26 CUTEST Halloween Doormat Ideas You Are Going to LOVE This Year!

This blog post is about Halloween doormat ideas.

Halloween Doormat Ideas

One of my favorite things to do during holidays is to switch up my doormat to a festive one!

If you are looking for a cute and spooky Halloween doormat, keep reading for the CUTEST and most unique Halloween doormat ideas for your place!

This post includes 26 cute Halloween doormats, from all of your favorite stores online. So prepare yourself for some perfect finds 😉

Let’s get started!

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Table of Contents

Spooky Welcome Doormat

Starting off this post with this spooky welcome doormat from Amazon!

If you are looking for something cute and festive, this doormat is very affordable and super cute!

Ghosts Doormat

I’m OBSESSED with ghosts decorations, they are so cute!!

This adorable ghosts doormat is available on Etsy, and will definitely match any Halloween decor aesthetic.

Shoes Off Witches Doormat

If your home has the “no shoes in the house” rule, this cute Shoes Off Witches doormat is definitely a cute option for the month of October!

Cute Ghost Welcome Mat

Another adorable ghost doormat is this ghost welcome mat. 

It’s simple, cute, minimalist, yet still festive and brings in those Halloween vibes.

Spooky Vibes Doormat

Bring in those spooky vibes with this adorable spooky vibes doormat!

It’s cute, festive, affordable, and will definitely match any apartment or home entrance.

Funny Halloween Doormat

This funny Halloween doormat is definitely one of my favorite Halloween doormat ideas in this post!

This is definitely a unique find that will get you lots of compliments from your guests and neighbors 😉

Spiderweb Doormat

This spiderweb doormat is a more neutral, but standing out doormat that will spice up your home entrance for Halloween.

Cute Ghosts Doormat

I know I know, I can’t shut up about ghost doormats haha!

But this cute ghosts doormat design is definitely one of the cutest options for Halloween.

It comes in white, and also in black. So it can match any Halloween decor aesthetic.

Pumpkins Doormat

If you want something that can also work for fall in general, and not only for Halloween – I LOVE this pumpkins doormat from Etsy!

It is so cute, perfect for fall, and also a good fit for Halloween.

If you want to make things spookier, you can combine this doormat with a spooky Halloween wreath and decorations.

Bats Doormat

For my minimalist aesthetic-loving people, you can get this simple bat doormat from Etsy. 

It’s a cute and simple find, that is still festive with the black bats drawing.

Black Cat Doormat

If you’re a cat person, how about this cute black cat doormat?

Dogs Ghosts Doormat

As a dog person, I couldn’t NOT include this dogs ghosts doormat!

This is such a cute and funny doormat design, and these dogs are too adorable.

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Horror Friends Doormat

This horror Friends doormat is definitely one of the funniest Halloween doormat ideas in this post!

If you are a Friends fan, you’ll already love the logo, but the horror movie characters make this doormat unique and funnier.

Personalized Skeleton Doormat

Add a personalized touch to your Halloween decor aesthetic with this personalized skeleton doormat from WayFair.

It’s a trendy and festive doormat option for Halloween, that you can decorate with your home entrance and also add a personal touch with your last name.

Witch Legs Halloween Doormat

I love unique doormats, and that includes this witch legs Halloween doormat!

This is definitely a unique doormat that will get you lots of compliments 🙂

Home Is Where You Haunt It Doormat

This Home Is Where You Haunt It doormat is definitely one of the funniest Halloween doormat ideas!

Home Sweet Haunted Home Doormat

Do you know the “Home Sweet Home” phrase? This Home Sweet Haunted Home doormat is the Halloween version of it 😉

Howdy Skeleton Doormat

Bring in those Western vibes to your Halloween decor aesthetic with this cute howdy skeleton doormat from Etsy!

Pumpkin Welcome Doormat

If you are looking for something more simple and minimalist, this pumpkin welcome doormat is definitely a simple yet festive option.

Spiderweb Shaped Doormat

A unique option for a spiderweb doormat is this spiderweb SHAPED doormat from Walmart.

It’s a cute option that is both simple and festive, and can spice up your Halloween home entrance.

Minimalist Skulls Doormat

If you are interested in a minimalist doormat, that is also spooky and will match any Halloween decor aesthetic, this minimalist skulls doormat is definitely a great option.

Spooky Welcome Doormat

Another awesome option for Halloween is this spooky welcome doormat!

It’s a minimalist and festive option that is guaranteed to spice up your entrance.

Halloween Drawings Doormat

This Halloween drawings doormat is so cute! I love the Halloween pumpkins, and as you can already guess – I love the ghosts as well haha

Halloween Bat Shaped Doormat

This bad shaped mat is the perfect Halloween doormat for your front door. It’s a cute way to spice up your home entrance and get a more unique doormat for spooky season.

Funny Cats Doormat

Another Halloween option is this funny cats doormat.

The black cats drawings are perfect for Halloween, and the funny “The witch is in” phrase also adds to the spooky vibe.

Witch Doormat

A more colorful option for a witch doormat, is this witch legs doormat from Amazon!

It’s a colorful and traditional-colored doormat that is guaranteed to add a pop of color to your Halloween decor aesthetic.


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