CUTEST Disney Couples Costumes To EASILY COPY You Can’t Go Wrong With!

This blog post is about Disney couples costumes!

Disney Couples Costumes

Some of the CUTEST Halloween costumes for couples are definitely DISNEY couples costumes!

If you’re a major Disney fan looking for the most wholesome, adorable, and recognizable Disney couples costumes, this post is for you!

I found all the best Disney themed costumes online to give you the best inspo and show you how to easily recreate these outfits.

Let’s get started!

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Cinderella & The Prince

You can never go wrong with a classic! This Cinderella & the prince costume is so easy to recreate.

All you are going to need is a pretty Cinderella dress, a prince costume, and that’s it!

Product Name

disney couples costumes
Source: @Syrenna_Ramahi

Next up is this Aladdin & Jasmine costume. A great costume that you can never go wrong with, and is so cute for couples!

You can get both Aladdin and Jasmine costumes on Amazon, making it a perfect last-minute costume idea as well.

beauty & the beast

disney couples costumes
Source: @clau28

This Beauty & The Beast costume is definitely one of the prettiest Disney couples costumes out there!

Here’s a great excuse to wear a beautiful princess dress, and a great opportunity to dress up your partner as a prince 😉

Tinkerbell & Peter Pan

disney couples costumes
Source: @amandalee.03

This Tinkerbell fairy costume from Amazon is SO cute! There are lots of reviews saying that this costume is as adorable as it looks in the picture, and this Peter Pan costume is so fun too.

If you’re a lifelong Peter Pan fan, this is perfect!

Rapunzel & Flynn

Source: @elegantlyellery

I love this Rapunzel & Flynn costume! It is so cute and extremely easy to recreate.

You can get the Flynn costume on Amazon, and for Rapunzel you’ll need this purple corset, and cute purple skirt

Also, you can either braide your hair or keep it down and add some flowers/cute hair clips.

Troy & Gabriella

disney couples costumes
Source: @Disney

Bringing in some nostalgic Disney channel vibes – how about being Troy & Gabriella for Halloween?!

You can get this Wildcats jersey off Amazon, including these track pants, as well as this similar Gabriella red dress.

I can guarantee you’ll get lots of compliments on this costume!

Woody & Jessie

disney couples costumes
Source: @allie_david

If you’re looking for a good old school Disney costume from Toy Story, you can get these Woody and Jessie costumes on Amazon!

Woody & Buzz Lightyear

Disney couples costumes
Source: @Kendall Kutzavitch

Speaking of Woody & Jessie, another unique option is being Woody & Buzz Lightyear! I love this Buzz Lightyear costume from Amazon, as well as this manly Woody costume.

Also, to spice things up, you can pair the Buzz Lightyear costume with these white fishnet tights.

Lady & The Tramp

disney couples costumes
Source: @mariacami95

What’s more nostalgic than Lady & The Tramp? You tell me! This Disney couples costume is so cute!

I recommend grabbing these ears headbands from Amazon for each costume, and then pairing them with the same colored sweater.

Disney Princes & Princesses

Okay, this Disney princes & princesses couples costumes is THE PERFECT group costume idea for a group of couples!

You can recreate this with multiple other couples in your friend group. All you need is a prince costume and a princess costume for each couple to recreate.

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Tinkerbell & Captain Hook

disney couples costumes
Source: @cassidyhilmar

Another take on a Peter Pan-themed costume is being Tinkerbell and Captain Hook!

You can get both the full Tinkerbell costume and the Captain Hook costume on Amazon.

Peter Pan & Wendy

disney couples costumes
Source: @leahharrferg

Andddd one last take on Peter Pan, how cute it is to be Peter Pan & Wendy?! I feel like almost everyone is dressing up as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, so being Peter Pan and Wendy is definitely a unique twist.

I found this Wendy blue dress on Amazon, that would be perfect for a Wendy, and of course, a Peter Pan costume for your guy to complete the look.


disney couples costumes
Source: @sierrasolomonn

Ratatouille is definitely one of my favorite Disney movies, so I couldn’t not include this costume idea!

