The Best Thoughtful College Care Packages Ideas That Will Make College Students Happy!

This blog post is about college care packages!

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College care packages are the perfect way to show your college student how much you love and miss them.

Whether you are planning on sending a college care package for your boyfriend, child, best friend, sibling, or whatever – I got you covered with the cutest college care packages ideas for any occasion!

In this post, we are going to cover college care packages inspo ideas, DIY college care packages stickers (for making the cutest care packages), ready-to-shop college care packages, and gifts to include in college care pckages.

Let’s get started!

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What Are College Care Packages?

If you aren’t familiar with college care packages, they are gift boxes filled with goodies and essentials that you send college students throughout the year! 

They are a thoughtful way to show your college student how much you care and miss them, and can be an amazing mood-booster for a college student that misses home – especially during busy times like finals week, or if they are not coming home for holidays. 


When To Send College Care Packages?

  • When your college student is feeling homesick
  • When they are not feeling well (physically or mentally)
  • When they are feeling stressed out during finals week/any other time
  • When they are staying in college during holidays (for example Halloween, Valentine’s Day)
  • Whenever you feel like spoiling them!

College Care Package Inspo

Ice Cream Sundae Care Package

Get a cute box with delicious sundae ice cream essentials like ice cream cups, ice cream cones, toppings, a spoon, and more.

Then, all your college student needs to do is to get ice cream and make themselves a delicious treat with your gift box!

Box Of Sunshine

Source: @brookedegoey

Whether it’s spring, summer, or you just want to send your college student a box of sunshine and happiness, this beautiful college care package design idea is perfect!

My Heart Bee-Longs To You Box Design!

Source: @brookedegoey

How pretty is this My Heart Bee-Longs To You college care package?? 

It is perfect for surprising your gf/bf, and you can fill it in with cute gifts and essentials (check out the bottom of this post for the gift ideas part!)

Yoda-One We Miss Gift Box

Source: @kschwein3

If they like Star Wars, or at least familiar with it, you can recreate this cute Yoda One We Miss college care package, and fill it up with all of their favorite snacks!


Out Of The Blue College Care Package

Source: @sgkowalik

I love these “out of the blue” college care packages! I love themed packages, they are so cute and perfect for surprising your college student!

Recreate this blue theme, and fill it up with delicious blue snacks and candies. 

Spongebob College Care Package

Source: @aquenano

I love Spongebob! And this Spongebob college care package is insanely adorable and so cute!

It’s perfect for sending to your partner, your best friend, or even to your child/sibling.

Life’s No Picnic Without You Here Box

Source: @brookedegoey

How cute is this Life Is No Picnic Without You Here design?? You can put in it a bunch of delicious snacks, cozy socks, and just spoil your college student with comforting gifts.

Donut Forget I Love Yout Package

Source: @michelestan

Spoil your college student with a fun donuts college package! Throw in some delicious donuts from your grocery store, donut themed plates for them to eat their delicious donuts, and if they like coffee you can throw in a delicious Dunkin Donuts coffee k cups pack as well!


Midnight Munchies College Care Package

Source: @asolb23

Make sure your college student is stocked up on their midnight munchies with this cute midnight snacks care package!

Throw in all of their favorite candy and snacks, that will make the perfect snacks for their midnight munchies 😉

College Care Package For Partner

Source: @brookedegoey

For your gf or bf, you can make this romantic college care package for partner!

You can throw in their favorite snacks and candies, as well as cozy gifts like soft socks, a picture frame with your favorite photo of the both of you, a hand-written note, and more!

Long Distance Anniversary Care Package

Source: @brookedegoey

If you are doing long distance, and don’t go to school together, and your anniversary is coming up – this anniversary college care package is a romantic idea!

You can decorate your box as seen in the photo above, and print out all of your favorite photos together. Then, you can fill the box with romantic candies and gifts, and even DIY these romantic anniversary gifts:

Happy Birthday College Care Package

Source: @brookedegoey

If your college student is celebrating their birthday during the school year, you can send them a happy birthday college care package!

