Romantic Long Distance Relationship Gifts Your Partner Will Love!

This blog post is about long distance relationship gifts!

If you are in a long distance relationship, and want to surprise your partner with a romantic gift, you are in the right place!

In this blog post I share with you unique long distance relationship gifts that make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts, anniversary gifts, or a “just because” gift idea.

Let’s get started!

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Long Distance Relationship Gifts:

Table of Contents:

Personalized Long Distance Relationship Gifts:

Personalized Passport Covers

Whether you are engaged or even just BF/GF, these personalized passport covers are a perfect Valentine’s Day gift if you are planning a vacation together this year!

You don’t even need to be married, you can either choose the Mr & mrs option with your own last names, or choose a different design with your names only.

Custom Digital Faceless Portrait

Cherish a special moment in an extremely unique way by getting your partner a custom faceless portrait of a beautiful memory you captured together!

You can get the digital portrait on my Etsy shop, and receive it within 48 hours! 

Then, you can print it out and frame it in a beautiful picture frame.

Editable Boarding Pass

Speaking of vacations and traveling – If you have a trip planned to visit your partner or if your partner is visiting you, this editable boarding passes printable makes the sweetest reminder that you can then keep as a keepsake! Or you could even use it to surprise them for an unplanned trip!

Personalized Birth Flower Necklace

If she loves flowers and unique jewelry, you can get her this beautiful Birth Month Flower name necklace from Etsy, and customize it by choosing the material (silver/gold/rose gold), her birth month flower, and personalize it with her name.

Personalized Record

I love this personalized record gift, it is so unique and something your partner won’t be expecting! 

Choose your favorite song together, add a picture of the two of you and this will be something that they can have on display while listening to your favorite song!

Personalized Travel Jewelry Box

You can NEVER go wrong with these personalized travel jewelry boxes!

Get your partner a cute travel jewelry box that she can use while visiting you and while traveling, so she can keep all of her precious jewelry organized and safe in one place.

BTW, I also love to use my travel jewelry box at home too. I put it on my night stand and take off my jewelry every night before I go to bed.

Custom Grafo Map

custom Grafo Map makes a great gift that your loved one can have from their favorite city. 

Whether it’s their hometown or another city they love, they can hang it up so that they can be reminded of home.

Long Distance Cup

This personalized long distance cup is great for anyone and it is so cute because you can choose the states that you and your partner are in to have that little added touch of cuteness.

Custom Film Roll Keychain

With this custom camera film roll keychain, you can add many pictures and even though it’s small,  it makes the cutest gift!

Personalized Long Distance Necklace

One of the most romantic long distance relationship gifts you can buy your  girlfriend is this personalized long distance necklace from Etsy!

You can completely customize it – you can choose the necklace material, number of coins, and choose your states!

Personalized Digital Star Map

If you are looking for an ACTUAL ROMANTIC gift for your long distance partner – this custom digital star map is a super romantic idea!

You can customize this map with a romantic quote, your names, the date you met, and obviously have the custom star map of the night you two met/got together.

Custom Coffee Mug

If you’re both coffee or tea drinkers in the morning then these personalized state to state mugs will be your favorite! 

You and your partner will love to drink your morning coffee or tea every morning while thinking of each other.

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Reminisce on your favorite memories together with this Custom Reel Viewer from Uncommon Goods! 

You can make one for you and for your loved one with your favorite memories. It’s such a fun thing to have so you can look back at the happiest moments!

Digital Photo Frame

digital photo frame is the perfect way to add all your favorite pictures, videos and memories captured with friends, family and your partner. 

You can add photos or videos directly from your phone from anywhere in the world!

Custom Music Code Keychain

Another keychain gift idea, but this time with your favorite song as a couple or you can create a custom playlist that they can listen to!

This custom music code keychain is scannable so your partner can scan their keychain every time they want to hear ‘your song’ or playlist.

Photo Night Light Box

A Photo Box that also doubles as a Night Light is a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift! 

You can totally customize this custom photo night light box with your favorite pictures of you two together and you can add a message that you want to be projected when your person lights this box. 

It’s the perfect romantic gift!

Jigsaw Puzzle Map Art

This custom jigsaw puzzle map art is one of the most unique, yet simple gifts I’ve seen. 

It’s custom art with two jigsaw puzzle shaped pieces. You can choose both of your locations and add the text of your choice, making it the perfect long-distance gift.

Diy Long Distance Relationship Gifts:

DIY Open When… Letters

I am telling you, I have no ideas what’s more romantic then these DIY Open When… Letters!

This super easy DIY requires only these printable Open When labels, envelops, and some paper and pens!

All you need to do is to stick the Open When labels on the envelops, and write a romantic love letter according to the label’s topic.

Each letter is written for a different occasion. For example – “Open When You Miss Me”, “Open When you need a hug”, “Open when we get engaged”, etc.

We also have other versions for all couples, CHECK THEM OUT:



DIY Reasons Why I Love You Jar

Moving on to another EXTREMELY ROMANTIC Valentine’s Day gift – a Reasons Why I Love You jar!

This DIY includes writing/printing out these printable 100 Reasons Why I Love You notes, a glass jar, and some cute strings and jar decorations to decorate your romantic jar!

Our Adventure Book Scrapbook

Display your adventures and best memories with the Our Adventure Book scrapbook!

Choose your favorite memories and photos, print them out, and insert them in the Our Adventure Book scrapbook!

DIY Valentine’s Day Coupons

One of my favorite DIY Valentine’s Day gifts is a romantic couples coupons book!

Basically, these “coupons” gives your partner fun activities options and passes.

