The Best Halloween Group Costumes You’ll OBSESS OVER!

This post is all about Halloween group costumes.

Halloween costumes

There are so many cute Halloween group costumes that you can use for inspiration with your friend group this year, and I’ve compiled a list of the BEST ones!

Whether you want a costume that’s simple and cute orrr totally out-there, you’ll find something that suits your style on this post PLUS links for products that will help you recreate it! 


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1. Cowgirls

Halloween costumes
Source: @nnicolekellyyy

Cowgirl costumes are some of the most classic Halloween costume ideas for friends! And wearing a cute cowgirl hat is definitely a good idea 😉

I love how these girls each put their own spin on their cowboy costumes with different colored flannels and different styles of hats!

I found some cowboy hats on Amazon to give you a headstart on recreating these Halloween group costumes.

2. Joker

Halloween costumes
Source: @bonnie_dsmd

Wouldn’t it be so fun to create matching Joker costumes with your best friends?!

I found the perfect corset, green skirt, and gloves that you can use to copy this outfit!

Also, if you are 3 best friends, and even if you are more, each friend can dress up as a different iconic Joker look (for example the iconic red outfit).

3. Astronauts

Halloween costumes
Source: @zoeawatkinss

Astronaut costumes are fun on their own, but they’re even better with all your best friends.

You can find hot astronaut costumes like the ones in the inspiration photo, including space glasses and sparkly fishnet leggings to complete the look!

4. Aliens

Halloween costumes
Source: @arlenaocc21

Continuing on the space theme, you can recreate this group alien costume by getting a silver sequins skirt, a shiny satin bodysuit, and alien headbands from Amazon!

Also, you can upgrade this by having every friend wear a different body suit color and being a different colored alien.

5. Mermaids

Halloween costumes
Source: @madaline.reyna

These mermaid costumes are so pretty and personally, I’d take any excuse to wear this pretty starfish hair clip and dress myself up with glitter 😉 

You can get everything you need to recreate this outfit on Amazon, and the best part is that you can do this with as many friends as you want!

6. Care Bears

Halloween costumes
Source: @oliviagsherrill

These Care Bears outfits are so freakin’ cute!!!

From the sequined top to the sequined skirts to the furry leg warmers, I don’t know what more you would need to be convinced!!

This is one of the best Halloween group costumes for a group of four-six friends!

7. Mummy

Halloween costumes
Source: @tyra.s15

These mummy costumes might look a bit difficult to recreate, but all you need are some gauze bandages, white heeled boots, fake blood makeup, and a friend to help you put your costume on! 😉

8. Butterfly

Halloween costumes
Source: @vanessabldbo

These butterfly costumes are both wholesome and insanely easy to recreate. Grab these butterfly wings from Amazon and then throw on cute mini skirt and a cute top and you’re good to go!

9. Biker Girls

Halloween costumes
Source: @nnicolekellyyy

If you want a costume that’s a little daring, biker girl costumes are perfect for your friend group.

I found the exact outfit that the girl in the middle of this inspiration photo is wearing, including the checkered tube top and faux leather skirt. I’m also obsessed with these checkered sunglasses which goes with this outfit perfectly!

10. Mean Girls

If you want to be ICONIC on Halloween 2024, you can’t go wrong with a Mean Girls Halloween costume with your besties!

You can get the famous Burn Book accessory on Amazon along with other clothing to recreate the Mean Girls outfits.

This Halloween costume idea is PERFECT for a group of four!

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11. Bratz Dolls

Halloween costumes
Source: @_____moonya_____

Any group of girls who grew up with Bratz dolls would obsess over this costume idea!

Plus, who doesn’t want an excuse to buy these gorgeous Bratz-themed pink sunglasses?!

12. Barbie Movie Gang (Jumpsuit Scene)

halloween group costumes

If  you saw the Barbie movie last year, you are probably super familiar with the ICONIC Barbie gang scene!

