12 Awesome Places to Shop For Your First Apartment!

Where to Shop For First Apartment

When moving for the first time, a lot of people ask themselves – where to shop for first apartment? Where do I go? What do I need?

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Now, back to today’s topic – where do you find nice things for your first apartment?! Well, keep reading to find out!

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where to shop for first apartment


Where to Buy First Apartment Furniture?

Our first section is furniture! There are many stores you can check out that offer many beautiful and also affordable furniture.

Here are my favorites:


I don’t think there’s someone that isn’t familiar with IKEA, they are almost everywhere in the world, and they offer very nice and affordable furniture pieces and home decor/accessories as well.

As mentioned, what I especially like about IKEA is their affordable prices, which is perfect for a young human being starting his/her life and is working with a low (or tight) budget.


If you didn’t hear about Wayfair, I highly recommend checking them out! On Wayfair, you can find some beautiful furniture, home decor pieces, and home essentials.

This store isn’t the cheapest at all, but they offer some beautiful furniture and stuff!

West elm

Another place to buy first apartment furniture is West elm! This store isn’t cheap as well, but once again, if you are looking for unique pieces, you should definitely check it out.

On West elm, you can find furniture, home decor pieces, home organization & storage stuff, outdoor pieces, rugs, curtains – everything you can think of for your place!


If you are looking to make some smart purchases, Apt2b is your safe place! This brand is very expensive, but if you are looking for furniture that will last you forever, I recommend checking them out! 

They offer beautiful furniture pieces that are of great quality and are definitely unique finds.

Where to Buy Home Decor Pieces?

Urban Outfitters

Another place to shop for first apartment stuff is Urban Outfitters! Definitely, one of my favorite stores to buy home decor stuff from!

I love their unique style. It’s trendy, special, and the prices aren’t too bad either! Also, they sell some beautiful furniture pieces as well.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Next on our list is Bed Bath & Beyond! It’s honestly one of the best places to shop for home decor pieces, home essentials, and they even sell some insanely beautiful furniture pieces as well!


Even though Anthropologie is definitely not on the affordable side, they are a great option to look at if you are looking for pieces that you are planning on investing in for the long term, that will stay for you (almost) forever!

They have some beautiful home decorations, bedding sets, and even extremely unique furniture as well.


Ah! Target! My ultimate lover. I love Target in general, but I especially love their home decor section!

They have some insanely cute home decorations, home essentials, and furniture as well. And they are one of the best affordable places to shop for cute stuff at!

Where to Buy First Apartment Essentials?


If you know my blog for a while now and follow my blog posts, you probably know how much I love Amazon!

First of all, you can find literally ANYTHING on Amazon! I don’t think I even need to explain it. But it’s actually insane. 

And since you can find anything on Amazon, you can also find nice furniture, home decor pieces, and also home essentials for a great price!


In Kohl’s, you can find everything for your first apartment! From everything for the bedroom and bathroom, nice furniture pieces, kitchen essentials, and basically everything you’ll need for your new home!

The Container Store

The Container Store is a home organization heaven! If you are looking to organize your home, you can find everything you’ll ever need in this store!


Last but not least is Walmart. It’s a great store to shop for home essentials, and even home decorations and furniture as well!
Prices are great, and you can find some very cute things there!

And that’s it for today! If you were asking yourself where to shop for first apartment? I hope you got your answer after reading this blog post!

Which store here is your favorite? Share with us your answer in the comments below!

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