Best Amazon Easter Gifts For Her & For Him!

Amazon Easter Gifts For Her & For Him

This blog post is all about the best Amazon Easter gifts for her & for him!

Easter is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to start looking for some cute Easter gifts to fill up the Easter baskets!

Today, I am going to share with you 40 Amazon Easter gifts – 20 Easter gifts for her, and 20 Easter gifts for him.

Let’s get started!

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Amazon easter gifts


Weekly Planner Pad

I love being organized and having my days and weeks planned out. This weekly planner pad is the perfect way to have your life planned out and organized!

With this planner you can plan your day by writing down your to-do list, tracking how much water you drink, plan out your meals, write down your fitness and health goals/to-do lists, write down your achievements, write down your priority list, and more!

weekly planner pad


Mini Perfumes Set

Another great Easter gift idea is a mini perfumes set! There are many nice perfumes sets on Amazon. 

I specifically love the Moschino Miniature Collection and the Marc Jacobs 4-piece set.

Makeup Bag

A makeup bag is always the most practical gift idea for any woman. 

Yes, even if she doesn’t wear makeup, she can still use a makeup bag to store her toiletries in her bag or when she’s traveling!

E.L.F Jet Set Hydration Kit

The E.L.F Jet Set Hydration Kit is a great Easter gift for a travel lover or for a busy woman that wants to stay hydrated during the day.

This hydration kit is a travel-sized skincare products set and comes with a face cleanser, a balm, moisturizer, eye cream, and a night cream!


e.l.f jet set hydration kit

ASAKUKI Smart Wifi Essential Oil Diffuser

It’s always nice to have an essential oil diffuser in your home to make your home smell amazing.

But what I like about this ASAKUKI essential oil diffuser, is that it is a smart wifi essential oil diffuser!

This means that you can turn on, switch lights, and set up your essential oil diffuser through your phone!

ASAKUKI Smart WiFi Essential Oil Diffuser

4-in-1 Travel Dispenser Bottle

This 4-in-1 travel dispenser bottle is a brilliant idea by itself, but also the perfect Easter gift for a travel lover!

Basically, in one dispenser, you can store 4 products in one bottle. 

Each dispenser holds four refillable bottles which you can use to put in soap/shampoo/conditioner/makeup remover/etc. 

4-in-1 travel dispenser

Cute Luggage Tags

Another great little Amazon Easter gift to throw in the Easter basket, is a luggage tags set!

I found THE CUTEST luggage tags on Amazon. The first set is the “And so the adventure begins” 2-pcs luggage tags set.

The second set, is actually the set I have, and is a 4-pcs world map luggage tags set!

Cute Airpods Case

Let’s be honest, nowadays, a nice Airpods case is one of the most practical gifts ever.

Also, this is the perfect sized gift to throw in a Easter basket!

purple airpods case

Magnetic Bookmarks Set

This magnetic bookmarks set from Amazon is the perfect gift for a bookworm.

What’s cool about these magnetic bookmarks is that first of all, since this is a magnetic bookmark, it won’t fall off the book easily.

Also, it gives less damage to books unlike metal/plastic bookmarks.

Another cool fact about these magnetic bookmarks, is that even if you stick the bookmarks in several parts of the book, they won’t move much when you flip through the book!


magnetic bookmarks set

Heart-Shaped Mini Waffles Maker

This heart-shaped mini waffles maker is so cute and will make a great Easter gift for her!

If she likes cooking, or just loves waffles, she can make great use out of this cute heart-shaped mini waffles maker!

Also, this mini waffles maker comes in more shapes, I highly recommend checking it out!

heart shaped mini waffles maker

Calm Sleep Mist

The Calm Sleep Mist is a room & pillow spray that supposed to make you feel calmer and help you fall asleep faster.

This sleep mist is completely natural and doesn’t contain parabens, synthetic fragrances and colors, sulfates, and phthalates.

They say that this sleep mist will transform your pillow and room with it’s soothing scent and will create a relaxing environment for sleep.

calm sleep mist

Satin Sleep Set

The Kitcsh Satin Sleep Set is the perfect softer than silk pillowcase and eyemask set!

This set comes with a satin pillowcase, a satin eye mask, and satin volume scrunchie. 

Unlike cotton, satin pillowcases lessen friction between your hair, so by using this satin pillowcase, you can be sure that you will wake up with beautiful hair and without frizz!

Satin pillowcase and eye mask set

Photo Clips String Lights

If she’s going to college, or just like decorating her home/room, this photo clips string light is a great Easter gift idea to help her decorate her room!

She can hang up this photo clips string light on her wall and hang up some of her favorite photos of herself, with friends, and with family!

photo clips string lights

Colored Pens Set

Whether she’s a student or not, these colored pens set is a great practical gift she can use!

Even if she’s not a student, but has a planner and likes coloring things, this colored pens set will definitely be a useful gift!


colored pens set

Senbowe Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer Machine

If she’s a makeup lover, I can guarantee that she is going to love this makeup brush cleaner & dryer machine!

As a makeup lover and user myself, I can’t think of a more practical gift than this makeup brush cleaner & dryer machine.

This machine is super easy to use, and is perfect for deep-cleaning your makeup brushes.

And the best part is that it also dries your makeup brushes, which makes the whole makeup brush-cleaning process so much easier and faster!

makeup brush cleaner & dryer

Motivational Stress Balls

These motivational stress balls are a great Easter basket stuffer for a college/high school student.

They can use them to relax before important days, exams, etc.

motivational stress balls

The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook

This is the best Easter gift for college student! 

The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook is as it’s name, a cookbook that includes only 5 ingredients!

