40 Unique Housewarming Gifts That Are Sure to Impress!

This blog post is about housewarming gifts!

housewarming gifts

If you are invited to a housewarming party, or your loved ones are moving into a new place, getting them the perfect housewarming gift can be quite a challenge.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you the 40 perfect housewarming gifts that are both unique and practical, that are sure to impress!

I am setting this blog post by budget, so we have here gifts under $25, gifts under $50, gifts under $100, and luxury gifts over $100.

Let’s get started!

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Housewarming Gifts

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Housewarming Gifts Under $25

Homesick New Home Candle

I’m OBSESSED with the Homesick candles. They are the perfect sentimental gift that anyone can relate and appreciate.

They come in different scents, to remind you different cities and places, such as the new home candle!

Indoor Herb Garden Kit

If they like gardening and different herbs, I can guarantee you, they are going to LOVE this indoor herb garden kit!

It’s a window garden kit that comes with 9 different herbs that you can grow on your window!

Salad Servers

I LOVE these cute salad servers, in the most perfect wood shade. I love really good wood pieces for the kitchen. 

They are the perfect addition for any kitchen set and will be great for any salad that will be served in their new home.

Cute Coasters

You can never go wrong with a nice coasters set! 

It’s the perfect combination of a practical gift and a decorative piece for their home.

Custom Soap Dispenser

I love cute soap dispensers, and I LOVE this custom soap dispenser you can get on my Etsy shop!

You can personalize it by choosing between black and white, and also decide what to write on the dispenser.

Personalized Apron

If the new home owner (or renter?) loves cooking, they will definitely enjoy receiving this personalized apron!

You can choose between different styles, and personalize it with their name.

Funny Scented Candle

You can never go wrong with a funny scented candle as a little thoughtful housewarming gift!

Wine Gift Bag

Another housewarming gift you can never go wrong with, is wine!

You can get them a nice bottle of wine, and gift it in this cute wine gift bag from Amazon.

2 Piece Set Wood Cutting Board

I love a great wood cutting board, I have tons of them in my kitchen! 

This one comes in a 2 piece cutting board set with a bigger and smaller board. They’re in the most natural wood shade and will complement any kitchen!

Wooden Serving Bowl

large serving bowl is useful for a variety of reasons. It can be used as a salad bowl, a fruit bowl or to serve any veggies. 

It is another great staple home and kitchen piece, which makes it a perfect housewarming gift!

Monogram Glass Cup

I love getting unique kitchen and dining pieces as housewarming gifts. 

This beautiful monogram glass cup from Anthropologie is definitely a unique find!

If they are a couple, you can get them two cups with each one’s initial. Such a pretty gift idea!

Magnolia Table Vol.2 Book

Another item I love is a great coffee table book. Really any book, whether it is cooking or home decor related, is a great multi-purpose item because it works as a great decor piece. 

Joanna Gaines’ cookbook is one of the best cookbooks to get inspired in the kitchen and try some new recipes, plus it also looks beautiful on display.

Champagne Gummy Bears

One of my favorite (and delicious?) housewarming gifts, are these champagne gummy bears!

These delicious gummies are infused with French champagne flavor, and they taste SO GOOD!

Personalized Dog Doormat

I came across this cute personalized dog doormat on Etsy! If they have a dog, you can customize this doormat with their dog’s photo and add their name!

Glass Straws Set

Something that is an absolute non-negotiable for any new home are reusable glass straws. I truly love the glass ones because they give a more luxe feel to any drink. 

This one comes in a 12 pack, plus 4 cleaning brushes, which makes it a perfect set for warm or cold drinks.

Housewarming Gifts Under $50

Wine Glass Chiller

One of my favorite housewarming gifts for a wine lover, is this wine glass chiller from Amazon.

It features a long-lasting temperature control feature, it can actively chill one or several glasses of wine for well over an hour indoors, or for up to 45 minutes in a shaded outdoor area!

Personalized Recipe Binder

I’m OBSESSED with this personalized recipe binder from Etsy, and if you’ve been following my blog and gift guides,  you know I ALWAYS talk about this product!

You can personalize it with their name, and give them a unique place to write down all of their delicious recipes!

Spice House Best-Sellers Collection

Who doesn’t love great tasting food? This Spice House Collection set comes with a variety of spices from sweet to savory, it is the perfect versatile set! The hosts will love you for making their food more flavorful!

Bath & Body Works Candles Set

I’m a sucker for Bath & Body Works candles, and I love burning different candles.

I found this mini candles set online, and it’s so cute! It comes with 3 mini single candles in Champagne Toast, Peach Bellini, and in Bubbly Rosé.

Milk Bar Cookies Gift Set

You can NEVER go wrong with delicious cookies! 

