50 AMAZING Christmas Gifts For Friends They Are Going to LOVE!

50 Christmas Gifts For Friends

This blog post is about 50 Christmas gifts for friends!

It’s time to to show your friends how much you love and appricieate them, by getting them thoughtful Christmas gifts!

I love buying gifts, and I love spoiling my close friends when I can! That’s why, I’ve put together this list of 50 Christmas gifts for friends!

Keep reading for the best 25 Christmas gifts for girl friends and 25 Christmas gifts for guy friends! 

Let’s get started!

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Christmas gifts for friends


Christmas Gifts For Friends

Personalized Tumbler

Let’s get started with this personalized name tumbler from Etsy!

If you are looking for a fun, cute, and practical gift for your bestie, this personalized tumbler is the perfect option!

You can personalize it with her name, as well as customize it by choosing the tumbler’s color, the design, & font color!

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

I’m OBSESSED with the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker, and it’s no secret because I always recommend it on almost every gift guide 😉

If you are looking for a practical and fun gift, and if your friends happens to LOVE iced coffee, definitely consider getting her this Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker from Target!

Personalized Slippers

Next on our list are these beautiful personalized slippers that you can get on my Etsy shop!

I also have a pair myself, and I love them so much! They are so soft and comfy.

Personalized Birth Flower Name Necklace

I love everything floral and especially unique gifts with birth month flowers!

Get your friend this beautiful personalized birth flower necklace, personalized with her name and birth month flower!

You can choose between a gold/rose gold/silver necklace 🙂

Personalized Travel Jewelry Box

Speaking of jewelry, how about this personalized travel jewelry box?

She can use it while traveling, to keep all of her jewelry safe and organized in one place. And she can also use it during her everyday life, when taking off her jewelry every night!

You can personalize this travel jewelry box with her name and choose the jewelry box color, name design and font color! 

Personalized Birth Flower Passport Cover

Moving on to a super new and exciting addition on my Etsy shop – this beautiful personalized birth flower travel set!

If she’s planning on traveling this year, loves traveling, or just happens to travel a lot if she’s in college in a different state, or has a lot of work trips – she will definitely enjoy our birth month flower travel set gift!

You can purchase a passport cover, a luggage tag, or get her the complete set of the matching birth flower name passport cover & luggage tag set!

Personalized Makeup Brush Set

If she’s a makeup lover, or loves using makeup on a daily basis, check out this personalized makeup brush set from my shop!

The gift set comes with the personalized makeup brush case, that she can use for traveling. And also comes with 5 travel-sized makeup brushes!

This makeup brush set comes in a few different colors, and you can customize her name design on the makeup brush case.


LED Makeup Mirror

This LED makeup mirror is THE PERFECT Christmas gift for any makeup lover and user!

It features X2 X3 X10 magnification, there’s a touch control feature, and of course the LED lights.

Personalized Digital Portrait

Cherish a special captured moment by getting a personalized digital portrait of the two of you!

Choose your favorite photo of the two of you, and send it to us to make you a beautiful faceless digital portrait of your favorite photo!

Then, you can print it out and frame it in a beautiful picture frame.

It’s the perfect gift for a long-distance friend, a close friends that is studying far from you, or even for a friend that lives next door 😉

Wireless Earbuds

I LOVE these Heyday Earbuds from Target. I always recommend them, I also have them myself and I’m super happy with them!

I can’t think of someone who won’t make AMAZING use out of these earbuds, since we all use them always and for any occasion, so this is definitely a practical gift to consider.

Personalized Hair Clips

Whether you are looking for a stocking stuffer, a White Elephant gift, or just a little Christmas gift to add to a bigger gift, you should definitely check out our beautiful personalized hair clips!

These hair clips are SO CUTE. You can customize them by choosing the hair clips colors, choose the name design, font color, and personalize the hair clip with your friend’s name.

Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine

Next is this makeup brush cleaner machine. It’s PERFECT for everyday use, and makes your makeup-brush-cleaning-process so much easier and faster!

Roommates Mug

If your friend also happens to be your roommate, or you became friends by being roommates in the past, you should definitely check out this adorable Friends roommates mug from Etsy!

Disco Ball Bottle Opener

I’m obsessed with disco ball-anything! How cute is this disco ball bottle opener??

