CUTE Boho Halloween Decor Ideas To COPY THIS YEAR!

boho halloween decor


This blog post is about boho Halloween decor ideas! 

If you are a Halloween neutral decor lover, and also happen to be a boho Halloween decor lover, you are going to love these beautiful boho Halloween decor ideas!

I found some of the most unique decor ideas for the perfect boho Halloween designs! I’m SO EXCITED to show you all of these cute ideas!

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boho Halloween decor ideas


Pink Boho Halloween Fireplace Area

pink boho halloween decor
Source: @pinterest

I love this colorful boho Halloween fireplace! It’s so cute, and is perfect for a pink Halloween space.

I love the bats garlandthe Hey Boo signthe pink pumpkins I love it all!

Halloween Entryway

Boho halloween decor
Source: @Pinterest

Check out this *EXTREMELY* beautiful Halloween decorated entryway! 

It’s unique, spooky, boho-inspired overall, and you won’t how easy it is to recreate this!

Spooky Bats Staircase

Bat decals decor for halloween
Source: @lovelyluckylife

If you live in a a house, and have a staircase to decorate, don’t miss out on this beautiful Halloween bats inspired staircase you can easily recreate within minutes! 

All you are going to need is black bat decals and Halloween spider web!

Boho Halloween Table Decor

Minimalist Boho Halloween Decor
Source: @meaganivory

If you want to decorate your dining table for Halloween, here’s a beautiful boho Halloween centerpiece you can easily create!

All you are going to need is a round rattan woven basketneutral skull decorations, and if you want to add a functional and decorative piece – these skeleton hands salad tongs are so cute!

Neutral Spooky Fireplace

boho halloween decor
Source: @treehousethreadsblog

How pretty is this neutral spooky fireplace??

This is more of a DIY project, because I didn’t find almost anything from the items in this photo. So here’s what you’ll need:

Spooky Skeleton Corner Decor

Boho Halloween Decor
Source: @Katabril

If you have an empty corner in your place that you want to spice up for Halloween, definitely consider re-creating this cute skeleton Halloween decor corner!

Neutral Halloween Tombstones

neutral tombstones halloween decor
Source: @unknown

Next is this super cute neutral graveyard tombstones setup!

You will need some Halloween tombstones, and spray paint, to make them match the aesthetic.

Pink Boho Halloween Entryway

pink boho halloween decor
Source: @hellosweethome

Moving on to this beautiful entryway Halloween decor idea, the ultimate Halloween-fall decor entryway! 

I didn’t find white Jack-O-Lanterns, but I did find these very similar black Jack-O-Lanterns from Pottery Barn!

Hey Boo Banner For Fireplace

halloween fireplace decor
Source: @emma__rowe & @kryslinkane

This Hey Boo fireplace decor is so cute! You can find this exact Hey Boo banner on Etsy, and DIY this super cute colorful ghosts garland!

Halloween Coffee Table Decor

orange halloween decor
Source: @PGHENZE

Last but not least for this blog post, is this cute Halloween coffee table setup!

How cute is the yoga skeleton??


Woven Rattan Pumpkins

Moving on to boho Halloween decor pieces, these beautiful woven rattan pumpkins!

I know this is more of a fall decor piece than a Halloween decor piece, but if you will combine it with the right Halloween decorations, this is the perfect boho Halloween piece!

Cozy Pumpkin Pillows

Not going to lie, I’m obsessed with pumpkin shaped pillows, and they are super trendy this season!

Pottery Barn has some of the prettiest fall pillows and Halloween pillows as well (if you’ve read my Halloween neutral decor blog post, you’ve already seen it ;))

Unique Bats Halloween Wreath

I love decorating for holidays with wreaths, and I love this beautiful bats Halloween wreath! It’s so pretty and unique!

Stay Spooky Doormat

It can’t be a Halloween decorations blog post without a cute spooky doormat!


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