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This blog post is about preppy room decor!

preppy room decor

One of the most enjoyable things in life is getting to decorate your room with your preferred aesthetic. Whether you’ve moved into a new place or are simply redecorating, you’ve landed on this blog post because you’re looking for preppy room decor… and I’ve got you covered!

If you’re looking to make your room a little more preppy, I’ve found the best options of preppy wall decor, throw pillows and blankets, and more decorations to add to your preppy aesthetic.

If you don’t want to waste hours of your time scrolling to find the best products, then this blog post is for you. This list has all the best preppy room decor ideas I could find.

Let’s get started!

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Preppy Room Wall Decor

One of the easiest ways to make your room feel a little more preppy is by adding some wall decor. 

I found tons of affordable and cute options on Amazon, Etsy, and Urban Outfitters of preppy wall decor!

Pink and White Graphic Prints

I love these pink graphic wall prints. This would give any room such a cute, girly aesthetic. If that’s what you’re going for, you could create a beautiful gallery wall with these prints.

Bright Color Wall Prints

If you want to add some bright colors to your room, these posters are perfect.

Not only are they such a happy and lively color palette, they also give your room a very ‘well-traveled’ feel!

Purple Aura Wall Decor

These would make the perfect addition to your preppy room decor if you put them above your bed or your desk!

Disco Ball Wall Art

If you’re going for more of a vintage aesthetic, this disco ball print would be perfect to hang above your bed, desk, or near your vanity!

Bright Canvas Wall Art

I love colorful & bright artwork like this! If you have a more neutral room and want a pop of color, this is perfect. Or, if you have bright colors incorporated throughout your room, these canvas prints will be the perfect compliment!

Pink and Orange Wall Art

This pink and orange wall art is so cute! I love the pastel shades of these colors. It gives sunset and sunrise color palette vibes!

Colorful Gradient Aura Posters

These colorful gradient aura posters are beautiful color combinations! 

This is such great preppy room decor if you pair it with neutral or pastel bedding and a nice rug.

Queen of Hearts Print

This is such a beautiful wall print, and there are tons of reviews saying it’s great quality and looks amazing in person! This queen of hearts print would look so preppy with a gold or pink frame to match.

Preppy Wall College Kit

This preppy collage wall kit is perfect for a collage wall! This set comes with 50 different prints, so they are perfect for filling up an empty wall.

Disco Macrame Hangers

These hanging disco balls would be perfect to add to a dorm room or over your bed. These will give your room such a put-together vintage feel!

Smiley Face Preppy Mirror

I love this smiley face mirror, it’s so cute! This would pair perfectly with lots of the prints listed above; especially the brightly colored ones.

One reviewer said that she paired this mirror with some fairy lights and it loved the cozy vibe it gave at night.

Wavy Floating Shelves

If you want to add floating shelves to your room, these wavy pastel floating shelves are the best!

These colors are so cute together and will elevate the style of your room.

They’ll give your room more character than simple white floating shelves would.

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Custom Neon Name Sign

A custom name sign automatically makes your decor feel more expensive and put-together. I absolutely love these custom neon name signs!

Wavy Neon Mirror

Okay, how can you not love this wavy neon mirror?! If you want your room to feel like an expensive trendy hotel, this is sure to make it feel that way.

Imagine how perfect this would be in the evening when it gets dark and you’re hanging out in your room. Sooo cute!

Preppy Room Decor Accents

Here are some statement decorations and small trinkets that will tie your room’s style together and make it feel more expensive overall!

Wavy Rainbow Scented Candles

Wouldn’t these rainbow wavy candles go so well with lots of the prints I linked above?! These are so easy to pair with almost any style of room to make it feel a little preppier and more expensive.

Hydroponic Flower Vase

This bubble vase would look so elegant with some plants inside. You could either fill this with dried greenery, a rose, your favorite flowers, or even dried and faux florals!

Gold Heart Hands Statue

Give me the heart hands emoji, but in gold 😜 This would look so cute on your desk, bookshelf, or floating shelves!

