The Best Small Home Office Ideas For Any-Sized Apartment!

This blog post is about small home office ideas!

small home office ideas

Designing a small home office is easier said than done! Home offices can easily get cluttered, but they need to be a space where you can feel both focused and comfortable.

I’ve been searching for small home office inspiration that would work for any size apartment, and I’ve found some of the CUTEST home office ideas out there.

In this blog post, you’ll find a list of tons of home office ideas, plus links to products that will help you recreate your favorite look!

Let’s get started!

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Neutral Comfy Office

small home office ideas
Source: @joannes_home2

If you want an office that will feel calming and comfortable, this comfy neutral home office is perfect for you. The combo of the comfy chair, neutral decor, and the neon sign sets the perfect ambience for tons of days spent working here!!

I found the PERFECT desk lamp that would go perfect with this aesthetic. Isn’t this so cute?!

Plus, a cute neon sign would be the perfect addition to add ambience to this space! I could imagine such serene nights of studying or working from this desk.

Neutral Mid Century

small home office ideas
Source: @throughthegreydoor

If you’re looking for a simple and neutral desk space, I love this mid century style look. It’s the perfect blank slate to add a plant or even display a photo of your friends or significant others!

I found this desk chair on Amazon so you can easily recreate this look. Plus, a modern black lamp that will be so handy for late night studying!

Tropical Office Aesthetic

small home office ideas
Source: @homewithhelenandco

If you’re looking for something a little more colorful or exotic, recreate this tropical office look!

This is a simple look to achieve with some wallpaper and a couple plants. You can also grab this rattan shelf from Amazon, and I even found a cute pink shell pillow that matches this decor.

Product Name

small home office ideas
Source: @interioryesplz

If you want something minimalist and earthy, try recreating something like this! It’s still simple and neutral, with some texture added through the decor like the vase, candle, and plants.

I’m obsessed with this ribbed glass vase. It’s so elegant and I found it on Amazon!

I also love this moon phase wall hanging decor. This is such a simple decor piece to elevate any space.

Elegant Wooden Office Space

small home office ideas
Source: @i.tam.i.tu

This desk and chair are the best pieces in this office space. This is also the type of style that would blend seamlessly with almost any decor, so no matter how your apartment is decorated, this desk and chair are a beautiful addition!

Here’s a similar desk I found on Wayfair, and a similar desk chair from Amazon!

The Blank Slate Home Office

small home office ideas
Source: @our_japandi_home

White furniture like in this inspiration picture will help keep your desk space feeling bright and inviting while allowing you to add touches of color or decor that you love.

I love this simple Rattan lamp. This would add the perfect ambience for late night study sessions or cozy winter days working from home!

I also love the idea of having pegboards on the wall above your desk, because you can easily hang a calendar or stationery items from it to keep your home office space organized.

Layered Home Office

small home office ideas
Source: @serendipia_decor

If you’re living in a small apartment or have a small home office space, layering your space is the perfect way to make it more functional while keeping it within your preferred style.

Here’s a wooden desk I found on Amazon. It’s similar to the desk in this inspo picture, but with more shelf space underneath.

You can also grab these floating shelves and layer them on the wall the way you see in the inspiration photo. This will create more storage space in a small home office while keeping your space looking organized and gorgeous!

Large Pegboard Desk Space

small home office ideas

I love the white pegboard in this inspiration photo. The way this person has it set up is also so smart because it’s the perfect blend between being decorative and functional.

The great thing about pegboards is that you can use them to hang buckets for stationery supplies, a calendar, to-do lists, or even use them to hang pictures and mirrors as decor.

It’s also a great idea to put floating shelves above the pegboard for added storage!

Adjustable Standing Desk Home Office

small home office ideas
Source: @macchiato.days

Electric sit to stand desks are the absolute best for a home office! If you hate being stuck in a chair all day and want to stand, or even just adjust your desk to the perfect height for your posture, then this is a great option for you.

You can get an electric adjustable desk like this on Amazon. Plus, I found the cutest non slip desk pad to go on top!!

Modern Home Office With Extra Storage

small home office ideas

If you’re looking for a way to add storage space to your home office, one of these utility carts is the perfect way to do it!

I also love these rolling desk chairs. If you need to be at your desk for long periods of time, then you definitely need something comfy like this.

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Natural Desk Aesthetic

small home office ideas
Source: @surfers.jungalow

I love how minimal and calming this home office style is. Decorating with some simple prints and plants is the way to go if you love a more earthy style or just want to achieve a bright and serene space.

Black and White Desk Space

small home office ideas
Source: @lacasitadelapa

I don’t know about you, but I hate having a cluttered workspace.

If you want to go really minimal on the decor in favor of keeping your space clean, this black and white style is perfect!

I found the perfect desk chair and black desk lamp to achieve this look without cluttering your space up with too much decor.

This is one of my favorite small home office ideas!

Small Corner Home Office

small home office ideas
Source: @lacasitadelapa

If you don’t have much space for your home office, try using a corner of your apartment to create your work from home space. I love how simple this corner office is while still remaining clean and uncluttered.

You can easily recreate this corner office space with this black chair and floating shelves!

Pastel Home Office

small home office ideas
Source: @homewithhelenandco

If you’re into something more colorful, you can recreate this home office look with any pastel color!

A good starting point is picking a color you love and then getting a utility cart and set of drawers, just like in the inspiration photo.

Once you have those items, you can continue to decorate and accessorize however you like!

Funky Small Home Office

small home office ideas
Source: @averyycarrier

I’m obsessed with these disco balls as decor for a home office! It’s such a good idea to have fun decor that invites you into your work space. I found these super affordable small disco balls on Amazon. I also love this simple wooden desk!

Mid Century Modern Desk Space

small home office ideas
Source: @surfers.jungalow

I love this moody mid century modern home office. It’s got so much character just with a few statement pieces that put the whole look together. I could imagine being so productive in a home office space like this!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found some small office home ideas that you love! It’s really easy to recreate any of these looks by selecting the right statement pieces and then decorating it around your space and your style!

This blog post was about small home office ideas.


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