The Best Halloween Party Ideas for Adults: How to Throw a SPOOKY Party!

Halloween Party Ideas

This blog post is about Halloween party ideas!

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s time to plan your Halloween partyyy!

Halloween is all about dressing up, and throwing/attending these SUPER FUN Halloween parties!

If you are planning on throwing a college Halloween party, or throwing a Halloween party at your place, keep reading to find the best Halloween party decorations, Halloween party games, and INSANE Halloween party food and drinks!

Let’s get started!

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Halloween party ideas


Halloween Decorations

If your place isn’t already decorated for Halloween (first of all, then what are you waiting for??!), start decorating your place with spider websrealistic looking spidersbat wall decals, and more!

Party Balloons!


Choose from black and orange balloons, to an insane Halloween balloons arch, or a Halloween party kit that comes with balloons, cupcake toppers, a Halloween banner, and it’s allll pink!

Inflatable Drink Cooling Holder

Store all of the drinks in one of these cool inflatable drink cooling holders!

Bar Area Party Banner

Decorate your bar area with this cool Halloween party banner from Amazon!

10 IV Blood Bags For Drinks

Instead of having regular bottled drinks, consider getting these cool IV blood bags for drinks, and put the drinks inside!

You can also get these syringes for people to take shots of whatever drink is inside the blood bags!

Light Up Shot Glasses

These light up shot glasses will definitely make your guests talking!

They come in a set of 24 shot glasses, and they are perfect for a cool-themed Halloween party!

Halloween Dishes

You will definitely need party dishes for your Halloween party, so check out these cool Halloween disposable dish sets on Amazon!

Crime Scene Decor 

If you want to spooky up your place, and make it more creepy and Halloween scary-themed, consider creating a crime scene area at your place with this crime scene decor set from Amazon!

Halloween-Themed Ice Cubes

We will talk about the food and drinks later, but a cool Halloween party decor idea is to use these Halloween-themed ice cube trays and “decorate” your party drinks with them!

Photo Backdrop 

Make sure your guests’ Insta photos are as cute and Halloween themed as possible, with this black photo back drop!

Space Cowgirls

Make you place extra spooky by placing these realistic-looking skeletons around your place, in random places, so it will look extra creepy!

Decorate Your Snacks Table

Upgrade your snacks/food table with cute Halloween themed bowls!

I love this pumpkin food display and these mini kettle bowls! Putting your snacks in them will be so cute!

Horror 3D Changing Face Moving Portrait

If you want to be extra spooky, and also creep out your drunk friends, hang up these horror 3D changing face moving portraits on the wall!

Hang Up Floating Candles From The Ceiling

If you are a true Harry Potter fan, you already know what this is 😉

This set of 12 floating candles is a perfect Halloween party decoration to decorate your Halloween party space with!

Coffin Letter Board

This coffin letter board is perfect for a snacks/food table! You can write on it what food are you serving (for example – hamburgers, hot dogs, salads).

Or, if you are placing it on your bar table, you can write the drinks you are offering.

Decorate With Purple/Orange Fairy Lights

I love decorating for holidays with fairy lights! But decorating your place for your Halloween party with purple/orange fairy lights will be SO CUTE!

You can either hang it up around your windows, or hang it around your bar table/food table, decorate your front door, so many options!


Random Halloween Party Favors

Starting off this section with these costume contest trophies, fun orange stick lights, and these cute witch hats for your guests!

Halloween Coffin Boxes

These Halloween coffin boxes are THE PERFECT Halloween party favors! You can give them to your guests with some delicious Halloween candy inside!

Skeleton Cotton Candy Treat Bags

How cute are these skeleton cotton candy treat bags from Etsy?!

This is such a cute (and sweet ;)) Halloween party favor to give your guests.

All you need to do is to stuff these skeleton treat bags with colorful cotton candy!

Halloween Lip Balm Party Favors

These Halloween lip balms make THE ACTUAL PERFECT Halloween party favors!

You can choose between the shown designs, and also choose the lip balm flavors!

Halloween Wristbands

This might be random, but you can never go wrong with Halloween wristbands as party favors!

The pack comes with 35 wristbands, and only costs a couple dollars!

Skull Butter Soap

Another unique Halloween party favor, is this skull butter soap!

It’s super affordable, and makes a cute Halloween party favors to give your guests.

Skeleton Keychain

Another awesome party favor to throw in is this skeleton keychain!

It comes in a set of 24 keychains, and is a fun and random party favor to give away.

Custom Pumpkin Slippers

If you have a bit higher budget for party favors, and if you are throwing a smaller Halloween party, consider getting these personalized pumpkin slippers from Etsy!

You can customize each slippers set with your guest’s name!

Personalized Ghost in a Jar Gift

A cute little personalized Halloween party favor, is this personalized ghost in a jar gift!

It glows in the dark, you can personalize it with your guest’s name, and make a cute spooky gift!


Vodka Skull Jello Shots

Vodka Skull Jello Shots
Source: @sugarandcharm


Source: @simplyhappyfoodie

Strawberry Ghosts

ghost strawberry treats
Source: @madeitateitlovedit

Bloody Pretzels 

Bloody Pretzels
Source: @simplisticallyliving

Ghost Hershey Kisses

Source: @annabellebrame

Chocolate Pretzel Spider Webs

Source: @whitegunpowder

Vampire Blood Fondu

"Blood" punch for halloween party

Jello Shots

Halloween gello shots
Source: @Pinterest


Halloween Party Games Bundle

Starting off with this printable Halloween party games bundle that you can buy on my shop!

This Halloween games bundle comes with:

  • Word Search – Halloween edition 
  • Halloween Trivia 
  • This or That – Halloween Edition 
  • Candy Guessing Game 
  • Halloween Charades Game 
  • Eat a Candy If… 
  • Ture or False – Halloween Edition 
  • Who’s The Most Like a Witch
  • Ghostly Tic-Tac-Toe 

Don’t Get Stabbed

Don’t Get Stabbed! is a party game where you get to kill your family and friends! … not actually though 😉

Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison is a card game of unfathomable “What would you rather do?” scenarios. 

Everyone anonymously “Picks their poison”, and after the reveal, find out who was “right” and who is just as messed up as you thought.

Pin The Eyeball On The Zombie

Halloween Charades

Put the Halloween cards in a bowl, and let the fun begin! I know below I linked the man costume, but I couldn’t find a woman version. Sooooo, what you can do, is get the mens Flintstones costume, and make it cute and girly with a waist belt or something like that!

And that’s it for today! This blog post was about Halloween party ideas!



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