This Barbie jumpsuit costume is great for any Barbie movie fans! S

imply order this full jumpsuit costume from Amazon, as well as these heart shaped sunglasses to complete the look.

13. Pirates

halloween group costumes
Source: @c_murdoch_

Another costume you can never go wrong with, no matter what year it is – PIRATES.

With some waist chains and black bandanas, pirate costumes are super easy to recreate and perfect for a friend group of any size.

14. White Claws

Halloween costumes
Source: @annasweeeney

If you and your friends are fans of White Claws, then this is a great costume for you.

Aside from the metallic shorts and personalized White Claw shirts which you can easily DIY using this white tube top from Amazon, you probably already have lots of the items you need for this outfit like high socks and white sneakers!

15. Space Cowgirls

Source: @brittanylevy_

We talked about cowgirls, but what about space cowgirls?!

If you’re indecisive between the cowgirl theme and the space or alien theme, why not blend the two?!

Space cowgirl outfits would be so cute for a Halloween party!

16. Toy Story

Halloween costumes
Source: @gracephibbs

I love the idea of everyone dressing up as different Toy Story characters!

You can order the exact Toy Story costumes online which makes this group costume idea one of the easiest to recreate.

Plus, everyone knows and loves Toy Story so everyone will recognize exactly who you are!

17. Scooby-Doo Characters

Halloween costumes
Source: @marinolivia

Another iconic costume, perfect for a friend group of girls and guys are the Scooby-Doo characters.

These characters are fun, easily recognizable and perfect for a group of five friends like this!

18. Scooby-Doo Girls

Halloween costumes
Source: @bella.c.rae

I love the way these girls recreated the Scooby-Doo characters with a bit of a sexy twist!

These are the perfect Halloween party costumes if you’re looking for something to do with your girlfriends that will be easy to recognize but still make sure you’re looking your best.

19. Kiss Marry Kill

Halloween costumes
Source: @nnicolekellyyy

I love this  Kiss, Marry, Kill costume, as it’s perfect for a group of 3 best friends.

It’s easy enough to recreate this costume with a group of three friends if one person wears black, one wears white, and one wears red. Plus, the dresses I’m linking would be so useful to have in your closet to repurpose for future outfits.

20. Superheroes

Halloween costumes
Source: @vickydubier

If you’re looking for wholesome Halloween group costumes, superheroes are the way to go!

Whether you dress up as Batgirl, Robin, Wonder Woman, or any other well-loved superhero, everyone always loves seeing superheroes.

21. Shark Attack

Halloween costumes
Source: @emma__rowe

This shark attack Halloween costume is so creative! I found the perfect one piece with shark teeth just like in these inspiration photos.

You can pair it with a gray mini skirt and some fake blood and match with your friends!

22. Popcorn

Halloween costumes
Source: @sydpavlock

This popcorn Halloween costume is so unique!

This costume is absolutely adorable and takes a short DIY to recreate with a striped red skirt, white top, and these fake popcorn that you can glue to your top.

23. Boxers

Halloween costumes
Source: @gracierotman

You don’t have to ask me twice to put on a comfy matching gym set and a pretty satin robe and call myself a boxer. This is a great low-maintenance Halloween costume idea to do with your friends!

24. Shrek

Halloween costumes
Source: @cecetrizzino

I’m OBSESSED with Shrek, I literarily grew up on this movie.

I LOVE how these girls recreated the Shrek theme with some simple headbands and cute outfits!

You can get all of these on Amazon and recreate as many Shrek characters as you want with the right headbands and right colored outfits.

25. Firefighters

Halloween costumes
Source: @britinmelton

With fire hats, suspenders, and black outfits, it’s actually super easy to dress up as firefighters.

The best part is you can still do your hair and makeup the way you like, which means you get to look cute while rocking this costume!

26. Hershey’s Kisses

Halloween costumes
Source: @olivia1327

These Hershey’s kiss outfits are adorable! If you’re looking for girly Halloween costumes, look no further than these glittery dresses and big hair bows.

