Exactly How to Organize Under The Kitchen Sink

How to Organize Under The Kitchen Sink?

In this blog post I answer a very popular question – how to organize under the kitchen sink?!

A lot of people struggle with organizing the space under their kitchen sink, and a lot of people don’t know how to properly organize under the sink and don’t know how to maximize the space under the sink and have a place for everything!

If you are struggling with the same problem, keep reading!

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What to Store Under The Kitchen Sink?

Before we start organizing the space, let’s go through our things and think about what we really need under the sink.

Even though there’s no one way to store things under the sink because every person is different and everyone stores different things under the sink.

Here’s a general idea of what you can have under the kitchen sink:

1. Dish soap

2. Dishwasher detergent 

3. Plastic grocery store bags

4. Scrub brushes and sponges

5. Garbage bags

6. Cleaning supplies


How to Organize Under The Kitchen Sink?

Now that we have an idea of what we have under the sink, it’s time to start organizing!

Here are the best must-have under the kitchen sink organization essentials:

Use an Under The Sink Shelf Organizer

In my opinion, making the most out of your under-the-sink space is by using shelves and tall organizers. 

For example, this shelf organizer from Amazon can be placed right under your sink, and has a place to store your cleaning supplies!

Organize With a Drawers Cabinet Organizer

I love using a drawer cabinet organizer under the sink. I use this one for my kitchen and bathroom as well.

You can place here smaller stuff like brushes, sponges, garbage bags, etc.

Hang Stick On Hooks

If you don’t know where to put your reusable gloves, kitchen towels, hanging sponges/anything you can hang but don’t know where to place – you need to use these stick-on hooks!

You can stick them on the cabinet door or inside the walls of the cabinet and use them to hang the products I mentioned above!

This kitchen organization hack is a great space-saving hack to maximize the space in your under-the-sink cabinet!

Hang Your Paper Towel Roll

I don’t know about you, but I never find a nice place for my paper towel roll. I don’t like placing it on the kitchen counter, and I never know where to put it in my kitchen drawers!

But since discovering this paper towel roll hanger, life became much easier 😉 I have one place for my paper towel, it’s easy to reach, and I never forget where I put it.


Organize Your Grocery Bags

This kitchen organization hack is definitely a smart one! Instead of throwing your grocery bags all over the place (to reuse them), get this cute plastic bags holder set and hang them inside the cabinet under the sink and nicely organize your plastic bags!

Organize With Clear Storage Bins

If you read my kitchen organization hacks blog post and my fridge organization hacks blog post, you’ll probably know how I always recommend using these clear storage bins to organize your kitchen!

You can use them to completely maximize the rest of the place left to organize in your cabinet, and also use these storage bins on your shelf organizer to make the most out of the space on the shelves!


Hang a Over The Door Storage Basket

Another way to maximize the space and organize under the kitchen sink is to hang an over the door storage basket! 

You can store in here anything you want, from garbage bags, cleaning supplies, dish soap, dishwasher supplies, or anything you want to easily grab on a daily basis.

Hang a Towel Rack

Next on our list is hanging an over the door towel rack! It saves space, easy to reach for, and the price is very affordable as well!

Hang a Tension Rod

Last but not least, and definitelty one of the smart kitchen organization hacks in this blog post, is hanging a tension rod in your kitchen cabinet!

It’s a smart way to fully maximize the space under the sink by being able to hang different things on the rod, including cleaning sprays and different spray bottles.

Here’s an example of how it looks like on The Organised Housewife blog!

And that’s it for today! If the question “how to organize under the kitchen sink” has been in your head for a while now, I hope you got your answers!

What are your favorite kitchen organization hacks? What do you keep under your kitchen sink? Let us know in the comments below!

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