17 EXTREMELY Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Make Your Partner Laugh!

This blog post is about funny Valentine’s Day gifts!

funny valentine's day gifts

It’s time to ditch the predictable Valentine’s Day gifts! 

Ditch the roses, the chocolate boxes, the roses teddy bear, and celebrate Valentine’s Day with a side of laughter! 

This blog post is for those couples who has an amazing sense of humor, and want to buy each other funny Valentine’s Day gifts.

So, if you want to make Valentine’s Day 2024 a funny one, keep reading for the best & funny Valentine’s Day gifts for couples!

Let’s get started!

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Funny Valentine's Day Gifts

Dirty Fortune Cookies

Starting off this blog post with one of my favorite funny Valentine’s Day gifts – this Dirty Fortune Cookies pack from Uncommon goods!

It comes with 12 funny & dirty fortune cookies that are perfect for couples.

Personalized Photo Car Air Freshener

I’m actually obsessed with this personalized photo car air freshener!

If you are looking for funny Valentine’s Day gifts that are also practical, you should definitely consider checking out this personalized air freshener.

You can choose between a photo of yourself that they can have in their car, or if you want something cute you can choose a photo of the both of you, or – if you have a pet together, you can get them an air freshener with a photo of your pet!

Funny Apron

Another awesome gift for cooking/grilling lovers is this funny apron from Etsy!

You can customize it by choosing the apron color and design.

Personalized Funny Boxers

Okay let’s be honest, this is a totally not original gift idea, but you can also never go wrong with funny boxers for men!

You can either get these personalized face boxers with your face on them, or you can get him these “THIS ASS BELONGS TO:” boxers!

Funny Candles

One of the most popular funny Valentine’s Day gifts, are funny candles!

What I love about these candles is that they are scented and you can choose from multiple scents options.

Glitter Hearts Toilet Bombs

If your partner poops a lot (I know that was super straight forward haha), funny toilet related gifts are always a good idea 😉

You can get them these glitter hearts toilet bombs. To use them, you just drop a few glittery tablets in the toilet bowl before you go, and the essential oils create a fizzy and amazing smell!

The scents are Butterfly Gardens (aka cashmere and ginger lily) or Woodland Walk (oak and black currant).

Personalized Face Blanket

Another Valentine’s Day gift you can never go wrong with, is a soft throw blanket WITH YOUR FACES ON IT!

You can customize this faces throw blanket by either designing a blanket with your face on it, or both of your faces, or if you have a pet I would combine that too haha

Pizza Blanket

Do I really need to explain this? Can you ACTUALLY go wrong with a pizza blanket?!

Funny Cutting Board

If they love cooking or baking, you can get them this funny engraved cutting board from Etsy!

Fart Extinguisher Air Freshener 

If your partner farts a lot, you can get them this fart extinguisher air freshener from Etsy!

Target Toilet Light Projector

The hilarious Target light projector is the perfect & funny Valentine’s Day gift to upgrade your partner’s toilet experience 😉

You can switch the projectors of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Hillary, and Nancy Pelosi.

Custom Socks

Everyone uses socks, and you can’t go wrong with custom funny socks! You can customize them and personalize them with your face on it!

Couple Handholding Mittens

If your partner hates holding hands, buy them this couple handholding mittens!

They are handmade gloves, and the set also includes two individual gloves complete with ribbon ties that attach to the mitten!

Funny Valentine’s Day Card

If you are looking for a funny Valentine’s Day card, I found this funny talking Donald Trump Valentines card!

It’s a Valentine’s Day card that includes a special message in Trump’s real voice! 

Toilet Mini Golf Game

If your partner “takes their time” in the bathroom, consider getting them this toilet mini golf game to help them spend their time wisely in the bathroom 😉

Funny 2024 Calendars

Trust me, you can’t go wrong with these funny 2024 calendars as funny Valentine’s Day gifts.

They are the perfect combination of a funny and practical Valentine’s Day gift!

I love this Dogs Pooping in Beautiful Places calendar, which is a best seller. And I also found this funny Nature’s D*ck Pics 2024 calendar!

Funny Keychain

Last but not least for today is a funny keychain! If you are a “new couple”, but you still want to buy them something funny, this cute and funny taco keychain is a nice and “safe” idea!

And that’s it for today! I hope you found some funny Valentine’s Day gifts ;0

This blog post was about funny Valentine’s Day gifts!

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