20 Unique First Apartment House Warming Gifts, New Home Owners Would LOVE!

24 First Apartment Housewarming Gifts

If you are looking for first apartment housewarming gifts and first home housewarming gifts, keep reading!

In this blog post, I am sharing with you 24 unique and thoughtful first apartment housewarming gifts every new first homeowner would love to receive!

So if you don’t know what to get someone moving into their first apartment, keep reading to find out all the answers!

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first apartment housewarming gifts

Pots & Pans Set

I think getting a new first apartment homeowner practical first apartment essentials and home essentials is always a great idea they will definitely use.

I love this yellow pots & pans set from Amazon! This set also comes in other colors as well.

first apartment housewarming gifts

Cordless Vacuum

This cordless vacuum is a great practical gift you can be sure they will love to receive and will always use.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly cordless vacuum rather than the Dyson vacuum, this is a great option.

first home housewarming gifts

Amazon Echo

I love the Amazon Echo! It’s a great speaker, it also has some smart home features, and it’s a great first apartment housewarming gift to consider.

first home housewarming gifts

Wine Glasses Set

Another great first home housewarming gift is a set of wine glasses. To complete the gift set, you can add a wine bottle with it.


first apartment housewarming gifts

Kitchen Utensil Set

A kitchen utensil set is a must-have first apartment essential! I love this pastel-colored kitchen utensil set from Amazon.

I like this set because it’s super cute, trendy, and obviously has all of the kitchen utensils you’ll need.


first home housewarming gifts

Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t love coffee? A coffee maker machine is a great housewarming gift idea that is also very practical and useful.

I like this Keurig K coffee maker because it doesn’t take much space, which is perfect for an apartment. Also, I love the beautiful color as well! (it comes in a few other colors as well).

first apartment housewarming gifts

Stackable Wine Rack

If they are wine lovers, they would definitely enjoy this stackable wine rack from Amazon!

First of all, this wine rack has a pretty gold color and can fit on your counter, on a shelf, and you can even stack a few racks on the floor. 

This wine rack holds up to 12 wine bottles, which is a lot!

first apartment housewarming gifts

Nutri Bullet Blender

I think the Nutri Bullet Blender is a dupe for the famous Ninja blender. 

I highly recommend this blender for making juices, smoothies, and also for cooking as well.

Since it’s a small blender, it’s perfect for a small apartment kitchen since it won’t take much space on the counter.

first home housewarming gifts

Bar Cart

If they are alcohol lovers, they will definitely enjoy this pretty bar cart from Amazon!

This bar cart is beautifully designed and has a place for wine bottles, a wine glass rack, and two shelves for more drinks and decorations.

It’s also a very pretty cart, which can be perfect as a home decoration piece of its own.

first apartment housewarming gifts

Kitchen Knife Block Set

Another super practical first apartment housewarming gift is this 18-piece kitchen knife block set.

There isn’t much to say about knives, but this is a great kitchen knife block set for a first apartment.

first home housewarming gifts

Personalized First Apartment Christmas Ornament

If they are Christians, a unique and cute gift idea can be this personalized first apartment Christmas ornament gift from Etsy.

This is a thoughtful gift, that they will keep forever and can hang up on their Christmas tree every year!

first home housewarming gift

Personalized Dogs Doormat

If they have a dog, this funny personalized dogs doormat is a cute first apartment house warming gift idea!

I actually already ordered one for myself, because this is such a cute and funny gift idea for a dog owner!

first apartment housewarming gifts


First Apartment Mugs

If you are looking for first apartment housewarming gifts for a couple that just moved in together, this personalized first apartment mug set is a unique idea they can keep (and use).

first apartment housewarming gifts


Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set

Another super cute first home housewarming gift is this beautiful bamboo kitchen utensil set!

This specific design is a Disney kitchen utensil set which is so cute and you can get it for a very affordable price!

There are many other designs, such as a Harry Potter design, a Brittney Spears design, a Marylin Monroe design, and so much more!

first home housewarming gifts

Cute Dish Towels

I love having cute/funny dish towels in my kitchen. I found these funny retro kitchen towels on Etsy for a great price!

This can be a cute little first apartment housewarming gift to give to a new homeowner.

first apartment housewarming gifts

Decorative Candles

Candles can be a very pretty home decor idea! There are many beautifully designed candles that don’t only smell amazing, they are also a decor piece of themselves!

I found these cute and trendy candles from Etsy, that can be a great affordable housewarming gift idea for a homeowner.

first home housewarming gifts

Beautiful Coasters Set

Continuing with practical first apartment housewarming gifts for new homeowners, this macrame coaster set from Etsy is a beautiful gift idea!

Coasters are a practical gift on their own, but if you can get a beautiful coaster set as this macrame coaster set, that’s even better!

first apartment housewarming gifts

Oil Essentials Diffuser

Who doesn’t like when their home smells amazing? That’s exactly what this oil diffuser is for!

This ceramic oil diffuser from Target isn’t only pretty affordable, it also has a color-changing feature, it runs for 9 hours, has an automatic shut-off feature, and makes a great first apartment housewarming gift!

first apartment housewarming gifts

Trivet Mat Set

We all probably know that a trivet mat set is definitely a kitchen essential must-have. 

I found this cute trivet mat set from Amazon! It’s a set of 3 trivet mats and comes in many colors!

first home housewarming gifts

Salt & Pepper Set

I love having unique salt & peppers sets! 

In fact, I actually have a collection of salt & peppers from all of the countries I’ve been to, but I am actually considering adding this salt & pepper set to my collection as well!

If they like unique kitchen essentials and accessories, this vintage gas pump salt & pepper set will be a great piece for their kitchen!

first apartment housewarming gifts

Personalized Key Holder

A keyholder is always a must-have essential for any home. And a personalized key holder is a great first home housewarming gift!

If they have a dog, this personalized key holder from Etsy will be a great gift for them to use.

first home housewarming gifts

Funny Dog Bowls

If they have a dog, why not get a cute housewarming gift for him?

I love this cute and funny dog bowl set from Etsy! These bowls can match any kitchen, and they are definitely cuter than a regular boring dog bowl!

Cheese Board With Tool Set

If they are social people, and often invite people over, having a cheese board set can be very useful for them.

This Snow White wooden cheese board comes with a cheese cutting toolset as well, which will make it easier and nicer to serve for guests!


first apartment housewarming gifts

Funny Wood Cutting Board

Last for today is this funny wood cutting board! 

This is a great first apartment housewarming gift because they can either use it or keep it for decoration on the kitchen counter.

This wood cutting board says “This is where I murder vegetables”, and you can get it on Etsy for a great price!

first apartment housewarming gifts

And that’s it for today! These were the best first apartment housewarming gifts and first home housewarming gifts to give to new home owners!

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