcorn to watch a movie?! This popcorn bowl will certainly help elevate that experience!

Chocolate Soaps Gift Set

Ummmm, hello – soaps infused with cocoa powder?! Why does that sound like the best thing in the world?! This is such a unique (and useful!) gift for new homeowners, and definitely something they won’t forget.

A Year of Hot Sauce Subscription

You can’t go wrong with a year of hot sauce!! Hot sauce is a staple item that everyone needs in their home, and a subscription for a year’s supply of different hot sauce gifts sounds like a true dream!

I hope you have the best time celebrating your loved ones’ new home-owning journey, and giving them whatever gifts for new homeowners you liked best!

This post was all about gifts for new homeowners.


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