The Best Halloween Decorations Ideas For Apartments

This post is all about Halloween decorations ideas.


Of all the Halloween decorations ideas for your apartment can be the hardest to find because you may not have lots of space for decor but still want to make your home feel spooky for the season.

Whether you’re looking for spooky Halloween decorations or cute Halloween decor, in this post I’m sharing all the BEST Halloween decorations for apartments!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year and I LOVE decorating for the season. While I don’t want to scare my friends away, I take pride in having some spooky decor to mark the season.

If you’re the same way, then buckle up because you’re about to see some of the CUTEST and SPOOKIEST Halloween decorations ideas for apartments! 

Let’s get started 🙂

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Whether you’re hoping to decorate your front door, coffee table, kitchen, or bedroom, I’ve got you covered in this post!

Halloween Doormat

One of my favorite ways to decorate for any “bigger” holiday, is by switching out my doormat!

These Halloween doormats from Etsy are adorable!

I love the idea of layering this ghost doormat on top of another larger doormat, but it’s also just as cute on its own.

Or, you can choose this funny Halloween doormat, that says “there’s some horrors in this house,” which comes in a bunch of different sizes so you can find one that suits your entryway.

Pet Ghosts Pillows

These Halloween throw pillows from Pottery Barn go viral every single year, and if you aren’t on a budget, I would totally get these. They are SO PRETTY.

So, whether you are a dog or cat person, both these spooky pillows will definitely upgrade your couch 🙂

Ghost Throw Pillow

I am literally adding this ghost throw pillow to my cart right now because HOW CUTE?!

I know HomeGoods sold a dupe of this pillow last year. I have no idea what’s going on this year, but if you are on a budget, you should definitely keep that in mind.

Switch To Halloween Kitchen Towels

Adding seasonal kitchen towels to your home is one of the easiest ways to decorate your apartment without taking up precious space.

These kitchen towel sets are seriously so cute, and each of them has options for different seasons and aesthetics if you want to stock up while you’re at it.

Hang Up a Halloween Wreath

I love having up a festive wreath on my front door for every holiday, and I’ve been doing this whenever possible since I moved into my first apartment. 

With this “boo y’all” ghost wreath from Etsy, you can choose what base color you want and customize the bows a little!

Or, there’s this spooky light up Halloween wreath from Amazon that is minimalist and spooky.

Decorate With A Skull Neon Sign

This skull neon sign would bring such a great Halloween vibe to any apartment decor.

Whether you add this to your bedroom or a common area, this neon skeleton sign will add some great ambience to your space.

It comes in a couple different variations if the skeleton isn’t your vibe. You can get a skull version or a pumpkin!

Halloween Door Corner Decor

They say it’s the little things in life, and that completely goes with decorating your door corners for Halloween.

This spooky pumpkin door corner decor is so unique, and you can also decide between a left door corner decoration or a right side.

Hang Up a Halloween Garland

You can’t go wrong with a good spooky garland.

Whether you’ll hang it up on your mantle, bar cart, or drape it on a table somewhere in your apartment, this bat garland will make the cutest addition to your decor.

Wall Bat Decals

These wall bat decals are some of my favorite Halloween decorations ideas. Some people at my college had these and they look surprisingly realistic when they’re up on the walls!

You can either hang them up on your wall like in the photo above, or you can stick them on fake spider web and decorate different furniture pieces or areas.

Display a Spooky Vase With Black Roses

Who says Halloween decor can’t be a little elegant? This spooky black human heart vase would go perfectly with some black roses as a centerpiece for your dining table.

Harry Potter Floating Candles

Calling all Harry Potter fans!! This Harry Potter floating candles decor is the perfect Halloween decor ideas if you are a true Harry Potter fan.

There are different options for how many to order as well. These floating candles would look so cool floating in your apartment.

Black Flameless Candles

These black candles are remote controlled and would add the perfect dark ambience to your dining table or entryway.