Fill it up with birthday cards from their family and friends, get them delicious snacks, and spoil them with little gifts!

Colorful Birthday Gift Care Package

Source: @slc1973

Another cute option for a birthday care package is this colorful option! 

As you can see she covered the box with birthday wrapping paper, and filled the box with a small happy birthday balloons, birthday cake flavored Oreos, and some little gifts like a Dominos Pizza gift card 🙂

Sending You a Big HUG Care Package

If you just miss your college student, and want to let them know you thought of them and miss them, you can go wrong with an adorable “Sending You a Big Hug From Home” designed college care package!


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Holidays College Care Packages

Halloween College Care Package

Source: @brookedegoey

Spoil your college student with a spooky 😉 college care package that is filled with delicious Halloween candy, and even small Halloween decorations for their dorm room!

Thanksgiving/Fall Care Package

Source: @brookedegoey
Source: @brookedegoey

If you want to spoil your college student for fall, or if for some reason they are not coming home this year for Thanksgiving, you can make them a comforting and cozy fall themed care package!

Make it cozy with a fall scented candle, a cozy pair of slippers, maybe add some pumpkin spice or pumpkin spiced-latte, and just make a cozy fall college care package for them.


Christmas College Care Package

Source: @brookedegoey
Source: @brookedegoey

Whether you want to do a Christmas countdown, or if your college student isn’t coming home for Christmas, spoil them with a Christmas care package!

Throw in some hot chocolate, Christmas coffee K cups, Christmas candy, little Christmas gifts, and more!


Happy New Year Care Package

Source: @ramcquiston

If you are not celebrating the new year together, spoil them with a fun New Years care package!

I would include some delicious candy, and maybe some gifts that are related to their new years resolutions such as an yearly planner, maybe a gift card to a smoothies/healthy food place, a new book, etc.

Valentine’s Day Care Package

Source: @mzyduck

Spoil your partner for Valentine’s Day with a romantic Valentine’s Day care package!

Make it all pink/red and cute, get some Valentine’s Day candy, and add some cute Valentine’s Day gifts and even DIY Valentine’s Day gifts as well.

Easter College Care Package

Source: @bake0310

How cute is this Easter college care package? Fill it up with artificial grass like in the photo above, throw in some Easter eggs and candy, and that’s it!

DIY Care Packages Stickers

One of the easiest way to DIY your college care packages, is by getting college care package stickers and easily stick them on your care box!

There are so many adorable college care package stickers, I found all of these on Etsy and they are so cute!

Cute College Care Package Stickers

How cute are these college care package stickers?? I love the donuts care package sticker! So cute and perfect for the donuts care package I talked about earlier.

Also, for spring and summer, how cute is this oranges stickers pack? So springy and cute!

Out Of The Blue

As I mentioned earlier, you can make these cute out of the blue packages with different blue candies and snacks. Here’s the perfect Out Of The Blue college care package stickers pack for that!

I O Fishally Miss You Package

Show your college student how much you miss them with I O Fishally Miss You package stickers!

I would fill it with fish candies and snacks, like getting Gold Fish snacksSwedish Fish candy, and different fish shaped candies and snacks.

Halloween College Care Package

Thanksgiving Care Package

If they are not coming home for Thanksgiving, sending out a Thanksgiving college care package can be very thoughtful!

As I said before, you can fill it up with fall snacks and candy, make it cozy with a soft pair of slippers and a fall scented candle.

Christmas Care Package

If you want to surprise your college student with a Christmas care package in the beginning of December, or if for some reason they are not coming home for Christmas, you can easily surprise them for Christmas with these beautiful Christmas care package stickers!

For the package itself, you can fill them up with cozy Christmas socks, maybe get them a Christmas pajamas set, include some fun Christmas candy, hot chocolate, and more!

Valentine’s Day Care Package

I talked about sending Valentine’s Day care packages for your partner, and here are cute Valentine’s Day package stickers to decorate your box with!

