The Best Amazon Prime Day College Deals For 2023!

Best Amazon Prime Day College Deals

This blog post is all about the best Amazon Prime Day college deals!

Amazon Prime Day 2023 is finally here! If you aren’t familiar with Amazon Prime Day, you’ll be happy to find out that Amazon Prime Day is a HUGE SALE, where Amazon put more than 100,000 products on sale for ONLY 2 DAYS.

Amazon Prime Day is your perfect opportunity to get the best Amazon dorm room essentials for the greatest prices!

I can tell you that it’s a pretty intense day, and you’ll have to be focused and planned with what you want, since stuff sell out so quickly!

This year, Amazon Prime Day will be between July 11th-12th!

ALSO, FOLLOW THIS BLOG POST DAILY. I will be updating it with early Amazon Prime Day, and during Amazon Prime Day (July 11th-12th) with the craziest Amazon deals!

This blog post was last updated on July 10th, 2023.

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amazon prime day college deals


Amazon Prime offers a FREE 30-day Amazon Prime trial, which means that you get access to all of these amazing deals without paying for the prime membership!

COLLEGE STUDENTS: Amazon Prime offers a FREE 6-month Amazon Prime trial for students with a valid .edu address (both college and high school students!)

Amazon Prime Day College Deals:

Magic Space Saving Hangers – 10% OFF!

These Magic Space Saving Hangers are THE ULTIMATE DORM ROOM ESSENTIAL you will need and use, and you are definitely going to thank me after buying them!

This is the perfect dorm room organization hack to use to store more clothes, and take up less space!

20pcs Velvet Hangers Pack – 28% OFF!

Another brilliant dorm room storage hack is to use velvet hangers instead of regular plastic hangers. Why?

Because with these velvet hangers, your clothes will never fall off every time you touch them, and will keep your closet organized and neatly looking!

Mini Fridge Caddy Organizer

As for writing this there is no specific deal on this mini fridge caddy organizer, but it is definitely a must-have dorm kitchen essential, to maximize storage space in your dorm kitchen area!

Magnetic Spice Rack For Dorm Fridge 

This magnetic spice rack for fridge is THE PERFECT dorm room organization hack!

With limited countertop & storage space in dorm rooms, a magnetic spice rack can come in soooo handy when it comes to maximizing dorm room organization space!

It can easily be placed on a mini fridge, making it quick and easy to access your spices, sauces, while making yourself a quick dorm room meal.

By getting yourself a magnetic spice rack for your mini fridge, you are making your dorm cooking process so much easier by effortlessly accessing your spices, and making a quick & delicious dorm room meal!

Twin XL Mattress Cover – 22% OFF!

This Twin XL mattress cover is an Amazon best seller, and has amazing reviews on it!

And it’s now on sale for 22% OFF! Making it a super affordable dorm room essential!

Beautiful 3-Piece Comforter Set – 40% OFF!

I’m obsessed with this 3-piece comforter set! It’s so pretty, and is made out of 100% cotton material, and you can get it on Amazon Prime Day for 40% OFF!

Ruffled Trim White Bedding Set – 13% OFF!

Another beautiful bedding option, is this ruffled trim white bedding set, that is on sale for 13% OFF!

HP 15.6-inch Laptop – 18% OFF!

One of the best and affordable laptops for college students, is this HP 15.6-inch laptop!

HP 15.6-inch Laptop

Acer Aspire 5 A515-45-R74Z Slim Laptop – 5% OFF!

A bit cheaper option is this Acer Aspire 5 slim laptop. It’s the perfect laptop for college students!

Acer Aspire 5 A515-45-R74Z Slim Laptop

Mini Steamer – 41% OFF!

This mini steamer is such a game changer for college! This mini steamer also comes with a glove and a nice bag for the glove.

mini steamer

6pcs Storage Bins Set – 45% OFF!

These 6pcs storage bins set are on sale for 45% OFF! They are perfect for organizing storage cubes, and using for maximizing storage space in your dorm’s closet!

Towels Set – 60% OFF!

This is the craziest deal I’ve seen on towels this Amazon Prime Day!

Get yourself an 8-piece towel set, that are made out of 100% pure cotton, and includes 2 oversized bath towels, 2 hand towels, & 4 wash cloths!

