TRENDY & Unique Halloween Joker Costumes For Women!

This blog post is about Joker costumes for women

joker costumes for women

With the new Joker movie coming out, I am pretty positive to assume that this Halloween is going to be a Joker one!

If you want to be the Joker for Halloween, this post has the best Joker costumes for women!

Whether you’re looking for something sexy, scary, simple, or anywhere in between, I think you’ll find the perfect Joker costume to match your aesthetic and vibe!

Let’s get started!

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Joker Makeup Art

Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @sbrookemkenyon
Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @sbrookemkenyon

Starting off with this beautiful Joker red outfit costume idea! First of all, I LOVE a good red blazer and face paint moment.

If you can recreate this kind of face paint (or have someone who can do it for you), this is such a unique Joker costume to put together.

Classy Joker Costume

Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @clarafordd

If you don’t want to wear heavy face paint, you can make the other aspects of your costume the focal point.

This girl’s joker costume is the perfect blend of scary and sexy!

You can get a purple corset, fishnet leggings, green temporary hair dye, and purple gloves on Amazon to recreate this look!

Casual Joker Outfit

If you really don’t want to spend a bunch of time doing your makeup and putting together an outfit,or looking for a last-minute costume, just grab a black lace bralette, an oversized purple button-up, and fishnet leggings – you’ve got the perfect low-maintenance sexy joker costume!

Formal Joker Outfit

I love the idea of using a purple tie and red blazer to achieve the perfect joker look. Plus, you can repurpose these pieces for other outfits in your everyday life!

Girly Joker Costume

Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @bonnie_dsmd

Okay, I LOVE this purple corset and green tutu skirt combo. This is a great way to spice up your joker costume and make it cute and girly while keeping the scary Halloween vibe!

Simple Joker Couples Costume

Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @bruoliveiran

Moving on to a trendy Joker couples costume!

There’s nothing a temporary tattoo, purple tie, and green hair dye can’t do!

This is one of the simplest joker costumes for women that would be so fun to recreate with your significant other.

Hot Red Joker Look

The red suit is a MOMENT with this leather bralette! Throw these on with some face paint and you’re good to go!

Elegant Joker

Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @pineapplepey

This Joker costume is definitely one of my favorites in this post.

The combination of these gold chains, green gloves, slicked back hair and purple corset is giving a more elegant joker vibe.

Pair these pieces with some subtle makeup and you’ve got the perfect joker costume to take to any Halloween party.

Joker Besties Costume

Hoping to match Halloween costumes with your bestie? Help do each other’s face paint and green hair dye, and then one of you can wear this white button up while the other one wears this purple blazer.

Trendy Corset Outfit

Between these thigh-high boots, green button up and this purple corset, this is the perfect joker costume if you’re looking for something girly but not too over the top!

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Harley Quinn & The Joker

Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @allydraper_

If you’re looking for a Joker-themed couple costume, recreate this one!

You can grab the Harley Quinn outfit and wig on Amazon, along with a purple button-up and some green temporary hair dye for the Joker costume.

Harley Quinn & The Joker #2

Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @carsonawilliams

Here’s another joker and Harley Quinn costume!

I love the detail of the temporary tattoos on the guy. If you can’t find the same temporary tattoos, you could always draw them on him!

This is such an easy and cute couple’s Halloween costume idea.


Last-Minute Joker Costume

Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @sara_mcclellan

If you’re looking for the simplest joker costumes for women, this is probably at the top of the list. All you need is a purple tie, green hair dye, and some face paint.

Classy Red Joker Outfit

Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @c0urtneyyhall

Another option for the iconic red look. 

This red suit is the perfect option for recreating this look, as well as the red bra for under the suit.

Also, you can’t forget this green hair dye for completing the Joker hairstyle.

Casual Purple Blazer Joker Costume

Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @austinsirae

This is such a cute joker outfit! Grab some green suspenders, a purple blazer, and some sequin fishnet stockings and you’re already halfway there!

Iconic joker makeup costume

Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @izabelaaelysa

This costume idea definitely looks the most like the iconic Joker red outfit and makeup look.

You can honestly repurpose this red suit from Amazon for so many other outfits, as well as these other two tops you’ll need to recreate this costume!

Joker Costume with a twist (literarily)

Another Joker red outfit option is this beautiful look.

I feel like this Joker costume gives off such a powerful vibe.

Just like with lots of these costumes, you can use a red suit and green hair dye to recreate this, but I also LOVE this knotted front red crop top.

So cute and this is honestly a great addition to your wardrobe anyways!

hahaha tie costume

This HAHAHA tie is the PERFECT addition to this Joker costume to make it a smidge more evil and unique.

I found a similar one on Amazon along with everything else you need to recreate this look!!

cute Joker look

This is another example of an outfit that’s simple to throw together but looks so good in the end.

Whether you’re scrounging for these items in your closet or buying what I’m linking here from Amazon, this is super easy to recreate!

Couples Joker Costume

Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @_giorgiamira

If you want to match with your partner and both dress up as the joker, you both just need white button-ups, purple ties, and green hair dye, and you’ve got matching costumes!

This would be so fun to do together, including helping each other do your face paint and makeup!

The Joker & Batman

Joker Costumes for Women
Source: @brimarrie

What’s more iconic than dressing up as the Joker and Batman?!

This can also be an awesome last-minute costume but you can get the Batman mask on Amazon, and easily recreate the guy’s Joker costume with all of the essentials.

And that’s it for today! I hope you found the perfect Joker costume 🙂 

This blog post was about Joker costumes for women!


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