The Best Manifesting Tips to Make Your Dream Life a Reality in 2022!

Best Manifesting Tips For 2022

Today we are going to talk about the best manifesting tips to make your dream life a reality in 2022!

The new year is slowly getting closer and closer, and now is the perfect time to set your new year goals, manifest your dream life, and work towards your goals and dreams.

In the past year I really got into manifesting, achieving  goals, and making my dreams a reality.

This past year I became more optimistic, and more focused on achieving goals, and making my dreams a reality.

Today, I am going to share with you the best manifesting and dreams/goals achieving tips I learned this year, so you can make 2022 one of your best years in life!

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1. Change Your Mindset

The first tip, and the most important one because this is the base of everything – is to change your mindset!

Believe in yourself, believe in your strength, in your power to make your dreams and goals come true.

Even if you are not 100% sure that you can achieve your goals and dreams, lie to yourself! 

Yes, you are probably surprised that I am telling you to lie to yourself, but eventually you will believe that “lie” and you will truly start believing in yourself.

Also, by changing your mindset and building your confident, start using the phrase “when I will” and not “if I will”.

For example, if your dream is to move to NYC, when you talk about this dream, say “when I will move to NYC, I will live near the Empire State Building”, instead of saying “if I will move to NYC, I will live near the Empire State Building”.

Remember, it all begins with your mindset!

2. Write Down Your Goals

The next manifesting tip for today, is to write down your goals. Make a list of your goals. 

I personally like to make two general lists:

  • Yearly Goals List – I write down all of my goals for the year that I want to achieve in that year.
  • Life Goals List – in this list I like to go wild. I just write all of my goals for life, things I want to achieve and do in life.

3. Visualize Your Dream Life

After you have your goals, and you have an idea of your dreams and goals you want to achieve, it’s time to visualize your dream life!

And for this step, I have a few tips that I do in my everyday life:

I write down how I want my life to look like – by writing down a “story of my life”, I have an idea of what I want my life to look like, what I want to achieve and what I want to do.

After I write what I would like my life to look like, I write the same thing, but in a point of view where I already achieved those goals (it’s like a letter from the future).

I changed my laptop’s desktop picture to a collage that visualizes my dream life for the next year – basically, I chose a few pictures online that visualizes what I want to achieve and do this year.

For example, if you want to make a lot of money this year, insert into the collage a picture of money. Or, if you want to move to NYC, insert a picture of NYC.

I create a photo collage for every aspect in my dream life – basically, I make a visualize board of the finance aspect of my life, a board for the travel aspect of my life (which is strong in my life haha), a board for the career aspect of my life, etc.

4. Write Down What to Focus on

Once you wrote down your goals, visualized your life, and planned your year/life in general, it’s time to start working!

Writing down what to focus on is honestly one of the best manifesting tips, since after this step you start working on making your dreams come true!

What I like to do, is to look on my life goals list, and then break it down into yearly goals.

Then, once I know what are my yearly goals for this year, I first of all know what to focus on this year to achieve these goals THIS YEAR.

But it doesn’t end there! I also like to break down my yearly goals into monthly goals.

For example, if your goal is to move-in with your boyfriend by the end of the year, break that yearly goal into monthly goals. 

This way, you will know exactly what to focus on and what to do to achieve that goal.

Back to that example, if your goal is to move in with your boyfriend, break down that goal into small goals:

  • Save $500 a month until I move in him 
  • Go apartment hunting in July (for example)
  • Start buying things for the apartment in May

5. Use a Manifesting Planner 

My last tip for today, is to get yourself a manifesting planner! 

In the past few months I started using the Freedom Mastery Manifesting planner, and it helped me so much!

This planner honestly increased my productivity as well as guides me through my manifesting experience.

Basically, the Freedom Mastery Planner will help you to focus on your top priorities, and help you focus on your weekly/monthly/yearly goals.

Fun fact about myself, is that I have ADHD, which makes everything in my head messy, and I always try to do everything I can to stay the most focused and planned that I can.

The Freedom Mastery planner is an amazing option for me, because it has productivity and time management features (which as a AHDH person, I suck at time management), and it also includes a weekly planner that includes to-do lists, a feel-good list, a gratitude journal, a weekly/monthly feel-good list, and more!

Also, since this planner helps you improve your time management skills, you will learn how to set big goals and achieving them by following the same time management methods millionaires and billionaires do to set and achieve their goals!

What I Liked About The Planner:

  • The Cover – the cover of the planner is beautiful! I got this specific planner from Freedom Mastery, and it’s such a beautiful planner!
  • It comes with pretty stickers! Honestly, I’m also a sucker for pretty stickers, especially in a planner, so it’s a great addition to your weekly spreadsheet.
  • The planner’s weekly spreadsheet – what I always look for in a planner is a nice, free weekly spreadsheet that is super organized. The Freedom Mastery planner definitely has an organized spreadsheet that has place for you to plan your week, and also space for you to write your weekly focus for that week, and what are your week’s priorities. This feature is so important, because it makes you focus on what’s most important that week, and helps you reach your weekly and monthly goals.

  • The Monthly Reflection section – another feature of the planner I really liked as well, is the Monthly Reflection section. Basically, on the end of each month, you can reflect on the previous month and see what goals have you achieved, what you didn’t, and have a general idea of what happened the previous month.

  •  The Undated Planner – I personally got the dated January-December 2022 planner, but I love and prefer undated planners. You know, you just don’t need to commit to them, and you can use them whenever you want and just insert the dates. Freedom Mastery offers some beautiful undated planners and I highly recommend checking them out!

Manifesting Planner Conclusions

If you are going into the manifesting process, and want to start achieving your goals and manifest your dream life, this manifesting planner from Freedom Mastery is definitely for you.

It will help you keep your life organized, focused, and will help you achieve your goals and dreams by breaking your goals into smaller ones, and to keep you working towards your goals!

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