30+ Best College Halloween Costumes To COPY This Year!

College Halloween Costumes

College Halloween Costumes

This blog post is about trendy college Halloween costumes!

Halloween is finally getting closer and closer, and NOW is the perfect time to start looking for cool, unique, and hot college Halloween costumes for your Halloween parties!

In this blog post, I share with you 34 super creative and easy to create college Halloween costumes! 

Let’s get started!

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best college Halloween costumes

college halloween costumes:

Dance Party Barbie

Dance Party Barbie

This Halloween is going to be a pink one!

Be Barbie from the ICONIC Barbie dance party scene with this cute gold-colored outfit!

Space Cowgirls

Space cowgirls costume
Source: @sierrapalantino

It’s time to dress up OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD and be a space cowgirl with your bestie!


Tinkerbell costume
Source: @amandalee.03.rosado

You can never go wrong with a cute Tinkerbell costume for Halloween!

Flora From Winx

Pink Winx
Source: @luanathelabel on Etsy

How cute is this pink Flora from Winx costume??

You can get on Etsy, it’s a handmade costume by a super talented Etsy shop owner!

Angel of Death

Angel of death costume
Source: @tori_genesis

This angel of death costume is the perfect Halloween costume for college parties, and can also be a great last minute Halloween costume that you can easily put together with an Amazon Prime membership!

Snow White

Snow white costume
Source: @kaylahuwong

How pretty is this beautiful snow white costume??

Hannah Montana & Dolly Penn

Hannah Montana & Dolly Penn Costume
Source: @annalisa_toniolo

Looking for a nostalgic Halloween costume?! How about this iconic Hannah Montana and Dolly Penn costume? So cute! 

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman Costume
Source: @Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is definitely one of my all-time favorite movies! And this Julia Roberts outfit from the movie, is definitely an extremely iconic costume idea.

Cookie Man & Lord Maximus Farquaad

Shrek costume idea Lord Farquaad
Source: @emilyfxrrest

I literarily grew up on all the Shrek movies, and in my opinion, this cookie man and Lord Maximus Farquaad is ICONIC.

Maleficent & Sleeping Beauty

maleficent and sleeping beauty costume
Source: @jessicalukaszewski

How cute is this maleficent and sleeping beauty costume??

Creepy Dolls

Creepy Twins
Source: Pinterest

It’s time to get creepyyyy with this creepy dolls costume!

Grab your bestie and be creepy dolls for Halloween!

Super Heros 

Super Heros costume
Source: @maggie_cooperrr

Looking for cute college Halloween costumes? How about being cute super heros for Halloween?!


Barbie costume
Source: @jordan_allen22

Be an original workout Barbie for Halloween!

As I said, it’s a pink Halloween this year 😉

Biker Girls

Biker girls costume
Source: @brileybodin

Grab your bestie and dress up as Daphne & Velma from Scooby-Doo!

Rick From Rick & Morty

Rick costume from Rick & Morty

Camila Mendes is CRUSHING IT as Rick from Ricky & Morty!

And you won’t believe how easy it is to recreate this costume!


Unicorn Costume
Source: @madelinemandato

How about being a colorful unicorn for Halloween?!

Rapunzel, Tangled

Rapunzel Tangled Costume
Source: @elegantlyellery

I love this Rapunzel from Tangled Halloween costume so much! It works as a beautiful couples Halloween costume, but you can also crush it as a solo costume as well.

Hershey’s Kisses

Source: @liv.rueter

If you are looking for a cute and easy group/duo Halloween costume, consider being Hershey’s Kisses for Halloween!


Pirate girl costume
Source: @aubreyyalbert

I love this beautiful pirate costume! So pretty and easy to create!

Care Bears

If you happen to be 4 friends, that are looking for a cute Halloween group costume, definitely consider being Care Bears for Halloween!

Below are the links for the blue Care Bear, but you can also find there the other colors too.

Sailor Girls

sailors costume
Source: @aiyanachilders

Next is a perfect trio Halloween costume – sailor girls!


women golf players costume
Source: @tegancastelluccio

Put together an easy and perfect last minute costume – golfers!

Rachel Green

What’s more iconic than Rachel Green?! This is a super easy Halloween costume to recreate, but you will need to DIY it.

I looked EVERYWHERE online for a Central Perk waist apron, and didn’t find anything that looks like this!

You will need to DIY it though, but that’s the only DIY project you’ll need for this costume.

All you need to do is to either print the Central Park logo on the white apron/ print the logo and stick it to the apron/draw the logo on the apron.


Medusa halloween costume
Source: @tesslamotor

If you are looking for unique college Halloween costumes, definitely consider being Medusa for Halloween!

3 Blind Mice

3 Blind mice costume
Source: @chandlerrosas

If you are looking for a fun trio group costume, consider being these cute blind mice!


parrot halloween costume
Source: @sofiaricci_

This parrot costume is definitely an extremely unique option, that I think I’ve might never seen in real life! (I mean I didn’t see in real life someone wearing this).

So if you want to be on your unique side this Halloween, definitely consider being a parrot!

Princess Tiana

princess tiana halloween costume
Source: @fikayoajeigbe

First of all, how pretty is this Princess Tiana costume??

You won’t believe how easy to copy this costume is!

Football Players

How about being football players?!

Also, you can make this costume even more unique with this custom football player shirt, that you can add your name and your “team name” on the back.

Oh, and you can also choose the number!

Dalmatian Dogs

Okay but how cute is this Dalmatian dogs costume??

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora Halloween Costume
Source: @oliviamathisonn

It sounds simple, but the costume itself is so unique!

How about being the Sleeping Beauty this Halloween?

Sun & Moon

I’m OBSESSED with this beautiful sun & moon costumes!

This is definitely one of the best college Halloween costumes for besties!

White & Black Swans

white and black swans costume
Source: @chiarawurth

I am finishing off this blog post with a beautiful white & black swans!

This is a beautiful costume that you can easily re-create, even as a last minute costume!

And that’s it for today! This blog post was about the best college Halloween costumes!


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