It’s the perfect addition to any bar cart, or dorm room for college parties 😉

Disco Ball Diffuser

Another perfect Christmas gift for a good friend is this disco ball diffuser!

If she’s in college and can’t light candles, or if she just likes making her apartment/room smell good, you should definitely consider getting her this disco ball diffuser!

It’s the perfect combination of a practical gift and a cool decor piece for your space.

24K Gold Eye Mask

These 24K Gold eye mask patches are the perfect skin care gift for a skin care lover!

They are perfect for taking care of dark circles, puffiness, eye bags, wrinkles, and more! They make a great eye treatment for any skin type!

Personalized Wood Recipe Binder

If your friend is a cooking master, and loves cooking and following recipes, you can get her this beautiful wood recipe binder from Etsy!

You can personalize it with her name, and get her a practical and unique gift that she can use to write down all of her delicious recipes, and have everything written in one place!

Cute Workout Set

I LOVE this cute workout set from Amazon!

It comes in many other colors and designs, it’s comfy, pretty, and the quality is good too!

Custom Initial Necklace

If a name necklace, or a flower necklace isn’t her thing, you can get her this beautiful custom initial necklace from Etsy as well!

You can customize this necklace by choosing the material (18K gold, rose gold, or sterling silver), and also decide on the length of the necklace.

Custom Star Sign Constellation Jewelry Dish

If she’s into astrology, star maps, zodiac signs – etc – you can get her this personalized star sign constellation jewelry dish!

You can customize it with her own star map, and personalize it with her name!

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This little portable Bluetooth speaker is PERFECT for using in the shower (it has a waterproof case), you can also take it to the beach, while going camping, or wherever you are!

Custom Best Friends Mug

You can never go wrong with a thoughtful-heart warming best friends mug!

This custom best friends mug is a fun enamel mug, designed with a best friends drawing, and can be personalized with your names!

Custom City Map Print

If your friend moved to college/got a new job in a different state/studying abroad/got back from studying abroad/just obsessed with a city like Paris or London (I can go on forever with reasons why you can get this haha) –

You should definitely consider getting her this custom city map print of her favorite city!

Personalized Name Wallet

This personalized name wallet is definitely one of the CUTEST Christmas gifts for friends!

You can customize it by choosing the wallet’s color, as well as choose the name design and font color.

The wallet itself is super spacious and has lots of pockets and compartments, and is a super thoughtful and practical gift!

Real Techniques Makeup Brush Set

Last but not least for girlfriends – this Real Techniques makeup brush set!

If she’s a makeup lover, and wants more high quality makeup brushes, you should definitely consider getting her this makeup brush set that comes with two face makeup brushes, two eye makeup brushes, and a beauty blender sponge!

Christmas Gifts For Guy Friends

Personalized Engraved Wallet

I always say that getting a man a personalized engraved wallet is the perfect combination of a thoughtful, unique, and practical Christmas gift!

You can completely personalize this engraved wallet by choosing the color, design, design color, and personalize it with his name/initials!

Personalized Cord Organizer

This personalized cord organizer is definitely one of the best Christmas gifts for him!

If he has a lot of cords, that usually gets messy most of the time, this personalized cord organizer can definitely come in handy.

Nespresso Capsules Pack

If he’s a coffee lover, and also already has a coffee machine, you can get him this Nespresso Capsules pack that comes with three different coffee capsules in Stormio, Odacio, & Melozio!

DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

If he likes cooking, or just loved hot sauces and spicy food – this DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit is the perfect Christmas gift for him!

This Hot Sauce Making Kit includes three hot sauce recipes, different bottles and equipment to make extremely hot sauces!

Custom Hot Sauce

Moving on to one of the coolest custom Christmas gifts for friends I saw online – a custom hot sauce!

This is the perfect gift for hot sauces lovers, since it’s the perfect combination of a thoughtful and practical gift!

Personalized Toiletry Bag

I LOVE this personalized toiletry bag from Etsy! It’s a super practical gift, that if your friends travels a lot (whether it’s work trips or just fun travels), he is definitely going to use a lot!

You can customize it with his name or initials, and get him a practical gift that he can use often.

Massage Gun

You can never go wrong with a good massage gun!

Everyone (I believe) love massages, and everyone wants to get amazing massages from the own comfort of their home!

MackBook Case

If he has a MacBook and takes care of his laptop, you should definitely consider getting him this MacBook Pro 13 Inch case from Amazon!

