TOP 30 Halloween Decorations Ideas Under $30 For Your Home!

Halloween decor ideas under $30


This blog post is about 30 Halloween decor ideas under $30!

Spooky season is finally here! And now is the perfect time to start decorating your place spooky and cute as possible!

In this blog post, we are going to cover the TOP 30 Halloween decor ideas under $30!

Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive, if you know where to find the right Halloween decorations for the right prices –

And you are going to find them all in this blog post!

Let’s get started!

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Halloween decor ideas under $30


1. Switch to a Halloween Doormat

Starting off this blog post with a cute ghosts Halloween doormat!

I love switching out my doormat for the holiday, and this find from Etsy is so cute!

2. Switch Out Your Kitchen Towels

Another thing I love doing on holidays, is switching out my kitchen towels to festive kitchen towels!

Btw, these kitchen towels are only $5 at Target!

3.  up a Halloween Sign

A cheaper option than a door wreath, are these cute BOO signs from Etsy and Target!

This Hey Boo pink sign is perfect for a neutral/boho Halloween theme. And this light up BOO sign is an awesome and cheaper wreath option!

4. Decorate Your Couch With Halloween Pillows!

The number 1 thing you need to do when decorating your space for a holiday, is witching out your couch pillows to cute and festive throw pillows!

I love these beautiful pillows from Target, and also this cute ghost pillow cover from Amazon!

5. Put Out Your Halloween Soap Dispenser

Spice up your bathroom with a skull soap dispenser/ a haunted house soap dispenser! 

The perfect way to throw in some Halloween vibes into your bathroom!

6. Snuggle With Soft Halloween Throw Blankets

I am not going to lie, I’m OBSESSED with Target’s throw blankets! I have one from last year’s Halloween collection, and even now when I am writing this I am cuddling myself in it.

And I am definitely eyeing this Halloween throw blanket and this pumpkins throw blanket, and I definitely have a feeling I am going to buy them soon haha

7. Decorate With Halloween Candles

I love candles, and I think getting unique shaped candles is perfect for decorating your space for any holiday!

8. Decorate With a Hey Boo Banner

Moving on with our Halloween decor ideas under $30, this Hey Boo banner is SO CUTE!

Whether you have a fire place, or not, you can definitely use this to create a cute spooky area!

9. Enjoy Your Drinks With Skeleton Glasses

I’m OBSESSED with Marshall’s Halloween collections. Every year they level up their game!

How cute are these skeleton wine glasses??

10. Decorate Your Kitchen!

A cute way to spice up your kitchen for Halloween, is to decorate your countertop with these potion bottles with labels set, that are perfect for creating a little Halloween corner in your kitchen.

11. Use Halloween Ice Cube Trays 

I love unique ice cube trays! They’re just so cute and fun!

You can either get this large skulls tray, or this pack of 3 different Halloween shaped ice cube trays.

12. Hang Up a Halloween Wreath 

So I did end up finding some affordable Halloween wreaths on Amazon, that are less then $30!

They are so pretty!

13. Spooky Coffin Cooking Utensils Holder

Speaking of cute Halloween kitchen finds, how cute is this coffin cooking utensils holder? It is perfect for spicing up your kitchen for Halloween!

14. Decorate With a Neon Ghost Sign

This ghost neon sign is so cute, and is one of the cutest Halloween decor ideas under $30!

There’s also a bat neon sign in the listing as well. So cute!

15. Creep-Out The Space With 3D Picture Frames

Make your place extra spooky and creepy with these 3D face-changing pictures!

16. Decorate With a Bats Garland

Check out this cute bats garland from Amazon!

You can decorate with it your fire place, a bookshelf, a mirror, a staircase, etc.

17. Decorate Your Wall With Bat Decals

This bat decals set is a must-have for decorating for Halloween!

You can really upgrade your space, and bring in the spooky vibes by decorating a wall or an area, even a mirror, with these affordable bat decals.

18. Make Your Place Spooky With Spider Webs

You can never go wrong with decorating for Halloween with spider webs. This is definitely a Halloween decor essential!

19. Upgrade Your Candy Bowl!

Upgrade your Halloween candy bowl to a spooky one, by getting this mummy hands candy bowl from Marshalls, or this creepy skull candy bowl from Amazon!

20. Cook With Spooky Cooking Utensils

How CUTE are these Halloween cooking utensils???

Imagine how cute they will look inside the coffin cooking utensils holder 😉

21. Use This Blood Spoon Rest

This blood splash spoon rest is ICONIC. 

They say it’s the little things that make the big difference, and this blood splash spoon rest is definitely doing the job!

22. Decorate With Witch Hats

These Halloween witch hats are the perfect ceiling decor idea, especially if you have a front porch.

But even if you don’t, you can hang them up inside in your entry way.

23. Color Changing Skull Halloween Prop

There isn’t something specific to do with this color changing skull Halloween prop, but it definitely adds a fun Halloween-vibe touch to your place!

24. Ombre Skeleton

If you are into colorful Halloween decorations, and don’t want your place to be all black and spooky, check out this ombre posable skeleton!

It is 24″, and is perfect for decorating a bookshelf, a shelf, or placing it wherever you want!

25. Decorate Your Door With a Tombstone

A cute little edition to add to your home entrance/apartment entryway, is this cute haunted tombstone from Target!

26. Get a Halloween Bath Mat

Speaking of making your bathroom more spooky, check out these Halloween bath mats from Amazon!

27. Switch Your Lampshades to Spooky Ones

Take your place a step further by switching your lamp shades to these creepy Halloween lamp shades from Amazon!

28. Get a Huge Candy Bowl

Another random, yet super cute Halloween decor piece, is this light up ghost fixture!

It can definitely help bring in these spooky vibes to your space!

30. Decorate With Orange Fairy Lights

Last but not least for today is decorating with orange fairy lights! You can easily decorate your windows, around your TV maybe, and more!


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