20 Best Funny Christmas Gifts For Brother in 2023

Funny Christmas Gifts For Brother

This blog post is about funny Christmas gifts for brother!

Today, we are going to go through 20 funny and stupid Christmas gifts for brother that is going to make him laugh!

In this list you will find t shirts, mugs, cool toilet jokes, and more!

Let’s begin!

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funny christmas gifts for brother


Burrito Blanket

Starting off this gift guide with the famous burrito blanket! This is a funny and practical Christmas gift to get your brother since it’s funny and super cozy as well!

If you don’t like the burrito, you also have other options – a pizza, waffle, and cookie blanket!

burrito blanket

Bob Ross Decorative Planter Kit

Another super random and funny gift is this Bob Ross decorative planter kit! I think what makes this gift funny is how random it is, especially if he doesn’t know Bob Ross.

bob ross handmade planter

Toilet Mini Golf Game

If he tends to have “long toilet sessions”, make his toilet life interesting, and help him improve his golf skills with this toilet mini golf game from Amazon!


toilet mini golf game

Taco Slippers

First of all, these taco slippers looks soooo comfy! But it’s also a funny Christmas gift for brother because of how random and funny these slippers look!

tacos slippers for men

Dogs Pooping in Beautiful Places Calendar

This Dogs Pooping in Beautiful Places calendar isn’t only a funny Christmas gift, it’s a practical one too!

This calendar includes photos of dogs pooping in beautiful places, and make an awesome practical (yet funny) Christmas gift for your brother!

dogs pooping in beautiful places calendar

Microwave Bacon Cooker

If he’s a bacon lover, a great funny Christmas gift for brother can be this microwave bacon cooker!

Help him peruse his love for bacon, and easily make it in the microwave! 😉

microwave bacon cooker

Bacon Strips Bandages

Another super random but funny Christmas gift idea is this bacon strips bandages pack from Amazon.

This bandages pack can also be thrown in a stocking stuffer! It’s a small little gift, a very random gift, but with that being said it’s still super practical!

bacon strips bandages

The BS Button

If you aren’t familiar with the BS Button, it is basically your opportunity to call BS whenever you see it!

You can get your brother the BS Button, so whenever he sees BS going on, he simply presses the red buzzer, which makes it light up, buzz loudly and announce – That Was BS!


the bullshit button

Toilet Timer

If you live with your brother, or if he lives with a girlfriend or boyfriend, and you know how long his “toilet sessions” are, you can get him this toilet timer from Amazon to make fun of him and his long toilet sessions!


toilet timer

Fart Extinguisher Air Freshener

I am going to be very straight forward haha, if your brother farts a lot, a very funny gift you can get him is this fart extinguisher air freshener from Etsy!

It makes a great funny gift, and can also be very useful when needed!



fart extinguisher

The Super Book of Useless Information

Moving on to another funny gift – The Super Book of Useless Information. This book includes all of the most powerfully unnecessary things you never need to know!

the super book of useless information

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety Book

If your brother has a cat, and especially if he doesn’t, a funny Christmas gift for brother will be the How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety Book!

In this book you will learn exactly how to talk to your cat about gun safety, abstinence, drug, Satanism, and other dangers that can threaten their nine lives!

how to talk to your cat about gun safety

Funny Socks

You can never go wrong with a nice pair of funny socks! These If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Tacos socks are the perfect pair of socks for a tacos loving brother!


if you can read this bring me some tacos

Right OR Racist Game

If your brother tends to be racist, but denies it, consider getting him this funny Right OR Racist game from Amazon!

To play this game, each participant takes 10 cards, and each round someone takes a tum being the “Big-It”, the “Big-It” reads the cart. 

Then, all players choose “Right” (true) or “Racist” (false”. Once all players respond, the “Big-It” flips the card to reveal the answer if correct.

It’s a funny game to play with your family or friends!

right or racist game

Funny Trump Coffee Mug For Brother

You can also never go wrong with funny mugs as funny Christmas gifts for brother!

I like this funny trump quote mug about being a fantastic brother from Amazon!


funny trump mug for brother

Funny Brother Tumbler

If he isn’t into mugs, you can get him this funny brother tumbler from Amazon!

As a joke, I would give him this first, before the other gifts, and make him think that this is actually the only gift you got him!


funny brother tumbler

Custom Face Socks

Moving on with our funny Christmas gifts for brother list – these custom face socks!

You can either put your face on them, his face, or his/your pet’s face on them!

custom face socks


The Original Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

If your brother DOESN’T like watching movies that much, get him this TOP 100 movies scratch off poster from Amazon!

Also, as a follow up, make sure he watches EVERY MOVIE!

the original top 100 moves scratch off map

Crazy Sister T Shirt

Another option for a funny Christmas gift for brother is this You Can’t Scare Me I Have a Crazy Sister T shirt, which makes a perfect Christmas gift for brothers in all ages!

you can't scare me i have a crazy sister t shirt for brother

World’s Okayest Brother T Shirt

Another option for an awesome t shirt for brother, is this World’s Okayest Brother t shirt.

It’s a simple, funny t shirt that he can wear everywhere and anywhere since it’s grey and will match any outfit!


grey world's okayest brother t shirt

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