This gray mini dress is so cute, and you can always wear it after Halloween. You can pair it with these ears and tail to complete your mouse look. Also, don’t forget the chef coat and chef hat for your man!

Elsa & Olaf

Dressing up as Elsa and Olaf is definitely a unique choice these days if you grew up on the other Disney princesses.

This is such a cute costume you can easily copy with a glittery mini dress and a snowman shirt and Olaf hat!

Lilo & Stitch

Disney couples costumes
Source: @Liza.Scott

With this Stitch onesie, red crop top, and Hawaiian Leis set for Lilo, this Lilo & Stitch costume is so easy to recreate!

Princess Diaries

Hailey and Justin SLAYED this costume! And you won’t believe how easy it is to recreate.

This is such a Y2K costume idea, and will definitely get you LOTS of compliments.

Hannah Montana & Her Security Guard

OMG, just looking at this costume makes me want to dress up as Hannah Montana and her security guars with my boyfriend haha

Hannah Montana always has a piece of my heart, so I couldn’t not include this in this post!

You can grab a Hannah Montana tank top and crop it, as well as get this purple sequin skirt and a security cap to complete the look.

Perry The Platypus & Dr. Doofenshmirtz

disney couples costumes
Source: @torijonesxo

I’m obsessed with these duck slippers for Perry the Platypus, and you can grab this body suit and even repurpose it for different outfits afterward!

All Doofenshmirtz needs is this fedora and lab coat!

Winnie The Pooh

disney couples costumes
Source: @elegantlyellery

This Winnie the Pooh costume is so wholesome. You can grab these Pooh Bear ears, a red crop top, as well as a men’s button-up.

Bonus points if you include your pet like this couple did!

Snow White & Prince Charming

What’s more classy than being Snow White and Prince Charming for Halloween?!

A pretty blue corset and beautiful glittery white gloves, as well as a yellow skirt and red bow for your hair, is all you need for Snow White.

This prince charming costume has got you covered for your man!


disney couples costumes
Source: @yyrochelle

Who doesn’t love the movie Up?! This is such a cute and easily recognizable costume that you can easily recreate with these items from Amazon!

The Incredibles

disney couples costumes
Source: @flynn88888888

If you love the Incredibles, you’ll love this Halloween costume.

You can recreate this with some bright red leggings and tops. Then, you can make your own Incredibles logo and just tape it on top of your shirt.

This is such an easy and affordable costume to recreate!

Hercules & Meg

disney couples costumes
Source: @christianalexgarcia

If you want something simple, recognizable, and fun, these two Hercules & Meg costumes are both available on Amazon so you can grab them and become Hercules & Meg for a day!

Tarzan & Jane

This Tarzan & Jane costume looks like such a fun Halloween costume.

You can get a Tarzan costume on Amazon as well as a Jane dress costume that looks just like the girl in the photo!

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to be Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann?!

The good news is, it’s easy to find a Jack Sparrow costume affordably from Amazon, and you can also grab a medieval dress like this for the Elizabeth Swann costume.

Mulan & Shang

disney couples costumes
Source: @coheteboy

Mulan used to be (well maybe still haha) one of my favorite Disney princesses.

If you want to go all-out with your Disney couples costume, this Mulan & Shang costume is a great option. You can get this Mulan costume on Amazon, and this Shang shirt on Etsy!

Sully & Boo

disney couples costumes
Source: @chris_alvarez

This Sully onesie and pink mini dress makes it so easy to copy this costume. Whether you’re headed out for a Halloween party or some other couples hangout, this is such a fun Disney Halloween costume!

Hannah Montana The Movie

disney couples costumes
Source: @Disney

Last but not least, and definitely a unique one (I don’t think I’ve seen too many couples wearing this on Halloween), is the Miley Cyrus and Travis (the hot cowboy) from the Hannah Montana movie! 😉

This is super simple to recreate. All you are going to need is a flannel shirt, cowboy hat, a pink top, and that’s it!

I hope you found some Disney couples costumes that you LOVE on this list.

Whatever you end up dressing as, just let loose and have fun this Halloween, and enjoy whatever parties and get-togethers you go to!!


This post was all about Disney couples costumes.


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