Best 4th of July Party Favors That Your Guests Will Love!

4th of July Party Favors!

This blog post is about the best 4th of July party favors!

If you are throwing a 4th of July party, and looking for fun 4th of July party favors, keep reading this blog post for the best 4th of July party favors to give your guests and have an awesome party!

In this blog post, we are going to cover everything from 4th of July party sunglasses, party necklaces, USA bracelets, and so many cool stuff!

Let’s get started!

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4th of July party favors

4th of July Party Favors:

American Flags

I think this is the most obvious 4th of July party favor, American flags!

You can get this 24pcs American flags pack from Amazon, they are 4×6 inches, and are super affordable.

American Folding Fan

These American folding fans are one of the best 4th of July party favors you can give your guests to take home!

First of all, it’s July, it’s summer, and it’s probably going to be hot. So giving your guests American folding fans can come in super handy for the party itself, and also for them to use during the summer!

They come in a set of 12pcs, and are super affordable!

Independence Day Bracelets

This 40pcs American flag silicone bracelet pack from Amazon is a fun party favor to give your guests!

Red White & Blue Candy Kabobs

I found these extremely unique red white & blue candy kabobs from Etsy!

They aren’t cheap, but if you really want to upgrade your party, you should definitely consider getting them for your guests.

The pack come with 15-100 candy kabobs, depends on how much you order.

30pcs Temporary Tattoos Pack

How about some cool 4th of July temporary tattoos?!

This pack comes with 30 different temporary tattoos, and they are sooo cute!

4th of July 100pcs Party Glasses Pack

One of the best 4th of July party favors are these 100pcs party glasses from Amazon!

4th of July Sparkler Tags

These fun 4th of July sparkler tags are the perfect party favors for your independence day party!

They come in a pack of 24 sparkler tags, and they are pretty affordable as well.

American Party Hats

Upgrade your party with these fun American party hats! You can get them on Amazon, they come in a set of 12 hats.

4th of July Party Glasses

Another awesome 4th of July party glasses set, they come in a pack of 12, and they are THE PERFECT photo props for your 4th of July party!

4th of July Party Favors Pack

If you want to get a bunch of party favors without thinking about it too much, you should definitely consider getting this 120pcs 4th of July party favors pack from Amazon!

It comes with party headbands, beaded necklaces, party glasses, American flags, musical blow outs, and even temporary tattoos!

36pcs American Flag Keychain Pack

Next on our list is this American flag keychains pack, which comes with 36 keychains, and are a great party favor to give your guests to take home!

4th of July Head Boppers Headband Set

Make your 4th of July party photos even nicer with these 4th of July head boppers headbands! 

They come in a pack of 10 headbands, and they are so cute!

DIY 4th of July Rocket Confetti Poppers

A cool find I found on Etsy are these DIY 4th of July rocket confetti poppers!

They come in a pack of 8 clear plastic containers, that look like fireworks and feature a red stripes and a blue cone with stars.

Since it’s a DIY product, as you can probably tell, you can create your own party poppers and fill them with confetti, candy, or any other tiny party favors!

Sequins Beach Ball

If you are throwing a 4th of July pool party, definitely consider getting this 5pcs sequins beach balls pack from Amazon!

These jumbo pool balls are so cute, and they are perfect for adding an extra independence day touch for your 4th of July pool party!

Red White & Blue Flower Leis

Spice up your party with these beautiful red white & blue flower leis from Amazon!

They come in a pack of 12, and they are SO CUTE for your 4th of July party photos!

Glow Sticks Bracelets

What’s a 4th of July party without some red & blue glow stick bracelets?!

This pack comes with 50pcs glow sticks, and 50 break away plastic connectors to make those glow sticks bracelets.

4th of July Gift Bags

Last but not least for today, is a 4th of July gift bags pack!

If you are making gift bags for your guests, grab a pack of these 16pcs 4th of July gift bags from Amazon.

And that’s it!

This blog post was about 4th of July party favors!

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