BRILLIANT Under Bed Dorm Storage Solutions You Are Going to LOVE!

This post is all about under bed dorm storage.

under bed dorm storage
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When you’re living in a dorm room, it feels like there are only so many nooks and crannies you can find to store your belongings.

Luckily, I know what it’s like to live in a small dorm room and I learned that there are actually some great ways to maximize your storage space, like using under bed dorm storage products!

There’s so much space under your bed, but at the same time, you don’t want to just shove things underneath that will get disorganized and lost.

So, this post has some of my favorites under-bed organizers to help you out!

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Under your bed is actually some of the most useful space in your dorm room. You would be surprised what you can fit under there! Here are some ideas…

Cube Storage Organizer & Bins

Cube storage organizers like this are so versatile and helpful. You can get these cute cube inserts and then use them to store clothes, makeup, school supplies, or other belongings.

If you’re worried about being able to fit all your belongings in your dorm room, this organizer is a great storage option.

I’ve used these cube drawers in the past to keep my clothes organized.

They’re spacious while still being small enough to keep track of where your belongings are!

Under Bed Foldable Storage Bins

These foldable storage bins are AMAZING for storing belongings that you don’t use every day but still need.

For example, you can keep extra shoes in here, winter coats, chunky sweaters, or even extra sets of bedding.

These under bed bins keep your belongings out of your way while still making them easily accessible.

Rolling Under Bed Storage Bins

These rolling under bed storage bins are the same concept as the bins listed above, but this time they’re on wheels!

This makes it easier to access your belongings by rolling them out from under your bed.

Under Bed Shoe Rack

If you have lots of shoes, there are ways to store them that will help you maximize your space while accessing your shoes whenever you need them.

One of those storage options is this under bed shoe storage container, which is similar to the under-bed storage bins above but this one has divided compartments for shoes.

Or, you could get this simple shoe rack under your bed. This keeps your shoes easily accessible and it also has wheels to roll out if you need better access!

Stackable Storage Drawers

Stackable drawers are great because you can get as many or as little as you want and stack them to whatever height fits in your space.

I used to use stackable drawers all the time and they’re so convenient!

3-Drawer Storage Cart

If you want drawers you can wheel out from under your bed when necessary, this 3-drawer storage cart is a great option for anyone who has a higher bed.

You can use these drawers for pretty much any belongings you want!

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3-Tier Rolling Cart

These 3-tier rolling carts are some of my favorite dorm room storage products in general.

Lots of college students use them next to the desk but you can easily use them as under-bed dorm storage as well!

It’s helpful that each shelf is open, so it’s super easy to access the belongings you have on this cart.

Small Under-Bed Dresser

Sometimes all you need is a shorter dresser that will fit under your bed and allow you to store more clothes.

This under bed fabric dresser is the perfect size for that if you’ve got a raised bed!

Clear Compression Bags

If you’re looking for a super affordable under bed dorm storage option that works great for belongings you don’t use every day, these compression bags are a great option.

You can store extra bedding or seasonal clothes in here to keep them safe from dust while you’re not using it, and still make sure that it’s easily accessible.

Storage Ottoman

Storage ottomans are great dorm room storage ideas because they contribute to the overall decor and look of your room while allowing you some storage space.

You can easily tuck it under your bed to keep it out of the way!

I love this flower storage ottoman from Amazon, or this square tufted ottoman. Both of them come in a bunch of different colors so you can choose the one that best suits your dorm room!

Bed Shelfie

Bed Shelfies are some of the BEST dorm room essentials.

You can attach this Bedshelfie to the side of your bed and use it for whatever small belongings you don’t want to keep under your bed like your water bottle, phone, Bluetooth speaker, or the book you’re reading.


Bedside Caddy

Similarly to the Bed Shelfie, you can attach this bedside caddy to your bed and it’s got lots of space for those small belongings that you want to keep close by.

If you don’t have one of these, you’ll likely have items that will clutter up your surrounding dorm space like your desk and your floor… and nobody wants a cluttered dorm room!

I hope you found some helpful under bed dorm storage ideas in this blog post that will help you keep your dorm room clean and organized for the year to come!

This post was all about under bed dorm storage.



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