The Best TikTok Recommended Amazon Kitchen Organization Products!

Amazon Kitchen Organization Hacks

This blog post is all about the best Amazon kitchen organization products and hacks!

But, I wanted to make a twist on this blog post! And as you can tell by the title, this blog post is all about the best TIKTOK recommended Amazon kitchen organization products!

I’ve been researching the *** out of TikTok this past week, and I’ve created a full list of the best TikTok recommended Amazon kitchen organization products!

These are the most recommended products I’ve seen all over TikTok!

Let’s get started!

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Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

I love having a pretty minimalist kitchen countertop. And one of the things that helped me make my kitchen more organized and clean was this roll up dish drying rack!

And I’ll tell you why! Before, I had a regular dish drying rack. It took too much space on my small apartment kitchen counter, the dishes would get messy on it and it just made a crowded look.

Since using this roll up dish drying rack, I no longer have dishes piled up on my kitchen counter, and when I don’t have any dishes, I put the roll up dish drying rack in a drawer, and that’s it!

black roll up dish drying rack

Pots & Pans Organizers

When I lived with my parents, they never had a pots & pans organizer (since they didn’t see the need in one), and the pots and pans would just be stacked on top of each other and it was so annoying!

When I moved into my first apartment, the first thing I wanted to buy was a pots & pans organizer and also a pots & pans lids organizer since I hated having everything stacked on top of each other and being in a huge mess!

I found these super nice pots & pans organizers and pots & pans lids organizers on Amazon, and after seeing people talking about them on TikTok as well, I HAD to recommend them as well!

Drawers Organizers Set

Everyone and their mother on TikTok are talking about aesthetically pleasing drawers organizers!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE having organized drawers. My place can be a mess sometimes, but the drawers? NEVER.

I love this clear drawers organizers set from Amazon. It’s a set of 25 different sized organization bins that are perfect for organizing anything and everything!

I’ve been using this organizers set for my kitchen and bathroom drawers and I highly recommend them!

25 pcs clear drawers organizers set

Expandable Silverware Organizer

Getting a silverware organizer is a pretty obvious purchase to make. 

BUT, after doing my Amazon kitchen organization research on TikTok, I found this super cool expandable silverware organizer!

What I love about this expandable silverware organizer, is that since it’s expandable, you can use it for any drawer you want to be the silverware drawer, and as for your future apartments, you can re-use this silverware organizer over and over again and adjust the size to your drawer.

Also, beyond this being a silverware organizer – you can also use it as an organizer to a junk drawer, to your office supplies in your desk drawers, etc.

bamboo expandable silverware organizer

Cereal Dispenser 

Almost every video I saw on TikTok talked about  how everyone needs a cereal dispenser. I specifcally saw recommendations for this white cereal dispenser set and this silver cereal dispenser set.

This is a great way to organize and use your cereals. You can either place them on your kitchen countertop, or if you have space in your pantry, it would definitely be great there!

Adjustable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

I’ve seen this adjustable kitchen cabinet organizer ALL OVER TIKTOK! I saw this on almost every video I checked out, and I think this is the perfect way to maximize space in your kitchen cabinets!

As I said, this is an adjustable organizer, which means that you can place with it’s size and fit it however you want in your kitchen cabinets.

I love the gold colored organizer, but it also comes in black and silver.


gold adjustable metal kitchen cabinet organizer

Expandable Drawers Dividers

Another cool Amazon kitchen organization hack I’ve discovered on TikTok, is this expandable drawers dividers!

These expandable drawers dividers are perfect for organizing any drawer your in your home, and to maximize your drawer space no matter what size it is.

I gave you here two recommended options – the first one is this 4pcs bamboo drawer dividers set. And the second one is this 8pcs clear drawers dividers set.

Roll Organizer Holder & Cutter

I’ve also discovered this SpaceAid roll organizer holder & cutter during my Amazon kitchen organization research on TikTok!