I also love these Miss You kisses stickers. So pretty!

Easter Care Package Stickers

Another cute design for an Easter care package is this Some Bunny Loves You stickers pack, which is so cute and perfect for Easter!

Finals Week Care Package

If you are having a smaller party with your close friends, or you want to spoil your friends with cute drink cups, you are going to LOVE these custom disco ball cups or cute personalized drink pouches!

College Care Packages To Buy

If you don’t want to completely DIY a college care package, that’s totally fine too. I feel you! It is very time consuming 😉

There are so many perfect ready-to-ship college care packages that you can even order directly to your college student’s college.

Here are some of my favorites:

CraveBox College Box

The CraveBox College Box is the perfect delicious college care package to send your student.

You can buy it on Amazon and just directly deliver it to your college student’s address.

It comes with 50 delicious snacks and candies that any college student would love to receive!

Finals Week/Mid-Term Exams Package

This package is the perfect finals week/mid-term exams care package! 

It includes a personalized note, a cheese & cracker snack, 1 protein bar, an emergency-C pack, a coffee K-cup, a microwave popcorn packet, a snack-size bag chips, snack-size bag pretzels, 1 pack of Oreo cookies, 1 tea bag, 3 Hershey kisses, 4 assorted candies, 1 snack size pack of gummies, a mini white lined notebook, a highlighter and a pen.

Exams College Care Package For Her

This cute and supporting exams college care package for her comes with a small “Believe In Yourself” wooden desk sign, a popper fidget keychain, a soothing blue light face mask, an amazing smelling lip balm, a scented hand cream, a hair scrunchie, nail file, sticky notes, mechanical pencil, a highlighter pen, purell hand sanitizer, tissues, emergency crystals, propel electrolyte drink mix, anti-bacterial hand wipes, and delicious snacks and candies!

Miss You Candy Gift Jar

Why send a college care package when you can send a college care jar? 😉

This sweet jar is actually sweet, and comes with delicious candy bars and snacks that are perfect for a college student you miss a ton!

Sending Hugs Gift Box For Her

Send your college student a big hug with this Sending Hugs Gift Box For Her!

This gift box includes a scented candle, safety matches, a bath bomb, lip balm, fuzzy socks, hot cocoa mix, velvet scrunchies, a greeting card with a personalized message, and is packaged in a beautiful designer box!

Finals Exams Gift Box

Support your college student on finals week with a comforting Finals Exams Gift Box!

This gift box comes with an amazing smelling soy candle, a bath bomb, a box of matches, a delicious smelling lip balm, fluffy slippers, and velvet scrunchies.

Of course you can choose the slippers size and color.

Classy Gift Box For Her

Whether it’s her birthday, your anniversary, or if you just want to spoil her – this classy gift box for women is the perfect choice!

There are 4 box options for you to choose from, that come with different products. 

So I highly recommend checking them out and deciding which box will be the perfect match for your girl!

Cozy Sunshine Gift Box

This cozy sunshine care package includes a cozy blanket, a neutral mug, some candies, and more! You can also personalize your card and write a personal message.

Valentine’s Day Gift Care Package

Surprise your girl with the perfect Valentine’s Day care package! 

There are a few different gift box options, and all of them include the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts to deliver in one package!

Get Well Soon Sunshine Care Package

If she’s feeling a little bit down, or sick, surprise her with this comforting feel well soon care package! 

This happy care package includes a sunflower throw blanket, a 50-hour scented candle, a thermal wine tumbler, “Be The Sunshine” bracelet, a large card, and more!

College Care Package Gifts

This section is for college care package gifts! If you don’t know what to include in college care packages, and want some cute ideas, keep reading!

College Care Package For The Homesick:

Self Care College Care Packages:

College Care Package For BF:

College Care Package For GF:

Birthday College Care Packages:

Wellness College Care Packages:

And that’s it for today! I hope you found some beautiful care packages inspiration and got some good college care package ideas! 🙂

This blog post was about college care packages.


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