The Best Housewarming Party Ideas For a Memorable Party!

This blog post is about housewarming party ideas!


housewarming party ideas

Moving into your first apartment, or moving into a new house you just bought is a huge milestone worth celebrating!

Gather all of your friends and family, and celebrate the opening of a new chapter!

In this blog post, you are going to find the best housewarming party ideas. We are going to cover everything from housewarming party invitations, housewarming party decor, and even housewarming party food and favors!

Let’s get started!

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Housewarming Party Invitations


Starting off this blog post with some housewarming party invitations!

All of these invitations are from Etsy, and they come as templates that you can personalize and fill-in your own info, and then either text them or print them out and physically give them to your guests.

Come On Over Invitation

This Come On Over invitation comes as a Coyl template you can edit and send!

Modern Home Invitation

New Set of Keys Invite

How cute is this New Set of Keys invite?? So simple and nice!

We Bought a House Invite

If you bought a house, this We Bought a House invite is perfect! It’s a more colorful, yet neutral find!


If you are going for a more colorful vibe, how cute is this colorful editable housewarming party invitation from Etsy?! So cute!

You can fill in your info, and either text it to your guests, or print them and hand them over to your guests.

Housewarming Party Decor Ideas

Hang Up a Housewarming Party Banner

Moving on to hanging a housewarming party banner! You can hang up on the wall of your food/desserts table, and decorate your place with a cute party banner for the party.


Decorate your place with pretty balloons!

I love this gold balloons set from Amazon, and also found this cute Home Sweet Home balloons set on Etsy.

Use Cute Party Tableware

Add an extra touch to your party with this disposable party tableware set, or with this cute gold party tableware set!

Decorate Your Cups With Drink Tags!

One of my favorite ways to decorate for a party is with drink tags! They add a fun and personal touch to the party, and they are SO CUTE.

You can get these custom drink tags on my Etsy shop, they are best sellers and I love them so much!

If you moved out/bout a house with your partner, you can customize them with your initials!

They come in black, gold, rose gold, white, red, pink, silver, and more!

Don’t Forget About The Napkins!

They say it’s the little things in life, and I couldn’t agree more when hosting a party!

I love getting into the little details, and designing everything nicely into the little details. That includes the napkins!

I also fount these pretty monogram initial napkins that you can buy with your initials!

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Decorate Your Table With Confetti

Another cute addition to your food table is to decorate it with cute confetti!

You can get these confetti packs on Etsy, and they are so cute to decorate your food table!

Decorate Your Cupcakes & Cakes!

Add a housewarming touch to your desserts with these housewarming cupcake toppers and housewarming cake topper!

Mini Chalkboard Signs For Food Table

If you are serving food and desserts at your housewarming party, a cute addition to your food table is this mini chalkboard signs pack that comes with 20 framed small chalkboard labels!

You can write on each one the food you are serving, so your guests knows exactly what’s on the table.

200pcs Toothpicks For Appetizers/DRINKS

If you are serving food/ desserts or drinks that require picks, check out this pretty 200pcs toothpicks set from Amazon!

Funny Coasters

This funny coasters set is a cute addition to your party! You can obviously use them after the party too, but they can also be usable and funny at your housewarming party.

Decorate Your Wine Bottles

Decorate your wine bottles with these cute housewarming wine bottle labels!

Faux Bottle Painting Ideas with Cricut

housewarming party ideas
Source: @sustainmycrafthabit

Before we move on to the food ideas, I just wanted to add this cute faux bottle painting idea for your housewarming party decor!

It’s a cute and easy DIY that can definitely spice up your space for the party! CLICK HERE FOR THE TUTORIAL

Housewarming Party Favors

Personalized Wine Stoppers

These personalized wine stoppers from my Etsy shop are the perfect combination of a housewarming party decor idea and a housewarming party favor!

You can use them for the wine bottles you are serving at your party, and you can also include them as a housewarming party favor for your guests!

Housewarming Party Favor Bags

I found these cute housewarming party favor bags from Etsy!

You can customize them with your names and use them as party favors bags for stuff you bought, or you can fill them with treats like in the photo above.

Custom Housewarming Candle Favors

My favorite housewarming party favors will definitely be these new home candle party favors from Etsy!

You can customize them with your last name, they come in a few amazing scents, and you can choose the pack size you need!

Custom Hot Chocolate Jar Favors

Trust me, your guests are going to go crazy over these hot chocolate jar favors!

You can get them on Etsy, customize the lid with your names, and choose the jar size and pack size you need.