Personalized Movie/Food Dice

Whether he has a girlfriend/boyfriend, or even if he doesn’t, but when you hang out you have the HARDEST TIME on deciding what to order/what to watch – here’s the perfect solution!

This personalized movie/food dice is going to help you what to order or what to watch, and make your meetups much easier 😉

Gaming Head Set

This gaming head set is PERFECT for any gamer!

It features a 3.5mm audio jack, a flip to mute microphone, the microphone, and they are lightweight.

The gaming head set is also compatible with PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch!

Amazon Echo Dot

I love my Alexa, and the Amazon Echo Dot is always nice to have!

You can use it for literarily anything – from asking Alexa random questions, using it as a speaker to blast music, set alarms, and more!

Portable Camping Fan

If your friend loves camping and going on outdoor adventures, you should definitely check out this portable camping fan from Amazon!

It’s a portable fan that features a USB fan with light & remote. You can charge it from any device with it’s USB cord, and the battery should last for 60 hours of usage.

Personalized Shot Glasses

Upgrade his drinking game by getting him a personalized shot glass with his name/initials on it from Etsy!

40oz Stanley Tumbler

Spoil your friend with a good 40oz Stanley Tumbler!

This 40oz Stanley tumbler is perfect for keeping your drink temperature and taking your beverages on the go! 

It comes in many different colors, and is definitely one of the best high quality tumblers you can find these days.

Dogs Pooping in Beautiful Places 2024 Calendar

The Dogs Pooping in Beautiful Places 2024 Calendar is one of the funniest but also practical Christmas gifts for friends!

Get your friend a funny 2024 calendar for him to plan his months while looking at beautiful pictures of dogs pooping in beautiful places! 😉

Fleece Sweatpants For Men Set

I believe you can never go wrong with a sweatpants for men pack, it’s the perfect practical Christmas gift that you can be sure he’s going to use often!

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the perfect streaming device for any TV! It’s a free & live TV device that doesn’t require cables. The Fire TV stick also features an Alexa voice remote, which is so cool and nice to have!



Apple Air Tag

If he travels a lot, whether it’s fun travels or work trips, the Apple Air Tag is definitely going to be a great practical gift he can use while traveling!

With the Apple Air Tag you can never loose your luggage again 😉 You can keep track of your suitcases during the flight, and if they were forgotten somewhere, you can track them down and know exactly where they are.

Also, he can use it for everyday uses as well. If he tends to lose his wallet for example, or his car keys, he can put the Apple Air Tag in his wallet, or connect it to his keychain, and always keep track of them if he looses them!

Portable Charger Set

good portable charger is always great to have! He can use it while camping, going on outdoor adventures, use it at concerts, while traveling, and anywhere he goes!

Gillette After Shave Gel Pack

This Gillette After Shave Gel Pack is a great practical Christmas gift you can be sure he will use!

It comes with 6 after shave gels, and makes a great practical gift for any man.

Portable Neck Fan

This portable neck fan from Amazon is perfect for on the go, if he likes running outside, he’s definitely going to appreciate this during the hot summer days. 

It’s both a funny, yet super practical Christmas gift he can use no matter where he is!

Custom Embroidered Car Hoodie

If he’s OBSESSED with his car, or if he loves cars in general and has a dream car he’s always talking about, you can get him this custom embroidered car hoodie from Etsy!

You can personalize this hoodie by choosing the hoodie design, hoodie color, and also customize it with his name/text and the car design as well!

Colorful LED String Lights

I grew up with a dad and brother that are obsessed with colorful lights. Both of them, until this day, keep decorating their homes with colorful lights.

This is the exact LED string lights pack my brother uses and he highly recommend its! It features a color changing strip light, it also has a remote to control the lights, as well as an app control too.

Mini Camera Drone

This mini camera drone set is the perfect Christmas gift for photography and videography lover!

The set comes with a 1080P HD camera, a foldable carrying case, 2 batteries, 90° adjustable lens, and more insanely cool features that photography lovers will definitely appreciate!

Golden Grooming Kit

If he has a beard and loves to take care of it, he’s going to make great use out of this Golden Beard Grooming set!

This beard set comes with a beard oil, beard balm, and a beard shampoo. They are all natural and help to promotes beard growth & grooming.

And that’s it!

This blog post was about Christmas gifts for friends!

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