34 Unique Couples Costumes For Halloween Parties!

This blog post is about unique couples costumes!

unique couples costumes

Couples costumes are SO cute and fun to put together… But especially when they’re extra unique couples costumes!

Whether this is your first Halloween together or you’ve dressed up as a couple many times, you may need some couples Halloween costume ideas to help you get started.

Don’t worry, because in this post, I’m sharing some of the CUTEST Halloween costumes for couples!!

Let’s get started!

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1. Cupid couple costume

unique couples costumes
Source: @gvbarb

Starting it off romantic with a cupid couple costume! It’s the perfect Halloween costume for couples, because it’s so pretty and sexy, and is so easy to recreate! 

I love the matching red top and skirt set because you could also repurpose this for other occasions as well after Halloween is over.

2. Cowboy Barbie & Ken

unique couples costumes
Source: @Warner Bros.

You can never go wrong with a good Barbie & Ken costume! And especially with the cowboy Barbie & Ken iconic looks.

You can get these cowboy Barbie & Ken costumes straight off Amazon, which makes things super easy and quick, even for a last-minute costume idea.

3. Aliens

If you don’t want to be the regular silver alien, how about being a unique green alien for Halloween?! 

These alien costumes from Amazon are actually son fun and cute! They are the perfect combo of funny and sexy.

4. Alien & Astronaut

unique couples costumes
Source: @maddy.mackey

Speaking of aliens, you can dress up as an alien while your partner dresses up as an astronaut! All you really need is this space suit costume, an alien headband, and a cute silver costume outfit to go with it.

5. Tinkerbell & Peter Pan

unique couples costumes
Source: @amandalee.03

Although Tinkerbell & Peter Pan isn’t the most unique costume, it’s definitely a beautiful idea, and a costume that will be easily recognizable!

6. Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake

unique couples costumes
Source: @kattttiekat
unique couples costumes

I LOVE celebrity couples costumes, because they’re so fun to recreate and have people guess who you are. I these outfits are one if the most iconic Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake looks, and are super easy to recreate!

7. Harley Quinn & The Joker

unique couples costumes
Source: @allydraper_

With the new Joker movie coming up (or already released, depending on when you are reading this lol), you can’t not be the ICONIC Harley Quinn & the Joker for Halloween 2024!

You can easily recreate this with this Harley Quinn costume & iconic wig from Amazon, plus a purple button-up and some temporary hair dye for the joker.

8. NHL Player & Trophy

unique couples costumes
Source: @maddieguzzy

This is definitely one of the most unique couples costumes I’ve seen!

One lucky partner gets to dress up as the trophy while the other is the NHL player – and all you need is a jersey and a pretty silver glittery dress 😉 This is so cute!

9. Dentist & Tooth Fairy

unique couples costumes
Source: @taylorlathan

This is another one of the most unique couples costumes I found! This fairy costume is adorable, and I think you’ll be able to convince your man to wear scrubs for this dentist costume!!

10. Ratatouille

unique couples costumes
Source: @sierrasolomonn

Ratatouille is definitely one of my favorite movies EVER. This Rataouille costume is so cute, and you can be sure everyone will know exactly what you dressed up as!

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11. Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf

unique couples costumes
Source: @bellaspirelliii

Little Red Riding Hood is such a classic Halloween costume idea. But if you want to add a unique touch to it, switching roles can definitely be a unique idea like in the photo above!

I also love the idea of making it a little gory with this fake blood. It really upgrades the Halloween vibes!

12. Garden & Gardener

unique couples costumes
Source: @EmNaomiSk

Being a garden & gardener for Halloween as a couple is such a sweet and unique idea! It is more of a DIY costume (at least the garden is), but it is so worth it, and it’s pretty easy to make!

All you need is a white tutu skirt and beautiful artificial flowers to stick (or sew) on it.

P.S – I also recommend getting a pack of different artificial flowers, so you’ll have a variety on you, and it will look more like a “garden”.

13. Butterfly & Catcher

unique couples costumes
Source: @unityy_

This butterfly costume is a cute and wholesome one! I love these monarch wings, which you can pair with any black crop top and an orange pencil skirt like this orange mini skirt from Amazon, to fit the butterfly colors.

14. Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy

unique couples costumes
Source: @avp_girl

What’s more iconic than a Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy costume?! I’m a HUGE Spongebob fan, I grew up on Spongebob, and this costume is SO ICONIC.

Also, here’s another option for the costume:

unique couples costumes
Source: @carol_pinsonn

15. Harry Potter & The Golden Snitch

unique couples costumes
Source: @pinterest

This couples Halloween costume idea is perfect for any Potterhead! Plus, if you get to buy a sexy gold dress in the making of this costume, then what’s not to love?!

16. Avatar

unique couples costumes
Source: @el_vi_art

This avatar costume is definitely one of the most unique couples costumes in this post and in general.

It’s a fairly easy costume to make, in the sense that all you really need is some blue body paint and blue face paint.

As for the avatar girl, you can wear a brown mini skirt and top set, and as for the guy you can even just wear a pair of brown shorts.

17. Loofah & Soap

unique couples costumes
Source: @emily_lennon_

Okay, is this not one of the most creative Halloween costumes for couples you’ve seen?! I’m obsessed!