Since dorm rooms don’t include much kitchen space, and college students don’t have much time to cook, this cookbook was written to help college students cook more than 100 recipes that only take 30 minutes to throw together, and only require 5 ingredients!

the 5 ingredient college cookbook

Scalp Massagers

These scalp massagers give the best head and scalp massages EVER! And besides being the perfect head massage tool, they also make a great Easter basket stuffer!

scalp massager

Bluetooth Speaker

Next on our Amazon Easter gifts list is this rose gold Bluetooth speaker!

First of all, this a super practical gift, since she can use it while taking a shower, on the go, at the beach, etc.

rose gold Bluetooth speaker

24K Gold Under Eye Mask

This 24K gold under eye mask is perfect for taking care of puffy eyes, dark circles, eye bags, puffiness, and even wrinkles!

This is an anti aging skincare eye patch treatment mask, which hydrates your skin with under eye gel pads!

24K gold under eye mask


Neck Massage Pillow

I always talk about this neck massage pillow on my blog, but it honestly gives the best neck massages!

This neck massager is a great Easter gift and you can be sure he will definitely enjoy giving himself amazing neck massages!

neck massage pillow


I think you can never go wrong with a delicious smelling perfume. It’s a nice gift idea, and you can also be sure that he will definitely use it.

I highly recommend the One Million perfume. My boyfriend uses this perfume all the time and I can tell you that the smell is AMAZING, and the scent is pretty long-lasting as well!

one million perfume

Bluetooth LED Beanie

Next is this super cool Bluetooth LED beanie! With this beanie you can listen to music, and even use it as a head flashlight!

Bluetooth beanie

Nice Wallet

Another super practical and nice Easter gift is the Tommy Hilfiger mens wallet. 

This is a great looking, high quality, yet affordable wallet that will make a great Easter gift!

Tommy Hilfiger mens wallet


You can never go wrong with candy! This Egg Hunt candy set includes the most popular and delicious candies such as Sour Patch, Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, and more!

Hershey and Mondelez Egg Hunt Sweet and Sour Assortment Candy

Men’s Hand Watch

If he’s a hand-watch man, he would definitely enjoy this men’s hand watch from Amazon.

This hand watch comes in a few different colors, and will make a great Easter basket stuffer for him!

men's hand watch

Funny Socks

If your man is a gamer, you can get him these funny socks from Amazon! 

These funny socks will make a great Easter stuffer for him.

gamers funny socks

Movie Night Popcorn Kernels & Seasoning Pack

If he’s a movie lover, he is going to love this Move Night popcorn kernels & seasoning pack!

This pack comes with white cheddar, sweet & salty kettlecorn, chili lime, buttery carmel, and sizzling sriracha gourmet popcorn seasoning.

Also, this pack comes with three types of popcorns – fluffy white gold popcorn, crunchy ruby red popcorn, and three tricolor blend popcorn.

movie night popcorn set

Popcorn Container

Next on our Amazon Easter gifts list, and another addition to your movie night, is this popcorn container!

This is a great Easter basket stuffing, and also a very useful gift!

popcorn container

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

If he’s a movie lover, he is going to LOVE this 100 movies scratch off poster!

Basically, this poster has 100 scratch off movies, the best movies of all times. 

This is a great gift for a movie lover, he can watch all of these best movies, and scratch them off the poster!

TOP 100 movies scratch off poster

The New Craft of The Cocktail Book

If he’s into making cocktails, he would definitely enjoy the New Craft of Cocktail Book. This book includes the cocktails histories, culture, tips, and tricks.

craft cocktail book

NBA Basketball Pants

Next on our list are these NBA basketball pants. 

If he’s a basketball lover, he would definitely enjoy these NBA basketball pants from Amazon!

NBA basketball pants

SmokeHouse Grilling Spice Set

If he’s into grilling, he would definitely enjoy the Smokehouse grilling spice set!

This grilling spice set comes with 20 spices that are perfect for grilling! If he’s into cooking and grilling, he would definitely enjoy this gift!

smokehouse grilling spices set

Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Another great Easter basket stuffer will be this adjustable cell phone stand! 

This is a great practical gift for someone who works from home or works in a office and kind find this cell phone stand useful.

adjustable cell phone stand

Gourmet Hot Sauce

If he likes cooking, or just loves hot sauces, let me introduce you to the Truff hot sauce!

This hot sauce is infused with black truffle, chili peppers, and organic agave nectar. This is the perfect hot sauce to upgrade your meals!

truffle hot sauce

Luggage Tags

As earlier, I told you that there are many super cute and nice luggage tags on Amazon. One of them is this Harry Potter luggage tag!

harry potter luggage tags

AirPods Case

As I mentioned earlier, you can never go wrong with a nice AirPods case! 

This AirPods case comes in blue, purple, black, orange, red, white, yellow, green, and even light blue!

blue airpods case

Phone Camera Lens

This phone camera lens set is an upgraded 3 in 1 phone lens kit! It comes with a 198° Fisheye Lens + Macro Lens + 120° Wide Angle Lens.

These are clip on cell phone lens, which makes them compatible with most smartphones and phones.

3 in 1 phone camera lens

Basketball Mug

I’ll be honest, I’m a sucker of cute and unique mugs! And I can tell you, that even though I am not a basketball fan, I was honestly considering getting this basketball mug because it’s so cute!

If he’s a basketball lover, and is also a coffee/tea/hot chocolate lover, he would definitely make great use out of this basketball mug!

basketball mug

Light Up Chopsticks

These light up chopsticks are such a cool gift! And not only because they light up, but also because they look similar to the Star Wars swords!

If he’s a Star Wars fan, and also loves sushi/eating with chopsticks, definitely consider getting him these light up chopsticks!

light up chopsticks

And that’s it for today! These were the best Amazon Easter gifts for her & for him!

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