Shower Caddy – 33% OFF!

A shower caddy is definitely a must-have college dorm room essential! 

This portable mesh shower caddy features a quick dry material, double handles, and 9 storage pockets!

Rolling Slim Laundry Basket – 28% OFF!

This rolling slim laundry basket is definitely a must-have dorm room essential! 

Since it’s slim, it doesn’t take up much space, and it also has wheels, which makes it easy to carry around when doing your laundry!

Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Organizer – 30% OFF!

A brilliant dorm room storage hack is this mirror jewelry cabinet organizer!

It’s a 2-in-1 product, you also have a full-length mirror, and also a jewelry cabinet for you to organize your jewelry, accessories, and even makeup!

Gold Desk Lamp With 2 USB Charging Ports – 34% OFF!

This gold desk lamp is the perfect desk lamp for your desk! 

And not only because it’s modern and beautiful, but because it has an awesome feature of 2 USB charging ports that you can easily use to charge your phone, smart watch, etc!

Full Length Mirror – 10% OFF!

Another option for a regular mirror, is this beautiful full-length floor mirror, that is on sale for 10% OFF!

2-Tier Shoe Rack – 25% OFF!

Organize your shoes in your dorm room with this 2-tier shoe rack, that is on sale for 25% OFF!

Keurig Mini Coffee Maker – 27% OFF!

If you know my blog, you know I ALWAYS recommend this mini Keurig coffee maker, as it’s one of the best apartment-size coffee makers out there! 

I am super excited to share with you guys that the mini Keurig Coffee Maker is ON SALE for 27% OFF this Amazon Prime Day! 

So don’t miss out and take advantage of this crazy deal!

Mirrored Digital Alarm Clock – 50% OFF!

Are you ready for another crazy deal?!

This mirrored digital alarm clock is on sale for 50% OFF! 

It features a mirror surface, LED time display, humidity temperature detect, dual alarm with snooze mode, brightness adjustable, and more!

Blackout Blush Pink Curtain – 70% OFF!

Helloooo blackout blush pink curtain for 70% OFF deal!

You better hurry up on this one, because it’s selling out FAST (it comes in more colors, but sold out, this blush pink color is the last option they have!)

You can get this blackout blush pink curtain for 70% OFF which is insane! So hurry up!

6-Piece Plastic Storage Container Set Pack – 21% OFF!

These plastic storage containers are PERFECT for organizing under your dorm bed, or storing things in your closet!

This is a 6-piece pack, and is on sale for 21% OFF!

Mini Desk Fan – 10% OFF!

You can never go wrong with adding a desk fan to your dorm room!

This mini desk fan also has a remote, and also features a timer and 3 speed settings!

TOSHIBA Microwave – 17% OFF!

Make some delicious dorm room microwave meals with this TOSHIBA countertop microwave, that is on sale for 17% OFF!

Lap Desk – 29% OFF!

Even though I am currently not in college, I do have a lap desk at home, and as someone who works from home, and loves working from bed, I can tell you – this is a game changer!

As a college student, you can use this lap desk to work from your bed, do homework, be on your computer/iPad, and it even has a cup holder and drawer!

Electric Kettle – 33% OFF!

Get yourself an electric kettle for your dorm for 33% OFF!

You can use it to make food, tea, coffee, etc – in the own comfort of your dorm!

Food Storage Containers – 14% OFF!

Whether you are meal prepping, or just want to store your leftovers, this food storage containers set is the perfect option for you!

It comes with 7 different sized food containers, and is on sale for 14% OFF!

USB Cord Organizer – 13% OFF!

I don’t know about you, but if there’s something that can drive me crazy in my home office desk, is messy cords! 

I LOVE this USB cord organizer, it’s perfect for making all of your cords and cables look more neat, and for you to actually use them neatly.

Desk Organizer – 59% OFF!

This metal desk organizer is on sale for 59% OFF!

It has 6 compartments, a drawer, and a pen & pencil holder built inside!

Echo Buds – 39% OFF!

I use my ear buds alllllll the time! Whether I’m cleaning, working, going on a walk with my dog, working out, doing laundry – I can’t imagine going through a day without listening to music.

Get yourself a nice Ehco Buds pair and use them daily!

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