30+ Best Mens Valentine’s Day Gifts HE Will ACTUALLY Love!

This blog post is about mens Valentine’s Day gifts!

Mens Valentine's Day Gifts

We all need to face it, men are SO HARD TO SHOP FOR!

That’s why I created this blog post of 30+ unique mens Valentine’s Day gifts you can buy or DIY for your man!

So if you don’t know what to get your boyfriend/fiancé/husband, keep reading and get some great ideas!

Let’s get started!

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Mens Valentine's Day Gifts

Table of Contents:

Mens Valentine's Day Gifts to Buy

Personalized Digital Faceless Portrait

I can’t think of a better, personal gift to give your man! 

This digital personalized faceless portrait is one of my favorite gifts to get my loved ones.

Cherish a beautiful captured moment of the both of you in the most unique way ever – a beautiful portrait!

You can get the portrait from my Etsy shop, and then print out the portrait, and frame it in a beautiful picture frame or print it on a canvas.


If you aren’t familiar with the Crave Box, I have no idea where you’ve been!

The Crave Box is the perfect care package that includes 50 different snacks and candy! It makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him!


You can never go wrong with an amazing smelling perfume!

The Bleu De Chanel perfume is one of my favorite perfumes for men! I always get my boyfriend this perfume, it smells so good!

Love Lingual Card Game

The Love Lingual card game is a great game to play with your partner and create amazing connections! 

You will get to know them on a deeper level and it’s a cute game to play together.

Our Q&A A Day – 3-Year Journal For Couples

The Q&A a Day Journal is one of the most romantic things to do together and to have later in life as a couple!

You can consider this romantic journal as a 3 years time capsule that you can both write one sentence per day in and look back in the future.


Nespresso Machine

Nespresso machine is a staple in any household, but for coffee lovers this is a no brainer! 

He will thank you for this gift every time he makes his delicious morning coffee! Plus, you get to enjoy it too!

Name a must-have for all year round! A cozy robe definitely comes to mind, they’re soft and comfortable for getting out of the shower or to wear during a cozy day around the house.

Personalized Passport Covers

I’m OBSESSED with these personalized passport covers from my Etsy shop!

If you are planning a vacation together this year, or even if you are going on a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway, this personalized passport covers set is definitely a cute gift!

Shaving Kit

If your man has a shaving routine, or shaves his beard often, he will definitely make great use out of this Bevel Shaving Kit!

The kit comes with a razor w/20 blades, a shave brush, shaving cream, pre-shave oil, and even a post-shave balm to relax the skin.

Chocolate Cookies Box

If you’re looking for a small but sweet gift, and if he’s into sweets and chocolate, this chocolate cookies box is the perfect gift! 

It comes with a variety of cookies covered in chocolate and many more fun things, which you can both enjoy together!

Laptop Case

Another necessity for a laptop owner man is a beautiful laptop case.

If he works from his laptop, or if he travels a lot for work trips/vacations with his laptop, this laptop case is perfect for protecting and carrying his laptop! 

Xi’an Famous Foods Cookbook

A great gift for any cook or foodies the Xi’an Famous Foods cookbook! 

If your man is a great cook and loves cooking and trying out new recipes and food, you should definitely upgrade his skills with this amazing cookbook!

Beard Bib

Men can get messy when shaving and grooming their beards and/or mustaches (or is it just my boyfriend?)

So trust me when I say, this beard bib is a GAME CHANGER. Since getting it for my boyfriend, my bathroom stays clean even after he shaves!

Kindle Paperwhite

If your man is into books, he will love the latest edition of the Kindle Paperwhite. 

It is extra thin, so he can take it anywhere with him and he can have endless books all in one device, so he can read them anywhere, anytime!

Hard Drive

With this portable Hard Drive he can store important files and always have them with him. 

It comes with so much storage he won’t even know what to do with it.

Scratch Off World Map

This scratch off world map is THE PERFECT gift for travel couples!

If you both love traveling together, and want to explore the world together, this scratch off world map is a fun way to track your adventures!

You can scratch off all the countries you’ve been to and plan the next trips you want to go on.