Bubble Candles

These bubble candles go so well with a modern, geometric, or neutral aesthetic. They’re so affordable from Amazon and they come in so many different colors, so I’m sure you can find one that matches your palette!

Tiger Ceramic Jewelry Dish

This little gold jewelry tray is so cute! If you have a vanity, desk, or shelf space to store your jewelry, this is the perfect jewelry catch-all.

Bright Decorative Faux Books

If you love the look of stacked books as decor but don’t want to spend a fortune on the most beautiful coffee table books, these faux books are a great way to elevate your space for a more affordable price!

Colored Lines Flower Vase

Going for a modern look? This flower vase would look so good on its own, or even paired with the wavy floating shelves I linked above!

Vintage Vase

If you’re going for more of a vintage look (maybe you got the disco balls or disco print above?!) then this vintage soda can vase would pair perfectly with the rest of your decor!

Tying multiple decor pieces together is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your room feel preppy.

Cowboy Boot Candle

Themed candles are a great way to make your room feel on-brand and expensive.

I love these cowboy candles so much. If you grab a couple, your room will feel more cohesive!

Dice Candles

If you got the queen of hearts print above or if you’re going for a Y2K style, these heart dice candles are the perfect addition! I’m actually obsessed with these candles, and can’t believe you can get them right from Etsy!

Aesthetic Pink Ring Holder

If you like to stack rings or have lots of jewelry and want an aesthetically pleasing way to store them, this ring holder is so cute!

It’s the small things, like having a ring holder, that will make your room feel preppier.

Rodeo Boot Vase

This rodeo boot vase is actually quite versatile. This would elevate a farmhouse aesthetic, or even fit a mid-century modern type of vibe if you’ve got lots of other neutral or wooden furniture. 

The flowers also make it really cute, so it could go well with a modern or girly style as well.

I think this would be so cute if you fill it with baby’s breath or other flowers you love!

Resin Balloon Dog Sculpture

Do these not just instantly bring you happiness?! These remind me of childhood and make me feel a sense of joy. If you want that feeling in your room, these are a great addition to your space!

Plus, I even found this disco one if you want to tie it in with a vintage aesthetic!

Disco Ball Planter Pot

Okay speaking of disco and vintage, what about this disco planter pot?! If you have plants or succulents, this is the perfect way to make your room feel more put-together.

3D Melted Woman Planter

This 3D melted woman planter is such a unique and artistic piece, which is the perfect way to make your room feel more expensive.

If you get this planter off Etsy, I can almost guarantee you’ll get tons of comments and questions about it any time someone sees your room. A great way to be memorable and start conversations 😉

Preppy Throw Pillows & Blankets

If you want to have preppy room decor, adding throw pillows and blankets is the perfect way to do that. this will give your room the comfy, 5-star hotel experience without breaking the bank.

Pink Seashell pillow

This pink seashell pillow is such a unique decorative piece! It will add a small but charming touch to your bedroom decor.

Leopard Preppy Throw Pillow

If you’re an animal lover, these cheetah pillows will look so cute in your room! I love decor that represents your personality and style.

Pink and Orange Checkered Pillow

This checkered pillow would also be a great way to add color to a preppy room style. You could pair this with the disco ball pillow above, or just a bunch of other pillows within the same palette.

Cowgirl Throw Pillows

These disco cowgirl aesthetic pillows are the perfect way to tie together a vintage and rural or farmhouse aesthetic to make it feel preppy!

Cowgirl Preppy Throw Pillow

This cowgirl preppy throw pillow has such a cute design and I feel like it goes with almost any color palette! Whether you have neutral or colored bedding, this pillow should tie in well.

Custom Name Throw Pillow

A tried and true way to make your room feel more expensive is to get something customized. This customized name pillow cover is the perfect way to do that!

Cowgirl Boot Throw Pillow

This cowgirl boot pillow from Urban Outfitters is the cutest! If you have other pink decor in your room, this will be a great fit.

Disco Ball Throw Pillow

If you’ve got other preppy-themed items in your room, this disco ball throw pillow will add perfectly to your style!

Preppy Funky Throw Pillows

These throw pillow covers would perfectly complement a pink or western style room! Whether you throw these on your bed or a chair, they’re the perfect way to add a pop of character to your room.

