YOU Are Going to LOVE These Neutral Halloween Decor Ideas!

Neutral Halloween Decor Ideas!

This blog post is about the CUTEST neutral Halloween decor!

If you are looking for cute and trendy neutral Halloween decorations, check out this blog post for the best neutral Halloween decor finds online!

Inside, you are going to find everything from cute Halloween jars, neutral pumpkins, cool candy bowls, Halloween pillows, and so much more!

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neutral halloween decor


Ghost Cheese Board

I’m OBSESSED with this ghost cheese board, and I can tell you that it’s already in my cart!

I found this super cute marble ghost cheese board on Marshallas, and it’s so cute and not expensive at all!

marble ghost cheese board

Halloween Kitchen Towels

If you know me, and read my other holiday related blog posts, you know how much I’m obsessed with decorating for holidays by switching my kitchen towels!

I love this black ghosts kitchen towels, and this bats kitchen towels set is so cute as well!

LED Rose Gold Pumpkin

I wasn’t sure if rose gold counts as neutral Halloween decor or not, but I decided to throw in this blog post this super pretty LED rose gold pumpkin decor piece!

You can decorate with it your living room, or put it on your dining table, or even on your coffee table!

rose gold LED pumpkin

Hocus Pocus Doormat

This super cute Hocus Pocus doormat is also available on Marshalls! It’s so cute, neutral, and perfect for a minimalist home.

With that being said, make sure to check out my 20 CUTEST Halloween doormats blog post for more Halloween doormat options!

Skeleton Head Decor

Moving on in our neutral Halloween decor ideas list, these skeleton head decor pieces!

First of all, this LED skeleton head decor is so cool! It’s neutral during the day, and at night you can spice things up and turn it on!

Second, this pearls skeleton head decor, the perfect unique skeleton head decor piece to decorate your place with!


Beaded Pumpkin Decor

This beautiful beaded pumpkin is the ultimate neutral Halloween decor piece!

It’s the perfect fall decoration to combine with your Halloween decorations, and to use throughout the whole fall season!

beaded pumpkin decor

Skeleton Hands Candy Bowl

Another Halloween decoration I’m obsessed with is this beautiful skeleton hands candy bowl!

It’s the perfect neutral candy bowl to serve candy with, and it’s so pretty in general!

skeleton hands candy bowl

Halloween Jars

Another “secret” about me, I’m also obsessed with jars, and especially with Halloween jars! 

I have a few cute Halloween jars I bought last year, and I love them so much!

I’ve already added this Pumpkin Spice Things Up jar and this Witch Please jar to my cart! They are so cute!

Marble Skeleton Hands Tray

I love this marble skeleton hands tray from Marshalls! It’s so cute, perfect for when having guests over, and it’s also pretty affordable as well!

marble skeleton hands tray

Pumpkin Shaped Pillow

This pumpkin shaped pillow is my dream pumpkin pillow, I swear! It’s so pretty, fluffy, and I just love it and need it in my house ASAP.

pumpkin shaped pillow

Pumpkin Neon Sign

I’m a pretty big fan of neon signs, so I had to add this super cute Halloween pumpkin neon sign from Amazon to this list!

pumpkin neon sign

Cool Halloween Pillows

These Halloween pillows are some of the coolest Halloween pillows I’ve seen!

This skeleton shaped pillow is definitely one of the coolest pillows to throw on your couch, and this black bat pillow is also a great option to combine on the couch or throw on your bed!


Hey BOO-TIFUL Hand Towels

This BOO-TIFUL two hand towels set is definitely one of the cutest hand towels sets to switch your bathroom’s hand towels to!

BOO hand towels

Trick For Treats Jar

This is for the doggossss! Don’t forget to spoil your dog, or just add some Halloween spirits to their treats.

This Trick For Treats jar is the perfect jar to store your dog’s treats in!

trick for treats jar

LED Skeleton Hands Globe

Another Halloween decor piece to decorate your place with is this LED skeleton hands globe!

It’s the perfect decor piece for your coffee table, a shelf, on your nightstand, or anywhere you want to add Halloween vibes to!

LED skeleton hands globe

Pumpkin Candle

I’m obsessed with pumpkin everything, that’s the truth. But if there’s something I’m even more obsessed with, is pumpkin scented candles, and especially pumpkin shaped and scented candles!

This beautiful large pumpkin candle is the perfect pumpkin spice candle for your home!

pumpkin candle

Halloween Pillow Covers

If you don’t feel like buying new Halloween pillows, you can get a cute set of Halloween pillow covers and switch out your pillows on your couch or bed!

halloween pillow covers

Neutral Mini Pumpkins

I LOVE decorating with mini pumpkins, it’s the perfect fall decor to combine your Halloween decor with, and to have through the whole fall season!

You can put these mini pumpkins in a large glass vase, decorate some shelves, a bookcase, your coffee table – the options are endless!

30ft Hanging Skeleton

Even though your are looking for neutral Halloween decor, this 30ft hanging skeleton is still a great option to surely add Hallloween vibes to your place, and still keep your place neutral!

30ft skeleton

Knitted Halloween Pillows

This is the last Halloween pillows option for this blog post, I swear! haha

I don’t know what to say, I just love decorating with festive pillows!

I love this cute ghosts knitted pillows, and you can also add this skulls pillow with it as well.


Skull Stacks Decor

Moving on to these skull stacks decor pieces, they are perfect for adding neutral Halloween vibes to your place, and decorating for Halloween while keeping it simple!


Skeletons Candles Holder

This super cool skeletons candles holder from TJmaxx is so unique!

This is definitely one of the coolest Halloween decorations to add to your home, it’s definitely unique, especially if you add black candlesticks to it!


skeletons candles holder

Bats Wall Decal

Last but not least for today, is this bats wall decal! Let’s face it, you can never go wrong with a traditional bats wall decal!


black bats wall decal

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