Mini Screwdriver Set Keychain Favors

This mini screwdriver keychain set is the perfect and most practical party favor to give your guests!

The set comes with 12 mini screwdriver keychains, each keychain includes 3 mini screwdrivers.

Mini Succulent Cactus Candles

Another cute and decorative party favor for your housewarming party can be this succulent cactus candles set from Amazon!

The pack comes with 36 succulent candles sets that include the candle, a thank you gift tag, and organza bags!

Mini Honey Glass Jars

Start your new chapter on the sweet side with these mini honey glass jars as housewarming party favors!

In this pack you receive honey glass jars, wooden dippers, and the cute yellow gift bags!

Then, all you need to do is to fill the jars with honey and organize the gift bag.

Personalized Bottle Opener

How cute are these personalized bottle openers?? You can get them on my Etsy shop, and personalize them with your chosen design, names, date.

And you can get different packs from 10pcs packs to even 100pcs packs!

Skeleton Key Bottle Opener

Last but not least for this section are these skeleton key bottle openers from Amazon!

They come in a pack of 50pcs, and make great practical party favors for your housewarming party!

Housewarming Party Food

Grapefruit Paloma Cocktail

housewarming party ideas
Source: @acedarspoon

Starting off with some drinks, this grapefruit Paloma cocktail is one of my favorites!

It isn’t hard to make, and your guests are guaranteed to talk about this one for years!

Italian Sangria

housewarming party ideas
Source: @scarlatifamilykitchen

Can you actually go wrong with a delicious Italian Sangria? Well.. I don’t think so!


Delicious Charcuterie Board

housewarming party ideas
Source: @scarlatifamilykitchen

One of my favorite dishes to serve at parties is a charcuterie board!

It is easy to make, and makes the perfect food to serve at any party or event.

Gluten-Free Charcuterie Board

housewarming party ideas
Source: @goglutenfreely

Here’s another delicious charcuterie board recipe for gluten-free guests!


Smoked Salmon Canapes

housewarming party ideas
Source: @platesbynat

OMG this smoked salmon canapes dish looks sooo good! It’s making me hungry as I am writing this and I just ate lunch 😉

It is super easy to make and also includes miso cream cheese!

Sour Cream Dip

housewarming party ideas
Source: @aussiehomecook

I honestly can’t think of a house party that doesn’t serve some crackers and chips with a sour cream dip haha

This recipe is an easy and delicious recipe to make!

Smoked Salmon Phyllo Appetizers

housewarming party ideas
Source: @gracefuldame

If you are looking for delicious appetizers, definitely consider making these smoked salmon phyllo appetizers!

Avocado Goat Cheese Cucumber Appetizers

housewarming party ideas
Source: @hauteandhealthyliving

These avocado goat cheese cucumber appetizers don’t only look amazing, but they are also healthy, easy, light and delicious!

They are also vegetarian, low carp, keto, & gluten-free!

Individual Charcuterie Cups

housewarming party ideas
Source: @foxeslovelemons

These individual charcuterie cups are the perfect twist to the famous charcuterie board we all know.

All you need is plastic cups, and meat, cheese, fruit, and more! Fill them up as you wish!

Strawberry Magnolia

housewarming party ideas
Source: @chocolatesandchai

Moving on to desserts, I am starting off with this amazingly delicious strawberry magnolia recipe!

Oreo Dip – Cookies & Cream!

housewarming party ideas
Source: @onmykidsplate

Everyone loves Oreo and I can promise you that your guests are going to LOVE these Oreo cookies cream dip!

Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

housewarming party ideas
Source: @strengthandsunshine

If you are looking for some vegan desserts too, definitely check out this gluten-free vegan chocolate chip cookies recipes!

Strawberry Cheesecake Dip

housewarming party ideas
Source: @onmykidsplate

You are not going to believe how easy and delicious this strawberry cheesecake dip is to make!

Trust me, your guests are going to talk about this one for years!

Strawberry Crunch Cupcakes

housewarming party ideas
Source: @savorthespoonful

I’m a sucker for strawberries and for cupcakes! This strawberry crunch cupcakes recipe is one of my favorites!!!

Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes

housewarming party ideas
Source: @strengthandsunshine

I’m OBSESSED with red velvet, and these vegan gluten-free red velvet cupcakes look SO GOOD!

They are also allergy-free, meaning they could be the perfect dessert for all your guests!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found the best housewarming party finds & ideas 🙂

This blog post was about housewarming party ideas!


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