If you aren’t familiar with Milk Bar, they are a company that delivers delicious cookies and treats. 

So if you want to surprise your sister in law with delicious cookies – the Milk Bar cookie delivery is an amazingly delicious gift!

Rhinestone Wine Glasses

If they love wine and different drinks, they can definitely make great use out of these beautiful rhinestone wine glasses!

Mini Mist Cool Humidifier

A humidifier is definitely an upgrade to any home. This mist cool humidifier is in a mini size and will fit in any space, big or small. 

It provides a soothing cool mist, adds necessary moisture to the air and helps with the humidity levels. 

It’s something that any homeowner will love to have, plus, essential oils can be added.


As per the last item I shared, you can tell that I love for a home to have a great and distinct fragrance. 

This diffuser set is another layer to add for a great smelling home. It fills the home with a continuous fragrance that will last for months.

100 Cookies Cookbook

The 100 Cookies Cookbook is definitely one of the best housewarming gifts for a baking lover!

This cookbook includes 100 delicious cookies recipes that they can try out. And can also make a fun coffee table book!

McGee&Co Stone Coasters

Nice coasters are another must-have for a new home. No one likes when any glass leaves drink marks on a surface. 

These McGee&Co stone coasters are so chic and neutral and will make a great addition to a home!

Silicone Oven Mitts Set

These silicone oven mitts come in a set, they’re great heat protection and come in a variety of super cute colors that will fit with any home aesthetic! 

This is for sure an item that new home owners will appreciate.

Welcome Doormat

What better housewarming gift than a welcome mat?! 

This neutral aesthetic doormat will be loved by any new homeowner and they will for sure get much use out of it!

Custom City Map Print

If the new home owners just got back from traveling/living abroad, or maybe they moved into a big city they love, you can get them this custom city map print from my Etsy shop!

Housewarming Gifts Under $100

CAROTE Detachable Nonstick Cookware Set

The CAROTE detachable cookware set is one of the best housewarming gifts for anyone moving into their first apartment or first home!

First of all, you can never go wrong with a cookware set, since it’s obviously a kitchen essentials. But with this cookware set includes a removable handle feature, which isn’t only practical, but also a cool touch to a housewarming gift!

Beautiful Butter Dish

butter dish makes such a cute gift that your friends or family will love to receive. 

I love this beautiful butter dish because it has cute and colorful moth designs with a fun base dish. It will give that pop of color to their kitchen that will look so cute!

Jo Malone Candle

A gift I love to give as a housewarming present, which is also a staple, is a great smelling candle. 

You can’t go wrong with any Jo Malone products, but especially their candles. They smell amazing and add a signature scent to a home.

Cosori Air Fryer

I always say that life splits to two after getting an air fryer. 

Getting a good air fryer is one of the best purchases you can make for your new place. It has many functions and makes cooking any food so quick and easy.

Brooklinen Super Plush Bath Sheets

Plush towels are definitely a necessity. Brooklinen have the best linens, they are so soft and great quality and definitely a staple when moving into a new home. 

Plus, they come in many colors and patterns!

Housewarming Gifts Over $100

Home Cook Duo

Any home needs pots and pans. This Home Cook Duo can be used for anything they’d want to cook! 

They would be able to do with these two pieces. Plus, it comes in a variety of the cutest matte colors!

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven

An iconic kitchen brand is Le Creuset. They have the most timeless pieces that are the highest of quality for any type of cooking and are compatible with all types of heat sources. 

I have gifted this round Dutch oven to literally all of my family members and even though it can be quite the investment, it is an item that will last a lifetime!

Revolution Smart Toaster

Bring the future to their home with this Revolution Smart Toaster from Walmart!

It’s on my wishlist for sure 😉

You can choose the perfect toastyness level for any type of bread you want and it also has a new mode for panini press, melty sandwiches or quesadillas!

Jenni Kayne Basketweave Throw Blanket

I must admit, I have a throw blankets obsession. I love using throw blankets wherever I can, and I LOVE feeling cozy at home.

This Jenni Kayne blanket is super soft and adds the perfect coziness to a space!

Nest Smart Thermostat

smart thermostat is a necessity for any home. Your friends and family will be so glad that you got this for them! 

This Nest Smart Thermostat does much more than control the temperature in a home, it connects with Amazon Alexa and Google giving the new homeowners a total personalized experience.

Amazon Echo Show Smart Display

Another smart gadget that is so convenient to have in a home is the Echo Show Smart Display. 

It has a big screen that allows for video calls, recipes and shows. Alexa can show any security cameras that might be around the house, control lights and adjust thermostats. 

I’d love to have this in my home!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found the perfect housewarming gifts 🙂

This blog post was about housewarming gifts!

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