27. Avatars

Source: @_iriina.m

I can’t with all of these ICONIC costumes!!

Avatars is one of the best Halloween group costumes. It is mainly a unique idea because you can be a HUGE group of Avatars (girls and/or guys) and that is just a whole other level of Halloween costumes!

28. Christmas Gifts

Halloween costumes
Source: @anyakweaver

If you can’t wait for Christmas, then bring Christmas early for Halloween! 

This Christmas gifts costume is a fun DIY you can easily make, and dress up as many Christmas gifts as you want.

29. The Wizard of Oz

Halloween costumes
Source: @devon.schaller

I love the way these girls dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz! 

Whether you’re dressing up as Dorothy, the Tin Man, or any other character, there are some great statement pieces you can grab on Amazon to help you recreate these looks with your friend group.

30. Princesses & Princes

Disney prince and princess costumes will never get old.

If you want to get full-on costumes without having to worry about any DIY, these are a great choice.

Assign every girl to be a different princess and you’ll all be the most iconic people in the room at every party!

31. Snow Girls

Halloween costumes
Source: @polina.kharenko

These snowy costumes are the perfect blend of elegant and sexy. A fluffy hat, a matching white fluffy set, fluffy leg warmers… If you’re a winter lover, you’ll definitely enjoy this costume lol

32. Spongebob

Another show we ALL grew up on is Spongebob! And how ICONIC is this Spongebob gang group costume?!

You can start with this Spongebob shirt and a barnacle boy costume. Once everyone decides which character they want to be, just get a staple item for each character that will make your costumes recognizable.

33. Frat Boys

Halloween costumes
Source: @annamjackson

If you’re in college, I think it would be hilarious to dress up as frat boys with your group of girl friends.

Between the baseball caps and collared shirts, the attire is pretty predictable!!

34. Lifeguards

Halloween costumes
Source: @vickykrox

Bonus points if you’re recreating this Halloween group costume with a group of ACTUAL lifeguards or friends on the swim team! 😉 

This lifeguard costume from Amazon has got you covered with an easy Halloween costume you can easily recreate!

35. Spice Girls

Halloween costumes
Source: @courtneyjesberg

Spice Girls costumes are PERFECT for a group of five girl friends!

Grab statement pieces like this British flag dress and faux fur leopard jacket, and you’ll already be well on your way to be an ICONIC Halloween group.

36. Sailors

Halloween costumes
Source: @aiyanachilders

This sailor costume and sailor hat from Amazon are SO cute, and you can turn it into a cute Halloween group costume, no matter how many friends you are.

37. Victoria’s Secret Angels

Halloween costumes
Source: @elyseogloff

With some angel wings and pink satin robes, these Victoria’s Secret angels costumes are super easy to recreate and so pretty!!

38. Victoria’s Secret Shopping Bags

Source: @ashleeysoarees

Putting an interesting twist for Victoria’s Secret costumes, how about being the ICONIC VS shopping bags?!

If you already happen to have Victoria’s Secret bags, then this costume will be so easy to recreate by adding a pink tutu and white ballet flats.

39. 3 Blind Mice

Halloween costumes
Source: @chandlerrosas

This is one of the most ideal Halloween costumes for trios. With some mouse ears, sunglasses, sticks, and black sheer tights, you can throw this costume together in no time.

40. Girl Scouts

Halloween costumes
Source: @devon.schaller

If you’re looking to dress up with a really huge friend group of girls then Girl Scouts are a great costume idea.

With the right green hats and scouts girl skirts, you’ll look like a real group of girl scouts!

41. Injured Miss America

I love the idea of dressing up as Miss America but making it a little more spooky-themed with some fake blood and fake bruises. 

This idea is definitely a unique twist to your regular “Miss America” costume, and will definitely get you lots of compliments!

I hope you found some great Halloween group costumes in this post!

Whether you’re dressing up with three friends or way more, I know you and your friend group are going to look AMAZING at every Halloween party you go to with one of these costumes.



This post was all about Halloween group costumes. 


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