This bamboo roll organizer is perfect for organizing plastic wrap and aluminum foil in your drawer and is also perfect for easily using them with it’s cutter feature!

SpaceAid WrapNeat wrap dispenser with cutter and labels

Extra Fridge Pull-Out Drawers

These pull-out fridge drawers are one of the best ways to maximize your fridge space and organize your fridge!

These drawers can be used to organize extra fruits and vegetables, eggs (as seen in the picture below), and is a brilliant way to fully maximize your fridge storage space.

extra pull out fridge drawers organizers

Lazy Suzan

A nice lazy suzan is one of the most brilliant kitchen organization hacks! I’ve seen all over TikTok recommendations to different lazy suzans.

I saw the most recommendations to this bamboo lazy suzan and this 2pcs set clear lazy suzans.

You can use it to organize your fridge (to easily reach sauces, for example), or two organize cleaning supplies under your kitchen sink. Also, you can use it to organize your spices, and so much more!

Storage Baskets

I guess this can be a pretty obvious Amazon kitchen organization hack, but I still put it in here!

Storage baskets are the perfect way to organize your pantry, kitchen drawers, and even kitchen cabinets.

If you are looking for nice storage baskets, I highly recommend these woven baskets from Amazon!

Kitchen Label Holders

I know, the storage baskets were pretty obvious, but these gold kitchen label holders aren’t!

This is one of the most genius and cutest Amazon kitchen organization hacks! These kitchen labels holders are the perfect set for labeling your storage bins!

This set comes with 8 gold label holders and a large set of stickers in different categories.

Now, all you need to do is to chose the categories, and stick the stickers to the label holders, and hang them on the basket as seen in the picture below!


gold kitchen labels holders & stickers

3M Command Cord Bundlers

I kind of feel bad that I never thought of this kitchen organization hack before, but after researching TikTok, I discovered the most genius Amazon kitchen organization hack!

These 3M command cord bundlers are perfect for organizing your kitchen appliances cords!

I’ve seen SO MANY TIKTOKS of people who are sticking the command hook on the side of there AirFryer, and then, the cord doesn’t get mixed up and messy on the kitchen countertop!

It’s the perfect solution since it’s good for safety reasons (aka water and such), and it’s also the best way to keep your kitchen countertop organized and not messed up with cords everywhere!

3M 17304 Command Cord Bundlers 4 Pack

The Battery Organizer

This may sound random, but I don’t know about you, I store my batteries in my kitchen!

The Battery Organizer is the ultimate batteries organizer and holds 93 batteries of different sizes, and also includes a removable battery tester.

I saw so many TikTok videos and recommendations on this battery organizer, so I had to include it in this post!

the battery organizer

Over The Cabinet Towel Bar

If you don’t have a nice spot in your kitchen to hang your kitchen towels, you should definitely consider getting this over the cabinet towel bar!

I love this rose gold towel bar, but if it doesn’t match your aesthetic, you’d be happy to know that it also comes in silver and bronze!


rose gold over the cabinet kitchen towel holder

Ziplock Bag Organizer

This Ziplock bag organizer is the perfect way to keep the clutter away and organize all of your Ziplock bags in one place!

You can easily organize all kinds and sizes of Ziplock bags in this Ziplock bag organizer!


Tea Bag Organizer

It’s tea time! Let’s talk about organizing tea bags!

Let me introduce you to these two awesome tea bag organizers. The first one, is this clear acrylic stackable tea organizer. 

This is the perfect option to easily organize all of your tea bags in one place. 

As you can see it has a lid as well, which means that you can even buy more than one box (according to how much of a tea lover you are and how many tea bags you have) and easily stack them on top of each other.

Another option, is this bamboo tea organizer. It’s perfect for organizing all of your tea bags in one place. It’s a set that comes with two organizers, so if it’s enough for you, this is a great aesthetically pleasing option!


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