This love coupons book includes 30 couples coupons for non-gender specific couples (it’s a perfect match for any couple), for you to print out and gift to your partner for Valentine’s Day!

DIY Reasons Why I Love You From A-Z

Tell your partner all of the reasons you love them, with an interesting twist!

One of the cutest long distance relationship gifts you can DIY are the “Reasons Why I love You From A-Z”. 

Basically, you can use these printable Reasons Why I love You From A-Z, and write down your own reasons why you love them!

Also, these pintables also include an already filled in version with all of the reasons printed out. So you can choose between the filled in version and the empty version for you to fill in.

DIY Remember When… Letters

The Remember When… Letters are the perfect and most romantic long distance relationship gifts!

Reflect on your relationship, and bring up special memories with these romantic Remember When… Letters.

For this DIY, all you are going to need is envelops, these Remember When… labels, scissors, glue stick, and paper to write down the letters.

Then, what you need to do is to write letters describing beautiful moments you shared according to the Remember When… labels!

We also have labels for all couples, CHECK THEM OUT:

Long Distance Relationship Gifts to Buy:

Long Distance Touch Bracelets

These romantic connected bracelets allow you to send love to your partner no matter how far they are. If you touch one, the other lights up and vibrates so that they’re constantly reminded of you!

Long Distance Relationship Lamps

I love this gift idea! These long distance relationship lamps comes as a pair, so you keep one lamp and give the other to your partner. 

They can be used for any type of a relationship, whether it is a friendship, family member or a romantic relationship. 

You connect the lamps to an app and once it is connected, every time one person lights up their lamp, the other lamp will light up too! 

You can change the colors, set dimming times, set a sleep timer and much more.

Flower Subscription Service

I am pretty sure to say that I don’t think you can EVER go wrong with flowers! That is if your person is a flower person. 

I love a good flower arrangement that can last many days. Plus, you can pay for a subscription and have one delivered to your person every month or for special occasions!

The Body Pillow

Being long-distance can make you miss your partner, especially at night. This Body Pillow gives you the support and comfort whenever you need!

The Boyfriend Pillow

Speaking of missing your partner and body pillows – The Boyfriend Pillow can “replace” your boyfriend, and “fill in” the empty bed when you miss him!

So if you are a boyfriend that want to make your partner feel a bit better when missing you at night, while also adding a funny twist, you should definitely consider getting this Boyfriend Pillow!

Homesick Candle

Who doesn’t love a great candle, while also it being a meaningful gift? 

With these premium scented Homesick candles you can choose your person’s favorite city/hometown so that he or she will feel a little closer to home while being away.

Date Night Bucket List

If you’re ever stuck on what to do for date night, especially long-distance ones can be tricky. 

This Date Night Bucket List comes with a kit and various prompts for new date night ideas that you and your partner will love!

Getaway for Two

Plan a getaway for the two of you so that you can reconnect and spend quality time together!

Romantic 16 Preserved Roses Set

What’s more romantic then flowers? I’ll tell you – preserved roses that last a very long time, and that also come in a heart shaped box!

Artificial Flowers Rose Bear

We talked about real roses, preserved roses, and now we are moving on to this artificial flowers rose bear!

They say that some of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts are roses or romantic teddy bears, so this artificial roses bear is the perfect combination!

Matching Pajamas

A great gift to have when you are facetiming together is matching pajamas. It’s the perfect cozy gift for an evening together.

Messages in a Bottle

Leave cute little notes for your loved one with these long distance messages in a bottle, so that he or she can open them every day and be reminded of you and your love together!

Let’s Get Deep Card Game

Another great couple’s card game is Let’s Get Deep questions game! You can play long-distance to make you feel more connected to your person. 

It keeps your date nights exciting and in the meantime you get to know your partner even better!

Dual Time Clock

If you’re doing long-distance from two places with very different time zones then this dual time zone clock will be both a practical and meaningful long distance relationship gift!

A Dozen Reasons I Love You

If you need help expressing your love to your favorite person, this might be the way to do it. 

This “Reasons I Love You” comes with over 50 different options of cute heartfelt messages that you can choose for your partner. 

It’s something that they can keep and cherish and open whenever they need a reminder of your sweet words.

Baboon To The Moon Duffle Bag

By doing long distance, you are most likely to visit each other from time to time. 

And that’s exactly why you’ll need a good duffle bag to visit! These bags both come in different colors and fits probably up to 5 days worth of clothing.

For her, I love this Beis Weekender Bag, and for him I love this personalized duffle bag from Etsy!

They both are perfect as a carry-on, great for weekend getaways or road trips!

“We’re Not Really Strangers” Card Game

This “We’re Not Really Strangers” card game is a great option when you and your partner catch up on a long facetime call. 

This card game comes with many cards that will allow you guys to get to know each other on a deeper level.

“Why I Miss You” Fill-in-the-Blank Book

This Why I Miss You book is a really cute fill-in-the-blank book so you can leave your partner cute little notes. You can make it as long, lovey-dovey or as funny as you want!

Apple AirPods

When you’re long-distance, constant facetime and phone calls are a must, so you will definitely need good quality headphones. 

I love Apple’s AirPods because they are so convenient and you can take them anywhere with you while keeping up with your loved one.

“Stir Your Tea & Think of Me” Spoon

A small but cute gift that you can give your partner is this “Stir Your Tea & Think Of Me” spoon. 

Your loved one will love to use this every morning with their morning cup of tea or coffee.

And that’s it for today! I hope you found romantic long distance relationship gifts 🙂

This blog post was about long distance relationship gifts!

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