Coin Toss Set

What a better way to end an ‘argument’ or a question of ‘what do you wanna eat for lunch/dinner?’. 

Just get this Coin Toss set and flip a coin and make your decision!

US National Park Scratch Off Map

One of the best mens Valentine’s Day gifts for nature and hiking lovers is this US national parks scratch off map!

If he loves visiting and exploring national parks, he can plan his travels and scratch off the national parks he visited.

Cute Marshmallow Puff Mug

If you are doing long distance, or if you are not but he travels a lot or goes on work trips often, he can definitely make great use out of this weekender bag!

It’s spacious, high quality, and is the perfect carry-on for any plane!

It isn’t cheap, but it is something that is guaranteed to last for years to come 🙂

City Map Glass Cup

If he loves a big city, or if he loves his hometown, or maybe you two met at a special city, this city map glass cup is etches with the city’s map! 

Date Night Dice

If you two love going out on date nights and doing special things together, this date night dice is the perfect date night upgrade!

The date night dice has 36 different date ideas for you to choose and enjoy together.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Improve your man’s morning routine with this peaceful sunrise alarm clock.

Instead of having an annoying alarm clock on your phone, this sunrise alarm clock makes sure you wake up naturally and peacefully! 

Minimalist Thin Wallet

My boyfriend doesn’t carry a bag, and always likes having things in his pockets, including a wallet.

This minimalist thin wallet is perfect for those men who love to carry everything they need in their pockets, including this thin wallet!

Sister By Choice Tumbler

Okay, maybe this ice cream subscription gift is one of the best mens Valentine’s Day gifts!

If you two, or only he is an ice cream lover, why not gift him the gift of monthly ice creams all year round!


Revlon Hot Hair Brush

Now this cashmere sweater is a lux item but one that will last him a lifetime! 

Cashmere Sweater isn’t for everyone but it is a classic and timeless piece of clothing that he will use year after year.

Car Vacuum Cleaner Set

If your man is obsessed with keeping his car clean, you should definitely check out this car vacuum cleaner set from Amazon!

It comes with everything he’ll need to clean his car and keep it as neat as possible.

Wireless Charging Station

Everyone could use a wireless charging station, whether it’s on their nightstand or on their desk. 

This will definitely help them out especially if they’re charging multiple gadgets every time. You might even want to get one for yourself!

Diy Mens Valentine's Day Gifts

DIY Valentine’s Day Coupons Book

OMG I am actually obsessed with this DIY Valentine’s Day coupons book!

It’s the sweetest gift ever and I can guarantee you, your man is going to love this!

Basically, this DIY includes different love coupons that you can gift your partner and let him use whenever he wants.

These printable love coupons includes a “date night of your choice” coupon, “off chores” coupon, “sexy time” coupon, “free car wash” coupon, and more!

Open When… Letters

The Open When… Letters are definitely one of the most romantic DIY gifts to give your partner on Valentine’s Day!

All you need is a set of Open When… Letters Labels, envelops, and paper to write down your romantic letters.

These Open When… Letters Labels will help you create the most romantic and sweet Valentine’s Day gift for your partner! Within just a few minutes, you can easily create THE PERFECT DIY Valentine’s Day gift for your lover!

BTW, we also have these Open When… Letters for gay couples, CHECK THEM OUT:


DIY Reasons Why I Love You From A-Z

Moving on to another cute idea – this Reasons Why I Love You From A-Z.

For this DIY, you are going to need these printable Reasons Why I Love You From A-Z notes, ribbon, a pen, and scissors!

Basically, this DIY is writing down reasons why you love your partner, starting from A-Z.

100 Reasons Why I Love You Jar

Last but not least today, and definitely the most romantic – a 100 Reasons Why I Love You Jar!

As you can probably tell, for this DIY you are going to need these printable 100 Reasons Why I Love You notes, ribbon, scissors, a jar, and cute stickers and decorations for the jar.

And that’s it for today! I hope you found some romantic Valentine’s Day gifts 🙂

This blog post was about mens Valentine’s Day gifts!

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