The Best 27 Fun & Romantic At Home Date Night Ideas


Looking for romantic at home date night ideas? Today I am going to share with you the best romantic at home date night ideas you can do with your partner!

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Romantic at home date night ideas

Make Sushi Together

This one is one of my favorites to do with my boyfriend, because he knows how to make delicious sushi!

Get some sushi ingridients and make together sushi for dinner using this super helpful sushi making kit! (which is also perfect for sushi making beginners)

Netflix & Chill

The ultimate favorite couples activity. Pick a movie or a series you want to watch together on Netflix, make some popcorn, get some snacks and a glass of wine and cuddle together on the couch/in bed while watching some fun movies!

Theme Night

This is one of the most creative and fun at home date night ideas you can do together! 

Pick a theme (Hollywood style, 1920’s, vampires, etc) and dress up according to the theme.

You can also take it a step further and cook food that fits that theme, do activities that fits the theme, and more!

“Around The World” Cooking Night

For this at home date night idea, pick a country you want to visit, and cook together a traditional meal of that country!

You can pick Japanese food, Italian food, Mexican food, Hawaiian food – anything you want!

YouTube Bing Watching

Me and my boyfriend love bing watching YouTube videos! It’s also the perfect way to pull a fun all nighter together!

Game Night

Game night is also perfect for couples! There are many fun couples card games you can play together and enjoy!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Twister Game Night

Another fun at home date night activity to do together is to play Twister together! This is also a fun idea for a double date!

Wine And Cheese Tasting 

If you love cheese and wine, you can do a wine and cheese tasting date night! Get a few cubes of cheese, two/three wines and enjoy your time together as well as the cheese and wine!

Project a Movie in Your Backyard

If you want a more romantic, less at home date experience, you can project a movie in your backyard using a projector and watch it together!

at home date night ideas


Healthy Date Night 

If you are a healthy lifestyle, fit couple, you will definitely enjoy a healthy themed date night!

You can start your evening with a fun at home workout, maybe do some yoga, and then cook a healthy dinner together!

Spa Night 

This is a perfect at home date night idea for the weekend, after a long hectic week. Relax together by doing a spa night!

Give each other messages, put on a face mask, have a relaxing bath, and relax together!

Have a Fun DIY Projects Night 

If you are a crafty couple, you will definitely enjoy a DIY date night! All you need to do is to plan what DIYs you want to make, get the supplies, and enjoy the evening together!

Play Bowling in Your Hallway 

This idea is actually a fun idea. If you are bored, or you miss going bowling like we used to in 2019, playing bowling in your hallway is a fun idea to spend some time together!

You can either DIY a bowling set, or just get a nice bowling set from Amazon!

Go Camping at Home 

If you haven’t got the chance to go camping in the summer, or you don’t have the time to litararly go camping, having an indoor camping session can be very fun!

You can either sleep outside (in your yard or blacony), or build a tent inside, roast some marshmellow’s, have some camping meals and just do the exact (well almost) things you’ll do if you are on a camping trip!


Another romantic at home date night idea is to stargaze together! Go outside, sit or lay down in your balcony/yard and watch the stars together!

You can also drink some wine, talk about life, and enjoy the beautiful stars sight!

Have a Deep Conversation 

One of the things I like doing the most with my boyfriend is having deep conversations, talking about our selves, about our future/past – if he’s “the one” (or almost), you can find yourself talking together for hours without even noticing the time!

Nostalgic Date Night 

A fun activity to do together is to have a nostalgic date night! Go through old photos, videos, and memories of the both of you! 

at home date night ideas

Have a Romantic Indoor Picnic 

Be extra romantic, turn off the lights, light the candles and have a romantic dinner date picnic inside! (or in your balcony/yard)

Trivia Game Night 

If you like playing trivia together, why not play some trivia games together?!

Here are a few of my favorite trivia games:

Art Night

If you like painting/drawing, you can do a fun drawing session together! You can also have a beer or some wine, maybe add a delicious cheese and vegtables plate!

Room Makeover 

If you two live together, give one of the rooms in your place a makeover together! You can start of by planning the design, getting the stuff, and doing the makeover!

Learn a New Language Together 

Learning new languages is always a blessing, and it’s also very fun to do! But guess what, it’s even more fun if you do it together!

You can plan that once or twice a week you’ll dedicate an hour at the evening to sit down together and learn a new language you both want to learn!

Visit an Museum Online 

During this crazy year of 2020, a lot of museums had opened the option to visit their museum online from home!

For your date night, choose a museum you are both interested in visiting, sit down together and travel the world from your sofa by visiting interesting museums online!

Here are a few of my favorite online museums:

Have a Romantic Bubble Bath 

Who doesn’t love a romantic bath time? You can get some bath bombs and bath salts, light some candles around you and have a romantic bath!

Make Cocktails Together

This year taught us that we can learn anything we want from home! If you like alcohol, why not learn how to make some delicious cocktails together using this cocktails making kit!

Have an Ice Cream “Party”

This idea is definitely one of the most fun at home date night ideas! All you are going to need is to pick a movie you want to watch, and get a bunch of ice cream flavors!

And then, comes the really fun part – you watch the movie and eat all the ice cream together!

Puzzles Night

If you like puzzles, you can get a few new puzzles (or use what you already have) and have a fun puzzles night together!


And that’s it! These were 27 at home date night ideas you can enjoy at home! 

Which one did you like the most? And if you have any more ideas or recommendations, feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

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