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Halloween Coasters

These two sets of Halloween coasters are each so different but so cool!

If you want something neutral, then go for this black spider web coasters pack.

But if you would prefer something more unique that stands out, these rhinestone horror Halloween coasters definitely make a statement with how spooky they are.

Halloween Glassware

If you’ll be hosting a Halloween party or having people over throughout the season, then these Halloween glass sets are a MUST.

I can’t decide whether I like the black or clear ghost cups better, but that’s a good enough excuse to order both sets, right?!

Skeleton Wine Glasses

I had to add these skeleton wine glasses to the list because these are SO COOL! 

Whether you order just a couple of these for yourself, or a whole bunch for a party, these will definitely bring you some joy and excitement throughout the spooky season. 

Also, I remember I saw dupes of them at HomeGoods as well, so you could look out for those too if you are looking for something affordable.


Switch Out To Spooky Silverware

Think outside the box when you’re looking for Halloween decorations ideas because sometimes, it’s the smallest changes that make the hugest difference 😉

If you really want your Halloween decorations to take over the vibe of your whole apartment, then getting purple silverware like this silverware set is a great way to add a darker aesthetic to your place, and it can also be perfect if you are hosting a Halloween dinner party.

Decorate With Ghosts Candles

These ghost candles are SO cute! You can choose exactly which type of ghost you want and you can order up to 30 of each ghost at a time, which is great if you want to buy a whole set.

Plus, if you want to add a fall scent to them, you can order them in a pumpkin spice scent!

I can’t think of a better way to bring the Halloween vibes to your apartment 😉

Bathing Skeleton Candle

This bathing skeleton candle is so fun and on-theme. There are a variety of scents to choose from.

This would look so good on your kitchen island or your coffee table!

Spiderweb Bath Mat

There’s always opportunity to add some Halloween decor into your bathroom, and a spiderweb bath mat is a great way to do that. You can get this spiderweb bath mat with a white base, a black base, or as a full circle mat.

Halloween Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are some of the easiest ways to add some cozy seasonal decor to your space.

Whether you choose this throw blanket from Target or this pink ghost blanket from Amazon, there are so many great options to incorporate some more coziness into your decor.

Skeleton Wall Art

Etsy is my favorite place to buy wall art and I found a couple really great options, including this wall art set of 13 printable wall art designs or this skeleton wall art.

Halloween Countdown

I feel like Christmas countdowns are so common, but what about Halloween?!

For anyone who really looks forward to Halloween, this countdown decor is a MUST!

Skull Makeup Brush Holder

This skull makeup brush holder is the perfect way to decorate your vanity for spooky season!

It also comes in white, in a transparent color, in pink, and a light blue color as well.

Spooky Knife Holder

These knife holders are so unique. Whether you prefer the coffin or the skull version, these knife holders are a sure way to give your guests a little bit of a scare when they see your kitchen!

Bat Paper Towel Holder

Another fun way to spooky up your kitchen, is to switch out your paper roll holder with a spooky bat paper holder from Amazon.

The bat on top and the coffin shape on the bottom of this paper towel holder add the perfect Halloween touch to your bathroom.

Switch To Spooky Soap Dispenser

Getting a different soap dispenser for the season is a great way to make your decor feel super intentional and well thought-out.

I really like this haunted house soap dispenser, but you can also buy this in a skull or jack-o-lantern version!

Hang Up a Skeleton Planters

If you’re a proud plant mom, these skeleton planters are the perfect way to make your place a little spooky while taking care of your plants!

These skeleton planters aren’t only insanely cool because of their design, what’s also cool about them is that they are 3D printed!

They come in so many different colors and sizes, so you’ll definitely be able to find something to suit your needs.

I hope you found some great Halloween decorations ideas that will make your apartment look and feel perfectly spooky, expensive, and cozy at the same time. Happy Halloween!!


This post was all about Halloween decorations ideas.


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