You can buy this loofah & soap couples costume straight from Amazon, and pair it with some white balloons to mimic the look of bubbles on the soap.

18. Rick & Morty

This Rick & Morty costume is definitely a classic. It is unique because I didn’t see too many couples dressed up as Rick & Morty online, so this is definitely a unique idea!

I found the perfect yellow t-shirt for Morty, the famous portal gun on Amazon, a gray wig for a feminine Rick, and a white blazer to complete the look.

19. Robber & Money Bag

unique couples costumes
Source: @afualaau

Instead of buying a costume with your money, why not make a costume out of your money?!

All you need is this burglar costume from Amazon, and then you can recreate the money bag costume with some bills and some kind of skirt or wrap with a dollar sign painted on!

This is one of the most unique couples costumes on this list.

20. Chef & Lobster

unique couples costumes
Source: @bribernstein_

This is a funny take on a chef costume! This costume idea is especially great if you live on the East Coast or anywhere near the ocean!

21. Shrek & Fiona

unique couples costumes
Source: @heatherschacht

i literally grew up on all of the Shrek movies, it’s such a huge part of my childhood that I couldn’t not include this unique costume idea!

The good news about a Shrek & Fiona costume is that it’s pretty easy to find the items you need to recreate this costume from Amazon.

I found the perfect Fiona dress, a super similar Shrek medieval vest, and a white shirt to complete the look.

22. Adam & Eve

unique couples costumes
Source: @taylor.faith.tf

If you are looking for a unique and sexy costume, you can’t go wrong with a good Adam & Eve costume!

With some white fabric and faux greenery, it’s actually quite simple to recreate a great Adam & Eve look with tons of symbolism incorporated!

23. KFC & Chicken

unique couples costumes
Source: @kyndallwearswhat

If you are actually looking for a unique costume, this KFC & Chicken costume is so funny!!! Get some feathers and a nice apron, and you are ready to create an iconic Halloween costume!

24. The Wolf Of Wall Street

unique couples costumes
Source: @kennedyleonn

There’s nothing better than a movie-themed Halloween costume, and this Wolf of Wall Street Costume is a great option for anyone who loves films.

These are super simple outfits to recreate, but anyone who has seen the movie will know who you are on the spot!

25. The Notebook

unique couples costumes

Speaking of movie-themed costumes, why not recreate a costume from an iconic romance movie?! That’s perfect for couples looking for cute and elegant outfits for Halloween parties!

Plus, who wouldn’t love having these items in their wardrobe?! These are perfect to continue using after Halloween for everyday outfits.

26. Filter/No Filter

unique couples costumes
Source: @ everyday_heidi

This costume idea is such a smart play on a common theme and discussion in modern culture.

All you need for this costume are basic matching outfits, and then you can make tweaks to your look with makeup for the person who is dressing up as the “filter.”

27. The Simpsons

If you’re looking for iconic characters to dress up as for Halloween, look no further than the Simpsons!!

Any excuse to wear a fun wig like this, right?! And it would be so fun to try this yellow liquid makeup to turn yourselves into the characters.

28. princess diaries

Anyone who grew up with these movies would jump at the chance to wear these costumes!

The best part is, you can get basically everything you need for this costume from Amazon, including the cute dress, sunglasses, a beautiful tiara, and the men’s outfit.

29. Golfer & Golf Course

unique couples costumes
Source: @anikawozny

This is another super creative and fun costume idea! If your partner already golfs, then it’s the perfect low-effort, last-minute costume idea.

This green bodycon skirt and this custom crop top are perfect for the “golf course” part of the outfit. 

30. bratz dolls

unique couples costumes
Source: @allydraper_

What girl wouldn’t want to dress up like a Bratz doll?! Such a great opportunity to put on a diva outfit and turn some heads at your Halloween party 😉 and the men’s part of this costume is so easy to recreate!

31. How I met your mother Pumpkin girl costume

unique couples costumes

Everyone who has watched How I Met Your Mother knows how iconic the Halloween episodes are.

So, if you and your partner are a fan, you HAVE to recreate the iconic pumpkin girl and Ted costume!

You can either get a pumpkin costume, or DIY the pumpkin face with this oversized t shirt.

32. Katara & Zuko

If you saw the new Avatar series on Netflix this year, you’ll might want to be Katara & Zuko for Halloween!

Not only because they are iconic characters, but also because this is a great low-effort costume.

You can get both of the costumes from Amazon, without having to piece together multiple items!!

Plus it’s so cute, and perfect for any couple struggling to figure out what to wear to a Halloween party (so it can also work as a great last minute costume!)

33. Bonnie & Clyde

unique couples costumes
Source: @dzzmia

This Bonnie & Clyde costume is ICONIC!

Both of the hats are to die for, and You can get these hats on Amazon to easily recreate this look!

34. Fast & Furious Suki & Brian

unique couples costumes
Source: @katleentruong

If you’re into DIY projects, this will be a fun one. I linked the perfect pair of pants from Amazon that you can use for your DIY. Plus, here’s a DIY tutorial on how to transform these pants into the ICONIC Suki pink pants!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found the perfect Halloween costume 🙂 

This blog post was about unique couples costumes!


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