Lip Decorative Pillow

I feel like this lips throw pillow would go great with a vintage room as well. Whether you pair this with the disco ball prints above or use it in a different aesthetic, it’s absolutely adorable!

Heart Checkered Throw Blanket

I love patterns that are subtle, and that’s exactly what this beautiful throw blanket is. The hearts are incorporated into the texture so it’s a subtle way to add some style to your room!

Leopard Throw Blanket

This leopard print throw blanket comes in different colors including black, blue, brown, green, gray, orange, pink, and purple. It looks sooo cozy!

Preppy Smiley Throw Blanket

If you want smiley faces to match the joy of your aesthetic, this preppy smiley patterned throw blanket is perfect!!

Printed Plush Throw Blanket

I’m obsessed with this Urban Outfitters throw blanket. It’s got the perfect amount of pattern – something simple and not too over the top!

Ribbed Plush Throw Blanket

This ribbed throw blanket from Target has a ribbed texture which is super versatile. It will go with pretty much any style of decor!

Sherpa Throw Blanket

If you want a throw blanket that’s a little simpler with less pattern, these sherpa throw blankets are a great option. You can buy it in black, lavender, blue, gray, pink, cream, taupe, blue, or white!

Cow Print Throw Blanket

This cow print throw blanket would pair perfectly with other western decor! This blanket also comes in several different colors, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find an option that reflects your personality and suits your room.

Green Checkered Throw Blanket

If you like the checkered pattern but don’t want something too bold, this green checkered throw blanket is perfect. 

The pattern is all in the texture rather than the color, making it a more subtle way of adding some unique pattern to your room.

Checkered Throw Blanket

This checkered throw blanket is so cute. It comes in so many different colors, so if you like the pattern, you can definitely find a color that fits your palette!

Preppy Room Rugs

Rugs are such an important part of preppy room decor because they really tie together the whole aesthetic of the room!
Here are some rugs I found to match different styles and tie the whole room together, making it feel more expensive.

Colorful Butterfly Rug

If you are not necesseraly looking for cute rugs on the affordable side, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this beautiful butterfly rug from Society6!

You can add this rug to a neutral room to give it a pop of color, or add it to a room with a bright color palette to tie it all together!

Flower Checkered Earth Tone Carpet

Okay… Flowers, checkers, AND earth tones?!

I don’t know about you, but those are all my favorite things put together.

This flower checkered rug would match a preppy-girly, or even preppy-modern aesthetic perfectly. I’m tempted to order this rug right now, it’s so cute!

Y2K Acid Smiley Face Rug

If you’re going for a Y2K preppy theme, this preppy smiley face rug is so perfect! This is such a great statement piece for your room.

Small Tiger Rug

If you are looking for an ACTUAL preppy rug for your preppy room decor aesthetic, how about this cool tiger rug from Amazon?! It’s definitely a unique piece that will spice up your space 🙂

You Look Good Mat

I’m a huge fan of anything that has a cute or motivational saying.

This You Look Good mat would pair well with lots of the prints I listed above, and almost any modern or preppy style!

Pink Smiley Face Rug

This pink smiley face rug matches lots of the other decor listed in this blog post. Especially the smile mirror above and several of the prints!!

Pink Groovy Wave Retro Carpet

I’m actually obsessed with this pink wavy rug, and it would look so cute with a bunch of the bright and/or vintage prints I linked above. 

I think a rug like this instantly puts any room on hotel-like status.

Custom Barbie Name Rug

As I’ve said in this post already, one of the most reliable ways to make your room feel more preppy is to have custom items, like this custom Barbie name rug

I can’t believe how affordable this is from Etsy!

Large Shag Area Rug

When in doubt, get a shag rug 😉

This shag rug comes in so many different colors and sizes, so if you’re indecisive about what rug to buy, this one is a safe option.

I hope you found some helpful preppy room decor ideas in this blog post, and learned that there are such simply ways you can instantly elevate your room’s style to make it feel professionally designed!! 🙂

This blog post was about preppy room decor!


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