Beautiful Minimalist Dorm Room Ideas!

This blog post is about minimalist dorm room ideas!

dorm room ideas

Every college student needs a dorm room that is perfect both for relaxing and studying. And the perfect way to achieve that? Finding minimalist dorm room ideas!

A minimalist dorm room will help your room feel decluttered and clean while still feeling cohesive and homey. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best minimalist dorm room ideas I could find!

Let’s get started!

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minimalist dorm room inspiration

matching roommates neutral dorm

dorm room ideas
Source: @essentialswitheden

The best way to keep your dorm room feeling like a clear space where you can rest is to coordinate with your roommate on neutral decor.

I love the way these girls have decorated their dorm room to make it feel light, airy, open, and cozy all at the same time!

You can recreate this decor with a beautiful white headboard, like the one I found on Amazon!

Adding in a custom monogrammed throw pillow is also a great way to keep your room feeling cozy without needing decor overkill.

Keep it simple with cute wall decor

dorm room ideas
Source: @essentialswitheden

A great way to achieve a minimalist feel in your dorm room is to add some simple wall decor. You don’t want your walls to be over-cluttered if you’re hoping to achieve a minimalist design.

This butterfly wall art is a great example of minimalist wall decor, and you can buy a similar one on Etsy!

Plus, grab an elegant white headboard like this one from Amazon to add some decor to your space without having to add tons of stuff to your walls.

colorful minimalist dorm room

dorm room ideas
Source: @essentialswitheden

Minimalist doesn’t have to mean 100% neutral. This custom neon sign is a great way to add a pop of color to your dorm room decor!

Plus, an elegant headboard like this goes a long way for adding some coziness to your room while maintaining some elegance.

simple plush dorm aesthetic

dorm room ideas
Source: @essentialswitheden

Keep your room decor minimalistic while making it feel like a luxury hotel! I love how plush and soft this dorm room bedding looks.

You can easily recreate this with the right ruffled comforter set and a custom initials throw pillow, like this adorable frilly one I found on Etsy!

decorate with large prints

dorm room ideas
Source: @ClaireMcCall

A great way to make your room feel decorated without having to add lots of clutter is to use large prints.

This room is a great example, with three large prints hanging above this girl’s bed. She still added personality and color to her room without making it feel overwhelming!

You can grab a super similar print on Etsy, and some neutral bedding just like in this inspo photo on Amazon!

fancy girly minimalist aesthetic

dorm room ideas
Source: @essentialswitheden

An easy way to keep your room minimalistic is to swap out layers of throw pillows for just a couple simple, customized pillows.

I found this gorgeous monogrammed pillow on Etsy, which would also go perfectly with this velvet tufted headboard that looks similar to the one in the photo!

These decor pieces will set the tone for your minimalist dorm room.

add soft colors to the space

dorm room ideas
Source: @essentialswitheden

The combination of this white headboard with the soft blue of this bedding is GORGEOUS! Your bedding can actually play a huge role in your room’s overall look and decor, so it’s important to choose the color and texture wisely.

I love this gorgeous light blue bedding set from Amazon, but it also comes in different colors if you’re looking for something a little different!


minimalist dorm room ideas - decor

Here are some other minimalist dorm room ideas to add to your line-up of decorations!

white textured comforter set

If you are looking for a minimalist, yet cute bedding set, this textured comforter set looks like five star hotel quality to me, and it has great reviews!!

Moroccan Tassel Area Rug

Adding an area rug like this to your space is a super easy way to make it feel that much more homey.

This Morrocan tassel rug comes in tons of different sizes, so whether you pick a smaller rug or a larger size that will cover your whole room, it’ll make your space even comfier!

get cute throw pillows

One of the best ways to decorate any dorm or bedroom in general, is by getting cute throw pillows and decorating your bed.

I’m obsessed with these corduroy pillows and this boho throw pillow cover! These are both great, neutral statement pieces that will make your room feel so much more put-together.

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get a cute Chunky Knit Blanket

If you’re going to have a throw blanket in your dorm room, a chunky knit blanket is the best choice! It’s so cozy and the texture of it honestly adds to the decor itself.

hang up minimalist wall art

I mentioned earlier that a great way to add some wall decor to your room while sticking to your minimalist design is to get large prints. 

I love both this neutral boho wall art set and this minimalist flower drawing art print set. Both are so pretty, and will definitely spice up a minimalist dorm room.

use natural storage bins for organization

One of my favorite minimalist dorm room ideas is definitely to practically organize and store things in a minimalist aesthetic way.

For example, you can use these woven storage bins, which will not only help you organize your belongings, but also add a decorative touch to your dorm.

Also, I love this cute rope basket from Amazon. Besides the fact that it is so pretty, and will be another minimalist decor piece in your dorm, you can use it to store your shoes/snacks!

decorate with unique white vases

The shape and design of these white ceramic vases are so calming and they would make perfect decor for the top of your desk or a shelf in your room!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found the perfect minimalist dorm room decor ideas 🙂 

This blog post was about minimalist dorm room ideas!


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